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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

Check out who won big in this year's anniversary awards! Congratulations to all winners!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nicholas Tse & Carina Lau Crown 'Best Actor' & 'Best Actress'

Sunday night must be unforgettable for Nicholas Tse and Carina Lau.

The 30th Hong Kong Film Awards was held last night (HK time) and it was broadcast by ATV. Nicholas Tse beat his seniors including Chow Yun-fat and Tony Leung Kar-fai and crowned "Best Actor" with "Stool Pigeon." Wife Cecilia Cheung was emotional when she heard her husband won the award. While giving his acceptance speech, Nicholas thanked his father Patrick Tse.

"When I won 'Best Newcomer' at 18, I brought my award home and told my dad, 'You said you filmed hundres of dramas and films, but have you ever won a HK Film Award?' I know he is watching it tonight. I hope he forgives the impolite kid 12 years ago. Dad, you're the real 'Best Actor'!"

Nominated "Best Actress" 5 times already, Carina Lau finally won her first HK Film Awards "Best Actress." She calmly accepted the award on stage and happily gave her thank-you speech, thanking her husband especially.

"I'm happy to be nominated, but I'm used to losing every time I saw others win it. I was very calm in the beginning, but now I have this, I feel very excited and happy. It can be very happy actually! Haha! I really thank Tsui Hark for casting me to play Wu Zetian. And Andy Lau, Li Bin Bin and Deng Chao. They are very serious during filming. Also to my mom and husband (Tony Leung). He sent many messages to me today. I thank him for letting me do things I like to do these years. I know I could never catch up with you (Tony is a 5-time Best Actor winner), but I will slowly."

The climax at the award yesterday was when Chow Yun-fat talked on stage. As one of the "Best Actor" nominees this year, he openly supports Nicholas, praising he could be the winner tonight. Chow also teased TVB during his speech.

"I can't do this in another station, only here. The Film Awards have been doing this for 30 years. I must say a minute every year, say everything I want."

List of Winners

Source: Mingpao  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Shirley Yeung Wants to Have Kids Before 35

Shirley Yeung and Vincent Wong attended to a kids event as judges yesterday. They both like children, but have yet planned when with their other halves.

Shirley said her brother already has three kids and she wants to be a mom, too. But because she doesn't want to be a mom at an old age, so she would want to do so before she turns 35.

Vincent said he heard it takes 5-6 million to raise children, so now he is saving money for it. Asked whether girlfriend Yoyo Chen knows his thoughts, he said: "We have mutual thoughts. Right now we'll focus at work. Hope to get married in 5 years."

Source: Mingpao  / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

The 30th Hong Kong Film Awards Winners 2011

Winner in RED / Nominees in GRAY

Best Film
“Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
“Ip Man 2”
“Reign of Assassins”
“The Stool Pigeon”

Best Screenplay
Lawrence Cheng Tan-shui and Barbara Wong, “Break Up Club”
Ivy Ho, “Crossing Hennessy”
Derek Kwok Tsz-kin, Clement Cheng and Frankie Tam Kwong-yuen, “Gallants”
Pang Ho-cheung and Heiward Mak, “Love In A Puff”
Jack Ng, “The Stool Pigeon”

Best Director
Derek Kwo Tsz-kin and Clement Cheng, “Gallants”
Tsui Hark, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Yip Wai-shun, “Ip Man 2”
Su Chao-pin, “Reign Of Assassins”
Dante Lam Chiu-yin, “The Stool Pigeon”

Best Actor
Chow Yun-fat, “Confucius”
Jacky Cheung, “Crossing Hennessy”
Tony Leung Ka-fai, “Bruce Lee, My Brother”
Nick Cheung Ka-fai, “The Stool Pigeon”
Nicholas Tse, “The Stool Pigeon”

Best Actress
Fiona Sit, “Break Up Club”
Tang Wei, “Crossing Hennessy”
Miriam Yeung, “Love in a Puff”
Carina Lau, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Josie Ho, “Dream Home”

Best Supporting Actor
Teddy Robin, “Gallants”
Tony Leung Ka-fai, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Deng Chao, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Wang Xueqi, “Reign of Assassins”
Liu Kai-chi, “The Stool Pigeon”

Best Supporting Actress
Mimi Chu, “Crossing Hennessy”
Paw Hee-ching, “Crossing Hennessy”
Susan Shaw, “Gallants”
Zhang Jing-chu, “City Under Siege”
Candice Yu, “Once a Gangster”

Best New Performer
Jing Boran, “Hot Summer Days”
Byron Pang, “Amphetamine”
Hanjin Tan, “Bruce Lee, My Brother”
Dennis To, “Ip Man 2”
Dennis To, “The Legend Is Born — Ip Man”

Best Cinematography
Peter Pau, “Confucius”
Chan Chi-ying and Chan Chor-keung, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Jason Kwan, “Merry-Go-Round”
Poon Hang-sang, “Ip Man 2”
Horace Wong, “Reign of Assassins”

Best Film Editing
Yau Chi Wai, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Cheung Ka-fai, “Ip Man 2”
Cheung Ka-fai, “Reign of Assassins”
Kong Chi-leung, “Triple Tap”
Chan Ki-hop and Matthew Hui, “The Stool Pigeon”

Best Art Direction
Lin Chao-xiang and Mao Huai-qing, “Confucius”
Silver Cheung, “Bruce Lee, My Brother”
James Choo, Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Kenneth Mak, “Ip Man 2”
Yang Bai-gu and Simon So, “Reign of Assassins”

Best Costume and Make-Up Design
Yee Chung-man, “Confucius”
Stanley Cheung, “Bruce Lee, My Brother”
Bruce Yu Ka-on, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Dora Ng Li-lo, “Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen”
Emi Wada, “Reign of Assassins”

Best Action Choreography
Yuen Tak, “Gallants”
Sammo Hung, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Sammo Hung, “Ip Man 2”
Donnie Yen, “Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen”
Stephen Tung, “Reign Of Assassins”

Best Original Score
Mak Chun-hung, “Break Up Club”
Teddy Robin and Tommy Wai, “Gallants”
Peter Kam Pui-tat, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Kenji Kawai, “Ip Man 2”
Peter Kam Pui-tat, “Reign pf Assassins”

Best Original Film Song
"Lan Cao" (Confucius)
"Long Hot Summer Night" (Hot Summer Days)
"Here to Say" (Merry-Go-Round) - Jun Kung
"Floating Life" (Reign of Assassins)
"Have a Good Life" (Lover's Discourse)

Best Sound Design
Wang Dan-rong and Zhao Nan, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Kinson Tsang and George Lee, “Ip Man 2”
Kinson Tsang, “Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen”
Tu Duu-chih, “Dream Home”
Kinson Tsang, “The Stool Pigeon”

Best Visual Effects
Lee Yong-gi and Nam Sang-woo, “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame”
Henri Wong, “Ip Man 2”
Victor Wong, “Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen”
Andrew Lin, Ho Pui-kin, Leung Wai-kit and Ng Yuen-fai, “Dream Home”
Foo Sing Choong, “Reign of Assassins”

Best New Director
Ivy Ho, “Crossing Hennessy”
Felix Chong Man-keung, “Once a Gangster”
Freddie Wong Kwok-shiu, “The Drunkard”

Best Asian Film
“Under The Hawthorn Tree”
“Seven Days in Heaven”
“After Shock”

Lifetime Achievement Award 
Lai Siu Ping

Professional Spirit Award
Willie Chan

Best Dressed at Red Carpet
Janice Man and Daniel Wu

Congratulations to all winners! 


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