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Monday, July 26, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Brings Quintus to High Tea, Deborah Lee Bottle-feeds Grandson

It's always rumored that Cecilia Cheung and Deborah Lee don't get along well, but the two ignored all rumors and their relationship remains friendly. Yesterday, they went to high tea in Central. Besides elder son Lucas, 2-months-old Quintus also appeared. Making his public appearance the first time, Quintus is chubby and cute. He still resembles his dad Nicholas Tse and grandpa Patrick Tse. During yum cha, Deborah and Cecilia cooperated together to take care of the kids. Cecilia was responsible of taking care of Lucas; Deborah was bottle-feeding Quintus.

Weighs 16lbs and would sleep after eating

The family met Ray Lui and his wife Yeung Siu Kwuen. The couple went for a chat with Cecilia and Cecilia was talking alot with Yeung, seemed like they were talking about children. The two even exchanged cell phone numbers. Then Lui and Yeung left.

After Cecilia and Deborah finished high tea, they left the restaurant. Cecilia was asked about the latest of Quintus. She said: "He behaves very well. He currently weighs 16lbs. He would sleep after eating. He rarely cries at night." Deborah praised Cecilia about losing weight: "Cecilia got a lot thinner." Then Quintus left with a maid and their driver. Cecilia, Deborah, and Deborah's husband "Mustache Kong" brought Lucas to continue shopping.

Grandma buying clothes for grandson

When Cecilia and Deborah were walked to Prince's Building, they were talking happily, using action to break rumors. When they arrived, Deborah and "Mustache Kong" went to a kids' clothing store to buy clothes for Quintus. Deborah was searching pretty baby clothes for Quintus. Cecilia brought Lucas to toy shops. After shopping for a while, Cecilia wanted to bring Lucas to grandma, but Lucas was being whiny when he arrived at the clothing store, so Cecilia brought Lucas to play. Then they left when Deborah finished buying clothes.When Cecilia and Deborah brought Lucas to the car, Deborah wanted to shop in another store, but because Lucas didn't want to, so she followed grandson's wish and left together.

Every time when Cecilia and kids went out, they would be followed by media. Asked whether she mind? She said: "I'm in this industry for some days, I understand the need of media's job. And I won't really mind what everyone writes about. But as long as they stay far away, don't affect and hurt my children, then it's acceptable."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Ron Ng Makes Fun of Moses Chan's Bowling Skill

Ron Ng, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, and Linda Chung went to a bowling place to film scenes for new series "Yes Sir, No Sir" (點解阿Sir係阿Sir). Ron joked he isn't too good at bowling. Unlike Moses, who can use a banana shot. However, there would be professional players during filming to help them strike.

Tavia is happy for Gigi Lai

Tavia joked: "In the series, Linda is a bowling coach. Don't know whether she is good in real life or not, need to compete first. This time I wore high heels, I'm afraid of slipping and I need to stick up my butt to play. Fortunately I still got 70% strike rate." Tavia expressed in the series she would play a teacher and she turned into someone who knows how to ease others, especially to friends' children and relatives etc. They would talk if they have any problems. Talked about Gigi Lai gave birth to twin daughters, Tavia expressed Moses brought it up, too and she also want to call Gigi. She is very happy for Gigi. As for gifts, she would have to think about it.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Eddie Peng Invites to Dance, Xiao S Continues to Touch

Eddie Peng and Amber Kuo attended the filming of "Kangxi Lai Le." Kevin Cai Kang Yong said Eddie is one of the rare handsome guys who didn't get touched by Xiao S in the show. Xiao S said because he is just like a big boy. But when Eddie invited Xiao S to dance, she couldn't hold her temptation and immediately threw herself on him to hot dance.

Promoting for movie "Close to You" (近在咫尺), Xiao S kept questioning Eddie and Jolin Tsai's "Weibo rumor." He answered cautiously that the two are friends who would concern and text each other.

Xiao S asked: "Would you feel Jolin Tsai's outfit from her new album resembles "buzz lightyear"*? He said: "I haven't watch 'Toy Story 3.'" Eddie plays a boxer in the movie and has a muscular body. Xiao S was suspicious that his muscles were drawn on. He then held Amber and said it was as easy as holding a little animal. Amber said: "In the movie, his muscle is real."

Source: China Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

*Remember the Jolin Tsai Resembles Buzz Lightyear earlier? Xiao S surely followed that news! It has been 13 days now and out of 68 votes, 35 say YES! 19 say NO! 15 JUST A LITTLE! [Just for fun XD]

Wong Cho Lam to Have a Dirty Dancing Showdown With Raymond Lam

Wong Cho Lam to hold a three show concert in July 30 and 31. Yesterday he practiced the last time. Cho Lam invited Joyce Cheng as guest and the two performed dirty dancing in yesterday's practice.

Nose is bigger than Raymond Lam's

Cho Lam is holding his show in Queen Elizabeth Stadium. Also TVB's "biological son," Raymond Lam is holding his in HK Coliseum. Cho Lam knew Raymond would dirty dance with Kate Tsui by then, so he would do the same with Joyce and have a dirty dancing showdown. Is he afraid girlfriend would be unhappy? He said no, because he danced it with girlfriend before, and she won't be in Hong Kong by then to support. Cho Lam said last year he was Raymond's guest in Raymond's concert, that's why this year he has a chance to hold his show in Queen Elizabeth Stadium. He would only thank Raymond and won't fuss with him. He said: "I have to be like Raymond, transforming into an idol-skilled star. (What is something you're better than him?) My nose is bigger than his."

