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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nick Cheung Films Intimate Scene, Unable to Enjoy

In EEG's movie "The Stool Pigeon," besides battling with thieves, Nick Cheung also has an intimate bed scene with sexy actress. Nick joked it was an offer from the director. Besides kissing passionately, that actress even climbed onto Nick's body. Before filming, Nick already had a talk with her: "I would tell her where I would touch, making sure both of us agree on it before we're daring to film! Fortunately, this scene went smoothly. It finished in one take. But to be honest, I wasn't able to enjoy. I like to film scenes of characters' innermost feelings better!" Although this scene is very intimate, but he expressed wife Esther Kwan wasn't jealous: "When I film this type of scenes, I would let her know. She is an actress, too. She would understand!"

As for director Lam Chiu Yin, he frankly said he once worried Nick would refuse to film this scene. But he actually agreed: "This scene is very important to the story development. Thank god he agreed, very professional! I'm very happy to work with this type of actor. We know each other many years, already got the chemistry and trust!"

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Moses Chan Goes to Eat, 'See Lai' Keep Looking

Moses Chan is busy filming new series recently. The other day he went to Sha Tien to film outdoor scenes. Around 1PM that day, Moses went to a nearby cafe with several staff to have food. However, because it was during lunch hour, they waited outside for five minutes for seats. When he was walking into the cafe, he attracted many "see lais" (housewives)'s attention immediately. Always friendly to fans, Moses politely nodded to say hello to them.

After he sat down, Moses ordered a whole table of food immediately. Eating and talking with staff, they left quickly after eating. When he saw reporters taking pictures while he was walking to his car, he smiled and said: "Even meet you guys here." Then he waved goodbye and left.

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

'Mysteries of Love' is Actually the Real Highest Ratings Drama of First Semester

Yesterday TVB announced "A Pillowcase of Mystery 2" is the highest ratings drama of first semester. In fact, Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung's "Mysteries of Love" is the real ratings champion, with average ratings of 32 points.

TVB's external affairs assistant director Tsang Sing Ming clarified, expressing because of miscalculated data, now they're correcting the highest ratings drama of first semester is "Mysteries of Love" and he apologized to the crew. Until today, the top five highest ratings dramas are the following: "Mysteries of Love" (avg. 32 pts), "A Pillowcase of Mysteries 2" (avg. 31.2 pts), "A Watchdog's Tale" (avg. 31), "When Lanes Merge" (avg. 31 pts), and "Ghost Writer" (avg. 29.9 pts).

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kiki Sheung Won't Have Kids After Marriage

Kiki Sheung to marry boyfriend on October 3 and would hold a 40 tables wedding dinner. Yesterday she handed out wedding invitation cards to actors in her stage drama <<石塘咀如花與大舊勝>> with big smiles on her face. She expressed she looks forward to the wedding and already lost 20lbs.

Originally planned to decorate the wedding place with lots of plastic products, but Kiki concerned about environmental issues and decided to use recycled materials instead. She said she doesn't want to waste and rather spend more money in bands and performers. She joked she is ready to sing with husband at the party and has been practicing long ago.

In addition, now the biggest problem for Kiki is how to arrange friends and family in Mainland to attend her wedding dinner in Hong Kong. Because her wedding date meets National Holiday (10/10) and she is considering whether to hold the dinner again in Mainland. Knowing she is at an older age, she decided not to have kids but might adopt them.

Source: Mingpao & Singtao / Translation: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

TVB Ratings Report (08/02-08/08/2010)

Some Day 天天天晴 (Episode 36-40) - 23 pts

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2 施公奇案 II (Episode 15-19) - 31 pts / (Last Episode) - 34 pts, peaking 37 pts / (Episode 1-20) - 31.2 pts

Beauty Knows No Pain 女人最痛 (Episode 6-10) -  26 pts

Variety Show
Super Trio Game Master 超級遊戲獎門人 - 24 pts

The Voice 2 超級巨聲2 -19 pts

The Men of Justice 法網群英 (Episode 6 -10) - 5 pts


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