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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Appears, Lucas: Don't Say My Mom is Fat

Source: UDN, Mingpao (pictures)
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Stephen Chow's animated "CJ7" held a press event yesterday in Shanghai international film festival. After showing up on the red carpet for the film festival's opening ceremony, this time Cecilia Cheung appeared again as the film's theme song performer. Her first son Lucas also made his appearance to the event, taking the limelight greatly.

It's already sensational for Cecilia to show up at the press event, but the most surprising thing is that during the event, suddenly a kid ran onto the stage---it was actually Lucas. Lucas was very lively on the stage, sometimes hugging his mom, sometimes crawl on the sofa, and accidentally fell, but Cecilia was very calm: "Boys should be braver." She didn't help her son to get up, instead Stephen was worried, wanted to bring Lucas back to his seat, but Lucas rejected Stephen's help, causing the audience to laugh.

Cecilia gave the mic to her son, telling him to greet everyone, Lucas spoke in English: "I love you.....Don't say my mom is fat." Because photographers kept taking pictures of Cecilia and Lucas, the flash angered Lucas and he kept saying in English: "You guys are naughty, taking pictures of me!" He also tried to block the flash with his hands.

Talked about sing the theme song with Lucas, Cecilia said: "After I made my promise, dark circles appeared, because I had to wake up at 6:30AM everyday to sing with him. He doesn't know Mandarin, he speaks English." Asked whether she lets her son to step into showbiz with this opportunity, she said: "My plan is to let him focus in his studies, didn't think of letting him to step into the industry."

Stephen expressed: "Lucas is only doing things kids like to do, he would continue his studies after singing this theme song." Cecilia suddenly asked back "Are you my husband?" Making Stephen held a V-sign helplessly and smiled.

Kang Kang@'Ni Yada' Gets Popular, Filming Crew is Busy Serving Her

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Since "Ji Bao Bei" (Baby Ji) from "Fated to Love You," recently TTV/SETTV's "Ni Yada" (倪亞達) made another dog star called "Kang Kang" (康康). She is treated with courtesy. If she isn't in a good mood during filming, the crew has to wait for her. Yao Yao and Bowie Tseng etc have this experience. Bowie disclosed, they once bought an anti-depressant toy for dogs for Kang Kang to bite, calming her mood.

Kang Kang got popular because of "Ni Yada," but because she's an animal, sometimes she gets moody during filming, and even more arrogant than human. But her cuteness is being discussed by netizens, who believe she is a must have humor, some even said: "If ratings broke 4, tell Kang Kang to swim in nude!"

Some fans want to buy a bull terrier because of Kang Kang's popularity, but the production team told everyone to adopt instead of buying, otherwise there are more and more stray dogs.

**Kay's P.S.** I love Ji Bao Bei <3 Kang Kang's another great dog!! Her real name is actually Nana LOL. Ni Yada is a great drama using a kid's point of view to look at the adult's world, you pick up your childhood memories when watching this, there isn't any big action thing nor cruel love, but innocence.

Double J Jay & Jolin Reunites, Causing Climax in Taipei Arena

Source: UDN and China Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
It was Jay Chou's third show for his 'cross generation' concert in Taipei arena, every night he would bring different surprises to the audience. Last night besides singing <<落雨聲>> with Jiang Hui, during encore when singing "Give Me the Time of A Song" <<給我一首歌的時間>>, Jolin Tsai appeared surprisingly as performing guest and danced with Jay. It was also the first time double J performed together since Jolin's concert in 2004.

Jolin suddenly appeared on the stage and sang "Give Me the Time of A Song" <<給我一首歌的時間>>, Jay and his dancers danced behind her. Jolin walked slowly and charmingly to Jay, and danced intimately with him. The two looked at each other affectionately then continued to perform, having a great chemistry. After performing, Jolin left, and Jay said: "It's different, it's different, just have to be different."

It's known Jay personally invited Jolin as performing guest on the phone and she accepted it generously. The two were very cautious about it to prevent the news leaking to the public. They secretly practiced together once then practiced the second time the afternoon before the show time.

As for whether they're reconciling? Jolin's manager Wang Yong Liang replied: "She wants to give everyone a surprise! They're just friends." He said outsiders believe they won't be on the same stage, so she wants to entertain everyone this way. At the end of the concert, Jay asked the audience: "Is it awesome today? It's important to be awesome, today there's a special feeling, don't ask me whether there's any change, because I've been changing."

Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui Have A Chance In Reconciling

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Sammi Cheng went to Taiwan yesterday to promote album <<信者得愛>>. Local reporters still asked about her relationship with ex Andy Hui, Sammi said: "At this moment, we are really very good friends. Although at this stage we're not love partners, but it's hard to say for the future." She expressed she's already 38 years old and cannot be willful with love. If a good person appears, she would cherish. As for she cannot talk too much about it since Andy has a girlfriend? Sammi joked: "It's too complicated!" Sammi also denied inviting Andy as performing guest in her upcoming concert in July at Taipei arena.

This time Sammi is promoting her gospel album, she would donate all her personal profit to Red Cross and World Vision.

Alex Fong and Gillian Chung Aren't Afraid of Rumors

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Film "The Fantastic Water Babes" (出水芙蓉) held a thank-you feast in Shanghai international film festival yesterday. Leads Alex Fong and Gillian Chung played games with reporters, causing everyone to laugh. Talked about the two purposely walked the red carpet separately to avoid rumors being hyped up again? Gillian said: "Just didn't want to appear as a 'nau' [, means mad in Cantonese], not afraid rumors being hyped up." Did she know the death in Charlene Choi's family [Charlene's grandpa passed away recently]? "Read the news online, already texted her, hope she takes care of her health, don't be upset."

Alex denied purposely asked director to stand in between him and Gillian to avoid her. He just knew now his chemistry with her is better, sometimes he would recalled scenes when they were working together three years ago.


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