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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dominic Lam, Joe Ma, Power Chan: Men's Most Pain

TVB series "Beauty Knows No Pain" will broadcast finale this week. In order to push ratings, three male leads from the series Joe Ma, Lam Kar Wah, and Power Chan accepted interview with their "other halves," who are rarely seen by others. Besides wife, children, and family, most men care about their cars the most. There is n exception to these three male leads. Joe's "other half" is an Audi Q7 seven seater 4WD; Dominic's favorite is an Audi A4 RV; Power's car is a Mitsubishi i K car.

Dominic Lam: I'm hateful

When Power saw Joe and Dominic's "wives," he immediately praised they take good care of their cars and sighed at himself. The three talked about cars right away when they met and exchanged tips with each other.

"BKNP" is ending this week. Although Vincent Chien plays by Dominic, has Michelle Yim to have kids for him at a risky age, unfortunately he couldn't resist Yoyo Chen and committed adultery. Many netizens pointed if TVB adds a "The Most Hateful Character" award at the Anniversary Awards, Lam would be the best choice. As for this, Lam said: "Yeah, there are many topics in every series. However, this year is very special. Including 'A Fistful of Stances,' I play a bad guy in two series. But Vincent Chien in 'BKNP' is more annoying, especially to female viewers." He continued: "In fact, I already knew about it when I received my scripts. I also specially went to do research. I deepened the originally plot, so during filming I'm prepared to be disliked."

Joe Ma: Nothing left

Talked about the end of the story, when talked about his relationship with Maggie Cheung, Joe said: "You can call this men's most pain. First wife is actually a lesbian. When I met Maggie, I gave her all my love. I kept understanding and loving her. But in return, she betrayed me and took away my everything!" Dominic also said: "I can't say I didn't have anything left. she (Michelle) gave birth a son for me, just we didn't get together." Power said with smiles: "Out of the three of us, I'm the most loyal. From looking down at Joyce Tang in the beginning, to making fun of her, admiring, loving, and protecting this woman, I can say this is a happy ending."

In the series, Michelle, Maggie, and Joyce acted out the biggest pains women have to face at different stages. Dominic, Joe, and Power also talked about men's most pains, Dominic said: "Men would never told women their thoughts clearly. They always treat women like they would understand, so I think men's biggest pain is: how come women would not understand? Men won't do very detailed things, but women mind this alot. Men would think you should understand that it doesn't mean I don't love you if I don't satisfy all your needs. It counts as the most pain."

Power Chan: Can't be weak

Power feels men's pain must come from heart/feelings, he said: "The most pain is burden. If the wife earns more than the husband, or her education and status is better than her man, he must feel very painful. This type of pain is mental pressure. Don't know whether this is in tradition or it's a genetic problem, men rarely talk to others, don't want to show their weakest side."

Joe couldn't hold his words and joined: "Men like to stay quiet, take in anything. At this moment, I feel it's hard. Maybe sometimes if you speak it out and share it with others you might feel better. But when you're there, you don't know how to tell them. If you tell, it feels like you're very weak, don't want others to see this side of you. But you can't take all these stress, you only know your own pain."

Source: Apple Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

45-year-old Sandra Ng is 2-months Pregnant

45-years-old Sandra Ng has a daughter already, but she always wanted a son. In order to get pregnant at an older age, she has been visiting doctors and looking for special Chinese medicine recipe. According to reliable sources, finally she is pregnant again and that's why she rejected to star in a new movie.

Although Sandra is in her early stage of pregnancy, but she doesn't avoid anything like many modern moms. She still wore 3-inch heels to a movie premier earlier. Reporters already asked whether she is pregnant again, and she was prevaricating, only said she won't reply to related questions. She originally decided to star in Kam Kwok Leung's new movie and the movie is set to begin filming soon, but now she is pregnant, she immediately say no to it.

Actually last year after Sandra returned to host TV show "Club Sparkle," she was planning to have another child and decided to work less in order to focus getting pregnant. She believed it wasn't the right time when her daughter is still little. Now her daughter is 4 and it's a perfect time for Sandra to get pregnant again.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

*P.S. from Kay*

Sandra was seen shopping with her 4-year-old daughter recently on the streets. She was wearing loose clothing and look at her----now we're just missing her direct confirmation!

Timimi Chen Back to Taiwan With Larger Cup-size, Not Afraid Being Examined

Timimi Chen went to Oregon, US for vacation earlier. Yesterday at a press conference, she appeared a low-cut dress and her cup-size seems increased. She frankly admitted after taking care her body with Chinese medicine, her cup-size increased from B to C. She even let a female reporter to examine her breasts to prove she didn't have a boob job.

Timimi barely had a chance to rest after she got popular from "The Story of Time." Before filming a TV series, she went to Portland, Oregon for a month and also took this chance to visit her younger sister. Timimi was arranged to live with an elderly couple. When she didn't have anything to do, she would spend time with the elderly doing various activities like reading the bible and planting vegetables.

