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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ah Sa Wants Space For Her New Relationship

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) attended to the press event for her new EP "Beauty Remains" yesterday. As for a magazine reported she and new boyfriend William Chan actually have been dating for a year, not three months as they confessed. Ah Sa said helplessly: "I already said what I need to say. After William and I decided to open up our relationship, we are prepared to face all kinds of rumor and gossip already, so we won't care." As for the two bought a house unit to date more easily, Ah Sa said: "Won't reply to those rumors. I already accounted everything. This magazine says this, that magazine says that, I don't want to talk about it, there's no need to talk about it. Let's prove it overtime." Talked about William's ex-girlfriend Angelababy commented on Weibo, doubting they didn't date just 3 months? Ah Sa said peacefully: "Yesterday reporters asked me about it. I couldn't read it on Weibo. I asked William, and he doesn't believe Baby would do it. Someone close to her did it? I won't reply."

As for her dad didn't seem to know about her new relationship, Ah Sa said with a laugh that dad will definitely help his daughter and won't disclose too much to reporters. She said: "Dad helped us a lot, won't tell reporters about it. Our relationship is a small seedling. We don't have much time to see each other. Give us some time and room to grow. Let fate decides. We opened it up because we just want to date like regular people. (Regret opening it up?) I have some degree of pressure. I learned from the past. It's not that good not to open it up. So let's try to make it public this time."

In addition, Ah Sa & Angelababy's fans started a verbal war on Weibo, Ah Sa hopes they should calm down. As for whether she would feel embarrassed when she meets Angelababy, she said: "Don't known, shouldn't be. (Complicated relationship?) Today is the press event for my new CD. Just like my single, I hope everything is "Simple." I won't care what others think. Anyways, it's my happiness."

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Gillian Chung Doesn't Rule Out Dating Rumored Producer BF in the Future

Recently Gilliang Chung (Ah Gill) wrote on Weibo and it seems she was expressing some emotional feelings. It's believed she is troubled whether to open up her relationship with rumored boyfriend Benedict Chong.

Yesterday Ah Gill went to Jade Solid Gold and was asked about the rumor, she explained everyone has mistaken her post and it's not related to love. She stressed she is friends with Benedict. Asked whether they have a chance to develop a romantic relationship? She said: "It's hard to say yes or no to this question. This is something for the future." Asked whether she afraid to face pressure like Ah Sa after she opened up her relationship? Ah Gill joked reporters are setting her up and would say she wants to get married. She never thought of whether to make her relationship public or not. If she is dating someone, she will ask her company whether it's allowed to make it public.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Vicki Zhao's Body Returns to Slim After Pregnancy

After giving birth to daughter in April, Vicki Zhao has been working hard in losing weight and preparing for a comeback. The Mainland actress recently posted some photos she has taken for a Singaporean beauty salon and it's visible that she has returned to her slim body. She has lost 12kg and is very confident in posing attracting poses. It's hard to imagine that she is already a mother.

Many fans left positive comments on the photos, praising the photos are hot and pretty. Vicki also disclosed she will be staying in Singapore for a while, hinting she is enjoying her relaxing life as a rich wife. However, she said in an interview that she doesn't plan to become a Singaporean, at least not right now.

Source: Sina, Vicki's Weibo / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jill Vidal is Set Free and Comes Back to the Movie Scene

The day before, [Oriental Daily] spotted Jill Vidal and Leon Lai's trusted aide and her manager (Joesph Chan) meeting up. Wearing a hat, Jill clearly gotten thinner after a long period of rest. Looks like she's working hard to keep her shape for a comeback. The two had coffee and chatted for an hour before leaving. Reporters went up to Jill and asked for an interview, Jill was stunned and said: "Don't take pictures, I am just going to church!" Then she walked really fast and left.

Joesph Chan said he was discussing a comeback with Jill: "Have to discuss it still, just checking to see if she's ready. (What do you think of her current condition?) She's doing well, today she did not put on any make-up, but she's in a good mood. She's very obedient, telling me that she's done a lot of charity work. (Helping her release an album?) Take it step by step."

It was understood that Jill was invited to take part in a gospel film, Leon also felt that she can try it. First, Joesph was sent out to see how Jill's doing, but both sides does not know whether this collaboration will happen or not. For now, there are two possibilities, either Jill's contract will be terminated, so she can accept jobs on her own or Joseph can continue to be her manager and make arrangements for a full comeback.

According to sources, Jill is currently "set free" during her probation period. She took on the role for a new gospel film (翻生奇兵), other cast members include Sammy Leung and Sharon Chan. The film will start shooting in Ma Wan's Noah's Ark in the next few days.

Her co-star, Sharon Chan had already started shooting for 3 days, although they haven't had any scenes together yet, they still bump into each other daily. Sharon said: "She sits next to me in the make-up room. Though we don't know each other, but she politely greeted me. She was even singing as she put on her make-up, she's in a good mood."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU


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