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Monday, June 21, 2010

TVB Ratings Report (06/13-06/20/2010) UPDATED

Some Day 天天天晴  (Episode 1-5) - 23 pts

Ghost Writer 蒲松齡 (Episode 6-11) - 28 pts

Mysteries of Love 談情說案 (Episode 15-19) -  32 pts, peaking 36 pts

Variety Show
Jade Solid Gold 劲歌金曲 - 13 pts

Fun With Liza and Gods 荃加福祿壽 -  25 pts

Super Trio Game Master 超級遊戲獎門人 -  28 pts (*1 complaint, dangerous movements)

Super Voice 2 超级巨聲 - 20 pts

[Music-DL] Peter Ho 何潤東 - Remember Loved 我記得我愛過 (320kbps)

01.我记得我爱过 (Remember Loved)
02.香水 (Perfume)
03.再爱我好吗 (Can You Love Me Again?)
04.想像 (Imagine)
05.恋爱电话 (Love Phone)
06.躲不了 (Can't Avoid)
07.一个人走 (Walking Alone)
08.恋人唱的歌 (Songs Lovers Sing)
09.故意不爱你 (Purposely Not Loving You)
10.彩虹弯弯 - 何润东/游鸿明 (Curved Rainbow)

(from internet)

Theresa Fu and Him Law Have Been Secretly Dating For Two Months

Releasing a picture book and photo album in this year's book fair, Theresa Fu said she would have a sexy break-through. But lately it's said she's confessing her love to muscular TVB actor Him Law. In fact Him already like Theresa for a while and started to pursue her early this year. They've been secretly dating for two months!

Currently passionately in love, they go on dates often and were caught by Sudden Weekly twice. Although the two denied as usual, but when they replied the still praised each other. Him praised girlfriend sweetly: "She is a good girl!" Theresa praised boyfriend as very gentleman.

In her upcoming picture book, Theresa wrote for one of the drawings: "Always imagine the muscles on your chest as juicy pork chop, really want to take a bite of it; it's not erotic, just the shape your body appears, made me have this thought." Although she didn't say the name, but it's obvious that she is describing Him.

Sources disclosed: "They got to know each other when she switched to Filmko. Because they're in the same company, plus the same age, so they got along well and became close very quickly. Him was a shy guy originally, but once he met 'goddess' he couldn't help and pursued after her, always texting her. Theresa went to work in Macau early February, Him went over with her.  On February 2, Theresa planned to return Hong Kong, but she found out her cellphone was lost. Him was very worried and went around to find it for her, also went the police with her, touching Theresa a lot. So this April, she finally agreed to be in a relationship with Him. They were photographed when they went out, but no one knew that were actually dating."

Last month when Him attended to an event, he disclosed his ideal partner is a girl with long curls. "Earlier when Him got popular with TVB's 'Suspects In Love,' everyone treats he and Mandy Wong Chi Man are a pair, he doesn't want girlfriend to mistaken, so he says things that would make her happy. Although they're busy, but they always take time to meet."

On May 30, reporters discovered the two shopping together at a mall. In order to conceal their identities, Theresa still wore sunglasses at night and Him wore a cap. But people noticed them and in the end they went to Tsim Sha Tsui. Until June 10, Him was practicing for Miss Hong Kong highlights, but still took time off to meet girlfriend. That day Him returned to TV City in the afternoon and left at 6PM. He drove to a furniture store to meet girlfriend, shopping and having dinner together. Until 8PM-ish, he returned to TV City again to practice.

This Monday, Him attended to the press conference of Miss Hong Kong. When he knew the magazine took pictures of him meeting Theresa in secret, he went silent for two seconds then said with a smile: "Theresa and I are just friends, good relationship right now, it's normal for friends to meet and have dinner together. Theresa is a good girl, she focuses at work, you guys don't write randomly. (Is it you who she draw in the picture book?) There are many muscular guys in Hong Kong, no need to be me!" Reporters asked type of girls he like, he replied: "I like girls with white skin. (Body?) No need to have big bust, I like small ones."

As for Theresa, she also said they're just friends, but she praised Him: "He's very gentleman, very polite." But when asked whether the muscular guy she draw is Him? She just said: "Won't talk about this one."

