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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bernice Liu Communicates With Moses Chan

Bernice Liu accepted a radio interview yesterday and talked about her recent reports. She said: "Moses and I have communicated and he said he didn't say 'past is in the past' as it was reported." The actress said this sentence caused misunderstanding and everyone is criticizing her. Moses told her he did not say it and they are always friends and colleagues. She cleared up that she is sure Moses is not the one who released information to reporters; she knows who did it.

Asked whether she "steps on two boats with one feet" (two timer), Bernice said it is "7 boats"---5 men and 2 women. Eating out with friends and enjoying a boat ride is believed to be dating rich people; getting something back from a friend's place is believed they are living together. Such imagination made Bernice laugh. As for she is said greedy for money because she is dating Alastair Lam, she said she earned what she earns now through hard work. She said: "Everyone's focus is on me liking money. In fact, it's not important whether he's rich or not, it's more important to have communication with each other. I'm friends with him because of that."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Miriam Yeung: I Won Lifetime Achievement Award

(Miriam Yeung and Real Ding's Wedding Part 1)

Miriam Yeung and Real Ding held their wedding last night and wedding banquet was very touching. A clip of the couple from childhood, getting to know each other, dating, and married in Las Vegas was shown first. Then couple walked in and exchanged rings on the stage. Miriam then gave a thank-you speech on stage and kept thanking friends who helped out in her wedding. She suddenly laughed and said: "How can it's like I'm at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards? Haha! It's as if I'm giving my thank-you speech after I won an award. Tonight I won the award of Lifetime Achievement. I'm more happy to win this award. Thank you my father and mother-in-law for giving me a great husband, made me found myself back...I'm married now, but that doesn't mean my parents lost a daughter, you guys gain a son. Hope my younger brother can get married soon, so our family will have two more sons and one more daughter."

Then Real's turn to say his 'declaration of love.' He said: "In the past, there are only three women who I love the most, my grandma, mom, and sister. Now I love two more women, my wife and Miriam's mommy. Mommy, I'll take care Miriam very well, and take care of you and daddy wholeheartedly."

The biggest surprise is a short clip filmed by Real himself. In the clip, he is waiting for his wife to deliver the baby. Then he puts on a tight suit to play the newborn baby and dance with a bunch of his friends. The clip successfully made his wife laughed very hard. He said: "I was being this silly and funny, just because I want to see my wife laugh. It's my lifetime happiness to have a chance to watch my beloved woman laugh. Miriam, you didn't marry a wrong husband." He then sang "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" and duet with Miriam in "You're the Most Precious" (你最珍贵).

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Han Geng Wins Lawsuit Over SM Entertainment

On December 21st, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Super Junior’s Hankyung, in the lawsuit he filed against his agency, SM Entertainment.

The Department of Justice stated, “All three contracts – from the January 2003 contract, the altered contract from February 2007, and the affiliated contract from December 2007 – do not exist.”

Hankyung had filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in December of 2009 claiming, “I cannot maintain an unjust contract.”

Meanwhile, an SM Entertainment representative spoke with MyDaily in the aftermath of the decision and stated, “We cannot accept the result. We will file an immediate appeal to reverse the decision.”



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