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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

Check out who won big in this year's anniversary awards! Congratulations to all winners!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Myolie Wu & Jessica Hsuan Fight to Guess Interesting Japanese Products

Besides cars, Japanese are also known for their creative and cool creations for everyday life. Lately reporters bring two interesting Japanese products to TV City and let TVB stars to guess what these products are use for. Besides having creative imaginations, these stars are very playful, too---Myolie Wu & Jessica Hsuan are careless of their heavy accessories and costumes and even fight to guess the right answer.

Reporters ask Myolie to guess the function of a mini handgun and she immediately replies it's for acne. Good sister from series Jessica walks to Myolie when she sees Myolie is playing with the mini handgun. "Are you playing with suicide?," she asks Myolie. Then the two fight to play with the handgun. When reporters reveal it's for removing blackheads, Jessica keeps asking, "Does it really work?! Let me try!"

Then it's Jessica's turn to guess a mini stick-like machine. She first speaks closely to the machine for a while, and decides to give up after seeing it doesn't response. When reporters reveal it's for testing bad mouth breath, Jessica asks immediately, "Can I try it with my dog?"

Other TVB artistes

Kenneth Ma: "Is the gun for minimizing pores? Then this pink stick...must for testing something, is it for testing face oil?

Louis Yuen: "I know this mysterious gun is for sucking, would it be a gun to suck baby's earwax?"

Jessie Shum: "Is this stick for pregnancy testing? Or a temperature probe for babies?"

Louis Lee: "Is it an electric gun?! Something's going to come out?!

Joel Chan: "I know! This gun must be something to get rid of blackheads or acne! And this stick...should be for breath testing, because I've seen this machine on magazines."

Source: Sudden Weekly / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Japanese Fans Scream For Their Taiwanese Idols At Asia Music Summit

While Korean and Japanese pop stars already broke into the Chinese music market, C-pop singers are making their move to be part of the K-Pop/J-Pop industry. Recently singers from record company Avex Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, Danson Tang, Eddie Peng, etc. gathered together and performed the first time in Japan at "Asia Music Summit" held in Tokyo.

Tickets sold out within 3 days and the concert attracted more than 2,000 fans to attend. On-screen couple Ariel and Joe, who built popularity in Japan with idol drama "It Started With A Kiss," performed together on stage and sang theme song of "Love or Bread"--"The Taste of Bread." Their appearance and intimate actions caused fans to scream their lungs out. It seems Joe was the most popular, because whenever his photo showed up, fans would scream and shout immediately. Ariel  and Joe sang 6 songs in total.

All the artistes didn't need a translator to communicate with fans. They all practiced hard before the show. Eddie kept asking fans in Japanese "I'm very handsome right"; Danson also tried hard to social with fans in Japanese.

Source: UDN, Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Vicki Zhao & Chen Kun Win At the 30th Hundred Flowers Awards

The 19th Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and 30th People's Hundred Flowers Awards ceremony took place in Jiangsui last night. Actors Chen Kun and Vicki Zhao crowned "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" with films "Painted Skin" and "Mulan."

Zhao already won 3 "Best Actress" awards with her film "Mulan" prior to yesterday's award ceremony. She thanked viewers for supporting her for the past 11 years and her tears dropped as she continued her thanking speech. Zhao's good friend Chen won "Best Actor" over veteran actor Zhang Guoli by 1 vote, but he believes Zhang should have won. It was also Chen's first time publicly thanking his 8-year-old son for supporting him.

It was a starry scene at the awards ceremony last night. Famous actors and actresses from Mainland and Hong Kong attended as guests, including Ziyi Zhang, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Christy Chung, Simon Yam, and Anita Yuen.

Winner List
Best Film: "The Founding of a Republic"
Best Director: Feng Xiaogang ("If You Are the One")
Best Actor: Chen Kun ("Painted Skin")
Best Actress: Vicky Zhao Wei ("Mulan")
Best Supporting Actor: Alec Su You Peng ("The Message")
Best Supporting Actress: Xu Qing ("The Founding of a Republic") & Wang Jia ("Jing Tian Dong Di")
Best New Performer: Xu Jian ("Jing Tian Dong Di")
Life Achievement Award: Yu Yang & Tian Hua

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Bosco Wong Reserves Sponsor Goods For Myolie Wu

Bosco Wong is going to shoot new series with rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu for the next three months. He expressed many sponsors already sponsoring him down winter jacket and suitcases etc. He said: "I took three winter jackets and reserved some for Myolie. She can pick the ones she wants. (What did you reserved for your mom?) My mom will stay at Hong Kong to watch our dogs. I left an ATM card for her, so she is excited when I'm still here."

Bosco won't be in Hong Kong until next year when the series is done shooting. He joked he will be homesick by then. But during breaks, he will come back to Hong Kong for TVB's anniversary awards ceremony. As for who will win, he looks highly on Wayne Lai.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Cyndi Wang Becomes a Baker in New GTV Drama with Mike He

Cyndi Wang and Mike He will be in a new GTV drama called “美樂加油” (roughly translates to Mei Le, go) – a love story with a bakery shop as its setting. For the drama, they specially invited the 2010 world champion pastry chef Hsu Yen-Wu as their consultant. Coincidently, SETTV also plans to film a bakery related drama next year, but GTV will get a head start in filming. The two leads got their character image styles settled just several days ago, and the drama is to start filming on the 16th.

In “美樂加油”, Cyndi Wang will play a bakery shop owner, so she has been practicing some basic skills like kneading dough and baking toasts. Mike He will play a famous music producer who falls in love with Cyndi’s toasts, which gives him inspirations for his work.

Although Mike’s popularity has been declining, GTV emphasized, “(We’re) very happy to have Mike He be in this drama, we especially asked the original novel author (單飛雪) to modify the script to fit his character.”

Mike accepted the role half a month ago and immediately began to go on a diet. Other than swimming and working out, he only eats vegetables for dinner. The 180cm actor dropped from 72Kg to 68Kg. He revealed that he chose less aggressive sports to lose weight due to his previous spine injury (separation of the 5th and 6th vertebrae). He said, “The doctor recommended me to go through surgery because if it gets serious, it may cause Ankylosing spondylitis, but if I do, I’ll have to rest for eight months, so I don’t want to go through surgery right away.”

Mike was injured while playing basketball during the filming of “Seventh Grade” seven years ago.

Source: UDN, Apple Daily / Translation: fufu @ CpopAccess


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