Source: Sudden Weekly / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Harlem Yu and Selina Ren to Host 'Guess Guess Guess'

Jacky Wu asked for resignation from CTV's "Guess Guess Guess." If there is no sudden changes, new hosts for the show would be Harlem Yu and Selina@S.H.E, bringing new forces to this show that has been running for 14 years.

Variety show "Guess Guess Guess" is broadcast since July 4, 1995. Hosts were Long Hao Hua and ASOS, then Jacky replaced Long in March, 1997. Since then, female hosts have been changing over these years but Jacky himself. But these one and two years, he kept saying he would host less and "Guess" is included.

Earlier this month, he hosts new FTV show 《綜藝大國民》. On June 7, he pre-recorded three episodes of "Guess" all at once and resigned.

"Guess" is the longest variety show in Taiwan so far and it's acknowledged by Golden Bell in 2007. It's known this week the show would air its highlights and Jacky's last episode would be broadcast next week. In the following two weeks, highlights would be broadcast again. New hosts would start to host in July 24 and the name of the show remains "Guess Guess Guess."

New hosts of "Guess" are in favor of Harlem and Selina. So far the two have intentions, just missing the contract part. Harlem built his hosting skills from hosting "Super Sunday" with Chang Hsiao Yan; the show is also acknowledged by Golden Bell. Selina always want to be a host and once hosted "Guess" for 5 months in 2006. She also hosted temporarily for Xiao S in "Kangxi Lai Le" when Xiao S was pregnant. "Guess" just aired its 700th episode yesterday. It's a fresh partnership of Harlem with Selina; CTV hopes the two can continue this longest running variety show.

Source: China Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Ah Sa Signs 2000 Autographs in Two Hours

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) went to Shanghai to held an autograph signing for her new Mandarin album "AS a Sa." When she perform new song 《知己》 ("Confidant"), all the fans sang along with her. During the signing, many parents brought their children to support. Ah Sa patiently talked and took pictures with them. During the 2-hour autograph signing, Ah Sa signed on more than 2000 albums, satisfying every fan. Although her hands went numb in the end, she described it as the happy pain.

Ah Sa expressed every song in the album means different stages in life. She hopes her songs can become everyone's theme song at different times.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY@ Kay's Entertainment

Leon Lai Isn't at a Time of Having Babies

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY
 Leon Lai attended to a charity awards ceremony event yesterday. Because wife Gaile Lai had work, she couldn't receive "Community Award" herself. Leon arrived to nearly at the end of the event and couldn't take wife's award for her. Earlier Gaile said getting pregnant is nothing far away. Asked whether he has a plan of making babies? Leon said: "Every woman, has different feelings at different times, cannot force them, can only do right things at right times. Why always ask me when to have kids? Let me handle my life! You can force it, now I'm not doing it, meaning time is not right."

Talked about the MV of company's newcomer JW and Janice Vidal's new song 《男人信甚麽》 ("What Does Men Believe?"), it's confirmed Gaile and Korean star Jung Woo Sung would be the leads. Leon praised Gaile helped out a lot. Asked whether it works the best when husband and wife are collaborating together? Leon said: "It's not that, only work together if suitable, but even not suitable to work together, can still live together." Asked whether Gaile didn't receive any pay? Leon didn't reply, only said: "I'm not someone who creates publicity."

Leon expressed partner Gaile and Jung is his idea. Because JW isn't in Hong Kong, if Janice films the MV first, it would feel weird. He said: "JW treats school as her first priority, she still has two years until graduation, so can only meet everyone in the summer. She would definitely meet everyone, otherwise it's not polite. By then would even hold a mini concert." Asked whether would say happy birthday to Michelle Lee? Leon said: "This type of question is useless on me, won't answer just to reply."

Taiwanese Idol Drama Ratings (Sundays 06/20/2010)

Summer's Desire continued its wildness and excitement ;) Although identity of Braces Girl@P.S. Man is revealed, average ratings of the drama dropped? For the rest, seems like Calling For Love and Scent of Love are fighting for the 3rd and 4th place...
  1. P.S. Man 偷心大聖PS男 (TTV) - 4.31
  2. Summer's Desire 泡沫之夏 (FTV) - 1.55
  3. Calling For Love 呼叫大明星 (CTS) - 0.72
  4. Scent of Love 就是要香戀 (CTV) -0.65


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