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Friday, November 26, 2010

Gigi Leung Has a Date With New Beau

Several months after she announced her split with French boyfriend of four years, it seems Gigi Lai has found another right man to be in a romantic relationship: Matthew.

Coincidence or not, Matthew, whose full name is Dolbow Matthew Steven, is also a foreigner. He stands 6 feet tall, which matches the 5'8 Gigi very well, and is quite a handsome man. Not only he is good looking, he also have a good job. He is currently a consul for the U.S Consulate General in Hong Kong and speaks for the consulate often.

The couple fell in love quickly after they were introduced by friends. But they keep their relationship in low-profile and rarely date in public. It was until yesterday reporters spotted the two in a date at a coffee shop. Gigi and a female friend arrived at the coffee shop where Matthew was waiting. The singer naturally went to her boyfriend and sat next to him. Happily in love, she did not mind even if there was a third party at the date.

After about 30 minutes, they decided to leave and Gigi's female friend left first to give some space to the couple. The two did not mind about other people looking at them and even walked closer and closer together.

Reporters asked Gigi the identity of the foreigner she just went out with, and she sweetly said: "My friend!." But she denied his status as her boyfriend.

It is tough when it comes to love for Gigi. In 1999, she was criticized for breaking her former boyfriend Ekin Cheng's previous relationship with TVB actress Maggie Siu. She and Ekin eventually went to separate ways 7 years later. Then this year, she announced the break-up with her French boyfriend and it was rumored the reason is because her mom disagreed in having a foreigner son-in-law.

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Yoyo Chen Pole Dances in New Ads

Yoyo Chen is endorsing for a new body slimming lotion and she specially went to learn pole dancing prior shooting ad photos for the product. She posed different sexy poses during the photo shoot. She said it is more important to have a good result; it is okay if she gets hurt and tired from the dance.

Wearing a black dance outfit exposing her waist and slim legs, the TVB actress expressed she is small-boned and will look like chubby with just some extra pounds. After some time of pole dancing, her body is more toned up and she even joked she can show lots of skin now. She exposed she needs to pay special attention when she does not get enough sleep because she gets facial edema easily.

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Cheryl Yang's Face Changed When She Hears Harry Has a Wife

It is rumored that Cheryl Yang and her boyfriend Harry Chang is engaged. The "My Queen" actress attended to the end-of-filming dinner for idol drama "Zhong Wu Yen" last night and did not deny her relationship with the Da Mouth singer; however, she did clear up the engagement rumor: "Getting married is the biggest goal in my life. It needs three things: right place, right time, and right person. It's fated. I'm hoping for the arrival of that day."

During the dinner party, the actress was informed about Harry's "wife" went to the filming set of "Material Queen" (rough translation from 拜金女王) to visit Harry. When she heard the word "wife," she was surprised and her face changed all of a sudden. But she was relieved after knowing that was just the name a crazy fan calls herself.

In the end of "Zhong Wu Yen," Ming Dao and Cheryl are together and get married in a church. The rumored-engaged Cheryl expressed her thoughts about marriage: "When I was 20, I wanted to get married at 28. But once I'm over 30, I feel like, just let fate decides for me. I think women shouldn't marry at a young age, because that way you can allow yourself to experience more and understand yourself more."

Source: UDN, Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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