Although her English improved, but Timimi disclosed she misheard 'neighbor' as 'nipple': "The grandma I was living with has a heavy accent. One time we were chatting about neighbors. But I heard 'nipple' instead. I was scared, thinking how come she asked me about my nipples? In the end, she pointed to her neighbors, and that was when I knew I heard the wrong thing!"

Source: NowNews, UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Christine Ng Would Continue to Touch Mr. HK Contestants

Mr. Hong Kong 2010 Contest would be held this Saturday (August 21). Yesterday, TVB held a press conference at one of the 3D theaters that would provide live broadcast of the show. It announced hosts of the event and a list of performing guests. Hosts are Carol Cheng (DoDo Jeh), Mandy Lieu, Ella Koon, Koni Lui, and Christine Ng, who is titled the eternal honorary president of Mr. HK fans. As for there are groups complaining Mr. HK contest violated sex discrimination ordinance and looked down men, Carol said: "I never mind those, whatever the company likes, I'll make the show good and do my best."

Christine appeared to be very excited and said she would touch the contestants as usual, she said: "I would ask their permission for body contact. It would happen at a happy situation, it's a happy action." She expressed it feels different being a host instead of a guest, but she already prepared pretty outfit to win. Asked whether she asked husband's permission to be the host, she said: "We've been married for 11 years, already lived the most brilliant life with him. I hope he can let me look at this younger, prettier, and fresher world. He supports me, too."

As one of the hosts, Koni believes the contest didn't belittle men and caused gender discrimination. She said: "The organization also remind judges don't touch the contestants. In fact, in the past Miss HK would be complained of insulting women when the contestants are wearing less fabric. Although there are female guests only, but for other live broadcast areas, we also invited male guests and they have a chance to vote." She expressed she also want to feel the 3D effect but believes it's better to feel the 4D effect being at the event. Asked who is more good looking, this year's contestants or rumored boyfriend Dickson Wong, who was one of the 2008 Mr. HK contestants, Koni said: "I don't know how come am I this fateful with Mr. HK, I would pay attention to it that day."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Moses Chan Draws A Line: 'Charmaine Sheh is None of My Business'

Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh have rumors with each other after filming the same series, but it ended as Moses's real rumored girlfriend Bernice Liu returned from abroad. In the end Charmaine is rumored that she has to go to Mainland to work in order to cure her wound. Even new series "Can't Buy My Love" is releasing soon, she hasn't promote it online yet and won't return Hong Kong until 3 days before the premier. She seems to be avoiding series promotion to prevent embarrassment. As for this, Moses and Louis Yuen accepted and radio interview and Louis believes related reports are just a fill-in game. He joked it should be Louis leaving Moses, not Moses leaving Charmaine. Moses asked back: "How did I leave her? I think she went to Mainland to film." Louis then listed Charmaine's schedule when she returns Hong Kong, saying they're Weibo friends and know each other's schedule very well. Moses then said: "I don't have a Weibo, not even Facebook. How do I contact with people? Who to contact? If it's Mainland fans, company will handle them. I only have a Twitter, no Weibo, I don't know how to update status."

Moses stressed he only contacts Charmaine about work and they haven't seen each other after they were done filming "Can't Buy My Love." He said: "I would restate, Charmaine is none of my business!" Joked whether Bernice is his business? Moses said embarrassingly: "Won't talk about rumors!" Said he and Charmaine isn't as close as before, he actually denied, thus his answer is somewhat confusing. Asked Louis about Moses' rumor with Charmaine, Louis said: "Of course it's not true!" What about Bernice? "I can say you're wrong, but it's not all true as well!"

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wayne Lai Agrees to Promote Raymond Lam as TV King

After Wayne Lai is done filming "Rosy Business 2," he officially returned to the cast of sitcom "Some Day." Yesterday he attended to the promotion of "Some Day" and was welcomed by actors from the series. Average ratings last week of this series is 23 points and is only 2 points away from Raymond Lam's "Growing Through Life" (25 points). Wayne hopes his return to the series would spark the ratings and he doesn't allow it to lose to Raymond. He said: "No such thing as letting someone win in this world. It's more important for viewers to be happy."

However, Wayne praised Raymond is skilled and popular. If Raymond can be promoted, it would be a good thing because TVB doesn't have someone to relay for a long time. Asked whether he would let Raymond have the award of TV king? Wayne said: "I'm just participating. It depends. Although people behind-the-screen like 'RB2' very much, but that doesn't mean viewers like it, have to wait for everyone to decide, not like I can just let him have it."

Teresa Mo expressed she is in the same company with Raymond and shouldn't fuss ratings with colleagues. As for Raymond's series is rated as okay, she believes viewers need time to get used to it. She joked: "Raymond is one of the popular 'siu-sans,' this handsome, no problem! No problem! I should support too. Starting tonight, I would only watch his series."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY 


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