Joyce said she never met Cho Lam's girlfriend and only said hi on the phone. Earlier she and manager accepted a radio interview. Joyce wrote on Weibo that after the program she couldn't help but cried. She explained because her manager talked about other people's views on her that she doesn't even know.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Zhong Wu Yen Debuts With Mediocre Ratings

Cheryl Yang returned to TV for the first time since My Queen with her new drama this past Sunday.Zhong Wu Yen kept SETTV in first place as expected, but its average rating of 2.7% was the lowest debut for the network since Fated to Love You, which started off with a modest 2.56% but went on to be a huge hit. Some viewers commented that Zhong Wu Yen was not as entertaining as the 2001 movie, while others said it would have been better if Cheryl Yang was paired up with her My Queen costar Ethan Ruan instead. 

A slow start for Zhong Wu Yen meant a closer race for the rest of the dramas that followed behind.Summer’s Desire drew the best ratings of its run so far with an average of 1.94%. The drama was highlighted by Barbie Hsu’s plead to Peter Ho to save her dying brother, because in the world of melodramas, he happens to be the only person with a kidney of a matching blood type… Rounding out the list are Calling For Love and Scent of Love with average ratings of 0.72% and 0.60% respectively.

The big news was yet again Rookies’ Diary on Friday night. Episode 4 of the FTV drama surpassed Fated to Love You to make history with an average rating of 11.74%, and a highest rated segment of 13.88%. Meanwhile, Guess Guess Guess got a fresh start on Saturday night with new hosts Harlem Yuand Selina. The show drew 1.55%, trailing behind Zhu Ge’s Return at 3.84% and Super Idol season 5 at 1.76%.

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN / Translated by: PA @ CpopAccess

Newlyweds Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Show Off Wedding Bling

After jetting off to the Caribbean after their wedding, newlyweds Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr returned from their honeymoon showing off some new accessories: matching gold wedding bands.

The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean British actor, 33, and the model, 27, arrived at Miami International Airport and then flew on to Los Angeles International on Monday morning after vacationing for about four days.

As the two happily honeymooned, mother of the bride Therese Kerr told PEOPLE, "They truly are a gorgeous couple, are very much in love and bring out the best in each other … We are thrilled to welcome Orlando into the Kerr family."

From People

Carina Lau and Mainland Billionaire Are Secret Meeting?


Carina Lau and Tony Leung have been married for two years, after marriage the couple continued to be busy with their own jobs and often photographed by the media working separately at different events. For the last few years, the couple lived a life where both are busy with their own lives, but it was peaceful. However yesterday rumors broke out with an intimate photo of Carina and a Mainland billionaire arms on waist. Tony saw the photo and expressed that he does not know the man.

Carina has always been the Rumor Queen, for many years she has been rumored with several wealthy Hong Kong businessmen having a secret relationship, but she has not been affected by the rumors, continuing her many jobs in Mainland and other in areas. She continues to have good relationships with these wealthy businessmen.

Yesterday a tabloid magazine published an intimate photo of Carina with a Mainland billionaire's arm on her waist. In the photo, Carina was touching the billionaire's hand and had her face against his head, they were sitting closely together. The billionaire's arm was also wrapped around Carina's waist. From the photo, it looks like they are very familiar friends.

The magazine report said that the photo was taken mid-October last year. That day Carina was in Qingdao for the opening ceremony to one of the billionaire's Shanghai Carnival investments. She met the billionaire at that event and after the event ended, she accompanied him on their leisure time around the local area. That night, the two got familiar with each other and then had that intimate photo. Looks like Carina and Mainlanders have a lot of fate. June 2010, the magazines photographed Carina's secret meeting with the billionaire in Beijing, the two went out for dinner two nights in a row.

As Tony's wife, Carina remained in Hong Kong in the recent month. She did celebrate her birthday with him, but on their 2nd wedding anniversary, the couple spent it alone. Carina was not in Hong Kong to celebrate the anniversary. On the day of their anniversary, the media asked where Carina went and Tony expressed that he was not sure. If his wife was in Mainland, Tony only guessed that it was possible.

When reporters showed the photo of Carina and the billionaire, Tony refused to respond and had a sunk look. Then he broke the silence telling the media that he does not know him. Last night, Tony responded through his manager: "This is just normal social interaction, believe in Mrs. Lau."

According to sources, the billionaire is close to 39 years old and is named Jing Yuan. He has served in many different positions in Mainland. He started off his business in computers and recently developed his business in Mainland real estate. He operates several apartments in Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu and many other cities in Mainland. His estimated assets are 16 billion yuan.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

Taiwanese Idol Drama Ratings (Sundays 07/25/2010)

WOW! Zhong Wu Yen beat Summer's Desire! Solid start for this drama, but the first episode wasn't too exciting IMO, at least compared to yesterday's Summer's Desire :( I'm a Luo Xi fan, left go of Xiao Mo, Ou Chen!! As for Calling For Love, I can't believe it's the same old plot...oh I need to be the bad guy, making you disappoint at me so you can find your true happiness, BORING!
  1. Zhong Wu Yen 鐘無艷 (TTV) - 2.70
  2. Summer's Desire 泡沫之夏 (FTV) - 1.94
  3. Calling For Love 呼叫大明星 (CTS) - 0.72
  4. Scent of Love 就是要香戀 (CTV) -0.60


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