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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Miriam Yeung is 2-months Pregnant?

Baby rumors again!

Miriam Yeung and husband Real Ding have been trying hard to become parents after they tied the knot. The singer even planned to temporarily put all her work on hold just to prep herself to be a mom. But now no need to anymore! Based on the following clues, it's known the 37-year-old is about 2-months pregnant:

1. Meeting doctor specializes in Chinese medicine 

The couple have been visiting a famous doctor in Taiwan who is known for solving pregnancy difficulties. They have been photographed visiting the doctor several times.

2. Wearing loose clothes and flat sandals

When she went out, the fashionable singer actually covered her belly with a big scarf and loose shirt. Her assistant got nervous when she saw reporters and immediately stood in front of Miriam.

3. Changing performance clothes to loose types

In her last show, Miriam has visibly gained weight and all her performing clothes became loose ones. Always loved wearing high heels, this time she only wore thick heels and during the night she even took off her shoes.

The possible mom-to-be still decided to keep her pregnancy a secret. She admitted she is very traditional and is afraid of revealing before 3 months: "No stress, but I'm very traditional and afraid the more I say it, the more I won't get it."

Husband Real also refused to confirm, only replied in a text, saying no reply at the moment and thank you everyone.

By: Kay @ Kay's Entertainment
Source: ON.CC


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