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Sunday, April 3, 2011

TVB Cancels Controversial Bus Hostage Scene

TVB is listening to the public this time.

New drama "Flying Tigers" was filming a bus hostage scene earlier and the scene is accused of resembling the real bus hostage crisis that happened in Manila last year, where 8 Hong Kong residents died and some others were injured.

Despite of controversy, the crew still filmed the scene anyway. However, perhaps fear of further troubles, TVB decided to cancel this scene and a new story is being shoot. Instead of a bus hostage, a boat was used. Actors are relieved, including lead Jessica Hsuan.

"The whole thing was a tragedy. This new scene should be more comfortable to watch. I think it's better not to have it."

Patrick Tang, who was filming the scene with Jessica, expressed he was upset when he arrived at the filming set earlier. Now the setting is changed, everyone should feel more comfortable about it.

Source: ON.CC  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB's 'Only You' Finale Stuns Viewers

TVB drama "Only You" is not a dramatic drama in general, only telling stories about romantic relationships in life. However, towards the end of the finale aired on Saturday, a dramatic car accident happened.

After they finished shooting wedding photos, KaKa (Elaine Yiu) and King (Lokyi Lai) went to a nearby bus stop to take a bus. While waiting, an out-of-control car drove by a drug-abused driver hit them to the wall. The dying couple was holding each others' hands tightly before the car exploded.

Many viewers are surprised by this stunning ending of the young couple. They expressed their unsatisfactory online, bashing TVB should fire its screenwriters and demanding a new ending. They believe there should be better ways to express the message of "cherish."

Producer Wong Sum Wai expressed they hope to express the "cherish" theme from this scene; life is unpredictable and happiness is not guaranteed.

The unfortunate couple in the drama Elaine and Lokyi both think it's a meaningful ending. Although it's not perfect, but at least they are still together in the other world.

"There are things you cannot predict," Elaine wrote on her Weibo. "It's to bring out a message of cherishing the present! It's a very meaning and poignant ending."

Source: Mingpao  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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