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Monday, November 15, 2010

'No Regrets' Fans Threaten to Stop Watching TVB

TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony is coming soon (12/5). Anniversary series "No Regrets" and "Can't Buy Me Love" are considered the hot favorites in win awards at the event. These two anniversary series are both supported many people. Yesterday some fans sent a complaint letter to media, complaining TVB changes the voting rule in order to push its "biological children" (those have contracts with TVB) to win in the awards ceremony.

These "No Regrets" fans are dissatisfied and demand a change in the current voting rule; otherwise they will stop watching TVB. Some extreme fans even noted TVB is not respecting Hong Kong people.

As for such accuse, TVB's Senior manager Chan Kar Yeung expressed they have yet receive the complaint letter and he cleared up they did not change the voting rule. He said: "We want fans to vote, so it's not wrong for fans to vote for their idols and favorite series. We are monitoring the voting. The rule didn't change compared to last year's. It's nothing like we allow fans to vote crazily, like it states in the letter. Maybe those viewers didn't fully understand the rules."

Chan explained there are two ways for audience to vote at the Anniversary Awards: voting online at tvb.com and voting by mail. Everyone has one vote only; if someone tries to vote more than once, he/she will be disqualified from the voting.

Reporters searched related voting information and found voters have to fill in their ID numbers on the mail ballot. As for voting online, the basic requirement is to become a tvb.com member and members will need to fill in their ID numbers as well.**

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

**I don't have a HKID# and the site didn't prevent me from voting at all. I just leave that part blank. The need for your ID# is to confirm your identity if you won a prize by voting. Whether my vote counts or not, really have to ask TVB. **

Linda Chung Wants a New Rumored BF

Linda Chung and Him Law attended to a cellphone press event together yesterday. Teased herself as being careless all the time, Linda expressed she has many experiences of losing cellphones. She once called the police when she lost her phone in TV City, but ended up finding it in her pocket. She said: "There are many artistes' phone numbers in it. Although I named them with other nicknames, but I still don't want others to know about them. (Any secret photos and SMS?) I'm very careful, no sweet messages."

As for rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam's concert CD and DVD have platinum sales, Linda said she does not know about it, but will congratulate him. She said her rumor with Raymond is very boring already and does not want to talk about it anymore. She said: "I think I need to find someone new, and I hope everyone can focus on my acting and singing." She also took this opportunity to promote her upcoming series "Twilight Investigation" (airing after "No Regrets"). Although she is nominated "Best Actress" at the Anniversary Awards, but she is not confident in winning, but is confident in Charmaine Sheh.

In addition, Him is happy that he is nominated "Most Improved Actor" and "My Favorite Male TV Character" and is confident in winning. He also noted TVB is very fair that it will not just give awards to its "biological children."

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jessica Hsuan Only Shows Her Gentle Side to BF

*To all of you Malaysian readers*

 Jessica Hsuan attended to a Bizzy Body beauty event in Malaysia as guest yesterday. Asked how does she keep her body in shape, the actress actually said: "I can be thinner! Some parts you can't see need to be improved." The host asked how does she stay radiant all the time, and she answered: "Drink more water and rest!" In fact the biggest reason is probably because she is in love.

Playing a reporter in new series "Gun Metal Grey," she was asked whether she has the same personality as her character in the series (strong outside, gentle inside) in real life, she said with a laugh: "How do you I'm like that in real life? Everyone probably cannot see my gentle side. Only my boyfriend in this world sees that, not even my parents, haha!"

Asked which one is more important, love or career? She answered: "My manager is here, so both!" So it seems love is more important in her heart.

In "Gun Metal Grey," Jessica expressed they took ideas from real crime cases. The Kitchen Stove Murder case scared the actress a lot. Although she knows it is fake, but thinking that it is inspired from a real story makes her feel not comfortable.

Besides saying she is tough on the outside but gentle inside, Jessica also exposed she likes to wash her car! Someone suddenly made an appaulse for that, and she said: "So you guys want me to wash your cars, too? I once tried polishing my car for 6 hours! Friends really love to ask me to wash their cars!" She even joked it can help her tune up her arm.

Jessica also said: "I haven't been to Malaysia for about a year. I was nervous that I couldn't even sleep last night. I woke up at 5:45AM!" She was very welcomed by fans during the event. Some fans even stopped her at the exist for autographs and she could not leave without the help of security guards.

Source: China Press / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Myolie Jokes Bosco Pretends to be Hardworking

Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Stephanie Cheng, Liu Xian and girl group HotCha held the Neway Music Live 2010 concert the other day. Currently shooting a TV series in Mainland, Myolie especially came back to attend this concert. She expressed that it is been a while since she made a live performance, but she did not feel nervous because she's often going for karaoke to practice singing. Asked if she is ever brought rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong for free karaoke? Myolie laughed: "Why does he get it free?" Reporters explained that he has "VIP" status, Myolie said in embarrassment: "He doesn't, he doesn't like to sing! (He's a singer though?) He likes to dance more."

As for she and Bosco face each other all day long in Qingdao, the smart Myolie cleared up, saying they only see each other during the day and will see each other at nights for work. She also cleared up the rumor that she only focuses in playing Weibo during filming; but in contrast, Bosco is hardworking in practicing his scripts. Myolie said practicing scripts should be done the night before and she joked Bosco is just pretending he is hardworking.

Source: ON.CC / Translation: aZnangel & Kay

Taiwanese Idol Drama Ratings (Sundays 11/14/2010)

Zhong Wu Yen is officially off the 2s!!! A big fat drop from 2.42 last week to this week's 1.94. And it won't end until the end of this month...it lasts too long...Good news for Endless Love!! Jumps up to 1.28, great job! 4 Gifts stays at the bottom still.
  1. Zhong Wu Yen 鐘無艷 (TTV) -1.94
  2.  Endless Love 愛∞無限(CTS) - 1.28
  3. Personal Taste 個人取向 (FTV) - 1.26
  4. 4 Gifts 女王不下班 (CTV) - 0.77


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