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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Richard Li Denies Millions 'Break-up Fee'

Many rumors regarding to Isabella Leong and Richard Li's break-up are in the market recently. As for recent reports, Li released a statement through Leong's spokesman today to clear up rumors.

Isabella announced our break-up earlier, and it's a sad thing. But we will try our best to take care of our three sons and seek the best growing environment for them.
Lately there are rumors about me and Isabella, and different third parties were involved. I never met those females. The content are all made up and not true. All reports that talked about the so-called "break-up fee" are pure fictional. These reports linked our relationship to money and are reported with ulterior motives. I won't reply to these ridiculous and invalid reports. Here I ask the media to take self-control, especially holding onto your professional ethics with fairness. With the premise of protecting my family's feelings, I will not hesitate to take any possible legal actions
We understand your concerns, but this is a painful personal matter. I hope outsiders can understand and respect us.
Thank you!
Richard Li

Leong's spokesman Michelle Lo expressed because it was Leong who announced their relationship in the beginning, so Li decided to let Leong announced their break-up this time. As for reports saying Leong has already decided to film director Tsui Hark's new film "Detective Dee: Prequel," Lo once again said Leong is not thinking about making a comeback right now.

"She doesn't have time to think about it right now, and is not thinking about which film she would film. All she can say to everyone now is 'thank you for your concern'."

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Linda Chung Shows Off 23-inches Waist

Expecting some sexy ad photos from Linda Chung soon?

Always have a healthy image, Linda is endorsing for a beauty salon the first time. Lately she is busy filming dramas, but she would still take some time off to have treatments at the salon.

Yesterday Linda was spotted  at the salon again. She is not out of shape even busy filming; her arms are toned up and there is no excessive fat on her 23-inches waist. A staff was measuring her waist, arms, and thighs. Then she moved on to the scale, and appeared to be very happy when she saw her current weight.

Later she went into another room for facial and waist treatment. After treatments, she enjoyed some self-packed fruits salad; she even prepared homemade soup to drink. Linda has been eating very healthily lately, eating lots of fruits and vegetables as seen on her Weibo. Looks like this is essential if you want to stay fit and lose weight.

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says: Yes, vegetables and fruits are good for you, but too much is no good! Too much sugar will turn into those nasty fat.]

Moses Chan Let it Go Already

Moses Chan attended to an event yesterday. Asked whether he knows Ivana Wong replaced Bernice Liu as the new spokesperson of certain product, Moses was being very gentleman: "I didn't pay attention. I'm only doing my own things in low-profile. Actually they changed every once in a while, maybe it just happened to be in this sensitive period." It's said the company doesn't like Bernice' bad image that's why they switched to Ivana. Moses expressed: "The incident passed already. Hope everyone can give her some space, and look at her work and the good side of her."

Asked whether he let it go already, Moses said: "I already let it go this new year. Amitabha." It's said Bernice went low-profile on her relationship with new beau in order to gain back her image, he said: "I don't gossip other people's things. (Worry Bernice might be like Isabella Leong, broken Cinderella dream?) I don't know what to say."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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