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Monday, January 31, 2011

Angela Chang On Family Scandal

Angela Chang is opening up her feelings on her family scandal.

The singer accepted a magazine interview lately and talked about her family issues again. She didn't think she did anything ungrateful.

"I don't do things that would hurt others. If I didn't do anything wrong, I absolutely won't cry for it," she says. "I'm not asking for everyone's sympathy if I cry. This is my persistence."

She feels very down when the whole world misunderstands her. She doesn't understand why it's her, but she faces everything with courage.

"You will never get the answer for it. I told myself at that time, 'You only have two choices: one is to avoid, the other is to face it.' I chose the second option. I know I need a lot courage to face myself, the media, and my family. But if I chose this, I won't be afraid. As long as I didn't anything wrong, I'll continue to walk, so I'll see a different angle of the matter."

These scandals are hard on Angela, but she learned about life and who actually treats her well.

"I know who would stay by my side, and encourage me not to give up. In this family, I always play the role of 'father.' My sister plays the role of 'mother.' We take care of our younger brother together. This is always how we take care of our family, even back in the day when we didn't have money. This is a responsibility."

Source: Marie Claire / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kate Tsui Tells Boyfriend Requirements

Kate Tsui attended to the press conference of love drama <你們我們他們> adapted from Taiwanese artist Jimmy Liao's "Little Troubles." She and costar Ron Ng will play different characters in 10 different stories. was absent due to sickness, and Kate joked her partner is always missing: "My partner is always missing, like Alex Fong. I'm filming 'Forensic Heroes 3' with Ron, and we were performing guests of Raymond Lam's concert. Maybe he got too tired from everything."

Talked about her ideal partner, she said he should be someone financially stable, and loves her and her family. Additional requirements are good health and older than her, so he can take care of her. It's said her new boss Chan Kwok Keung matches all her requirements, she immediately said: "He's married!"

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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