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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Penny Tai Goes Topless For TV Commercial

Penny Tai is endorsing a Japanese brand tea drink. In order to present a fresh, healthy, and pretty image in the commercial, she went topless and covered her chest with her arms only. Standing in a sunny outdoor, she also had to sing the theme song during filming for 4 straight hours.

Because Penny's family is always conservative, asked how did they agree to make this bold move? She said with laughs: "Because within the world of music, we always present our true self in nude. When the crew brought me the rundown, I specially asked permission from my conservative parents. In the end they felt the commercial gives off a very fresh and healthy feeling, so I decided to film it!"

Worried whether it would too sexy? Penny first took a look at her chest, then pointed at her fringe with her fingers and said shyly: "My nudity won't give others a sexy feeling. More importantly, even if I took it off, it would be just like my hair, nothing worth seeing, not sexy, no one wants to see it!"

Raymond Cho Turns Evil, Vents His Anger Through Slaps

Raymond Cho has slapping scenes in series "Fly With Me" and he vented his anger slapping others: "Every slap was real. Viewers watched 5 slaps, but in fact there were more than 20 slaps. Fortunately after I turned evil I slapped many people, too. I felt better." But he joked he doesn't mind being slapped by Ada Choi: "Doesn't mind being slapped by Ada, she kissed me so many times. That period she really did kiss me more than she kisses her husband."

Although "FWM" was accused of copying other works, Raymond said if those elements are good, shouldn't be afraid to be borrowed, and he expressed he's confident in ratings: "The series has so many elements, it's not just copying. At first I was a little disappointed at ratings, but I'm confident. For some series, you just have to wait. We still have about 10-ish episodes, hasn't reach the climax yet." Now hosting children programs, Raymond has no intention to have another baby: "Won't go for another one, one child is already stressful, when I have time I need to focus on my son."

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Sherry Chen Gives Up Education For Showbiz

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY
Miss Chinese International Sherry Chen Shuang's sexy see-lai image in "OL Supreme" is very attractive among men viewers. But she said at first she couldn't accept the see-lai role because she worried that she is still young and couldn't play the character well. Fortunately it's viewers-welcoming. She's happy that she can work with many senior artistes and praised Chapman To's acting is outstanding; his humorous personality made the crew very happy.

Chen said she is happy she can film new series "翡翠明珠" and gained many valuable experience from it. Her career seems to be going smoothly, but actually she made sacrifices behind that. She said in order to enter the showbiz, she gave up her economics degree, in which she is one year away from earning it. In the beginning her family strongly opposed the idea, but in the end she successfully convinced them. She said she's saving money and working hard to pay mortgage. She also said she sees TV queen Charamaine Sheh as her goal!

Stephy Tang Wants to Find A Family Man

26-years-old Stephy Tang is still single. She expressed her social circle became narrow once she stepped into the showbiz, and she's not aware any pursuer around her. She said: "It has been a long time since there is one. I went out less after becoming an artiste. It's always the same people I hang out with. (Aren't you worried?) I ain't worried, when the right time comes, if still no result then I will go out more often."

Stephy hopes to get married and have kids at 30 and her partner has to share the same ideas with her, so they can create a happy family together: "I grew up in a single parent family. I wasn't confident in marriage when I was little and it affected my want to get married. But as people grew up, their thoughts would change. I hope I can have a happy family to fill things I lost when I was little."

Stephy, who likes children, is confident that she would be a good mother: "It's more ideal to have 2 children, 1 boy 1 girl." But she won't consider being a full-time mom because professional women now are able to take care of their career and family at the same time. Talking about qualities of her ideal partner, Stephy is targeting "family men:" "He has to be like me, who likes families, to yield a happy relationship. I had a boyfriend before and he didn't even think about the future. How could I feel secured with that? How could we continue?"

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Photographer Leslie Kee Exposes Sexy Photo of Cecilia Cheung

Source: UDN/NowNews
Translated by: KAY
Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee took many photos of big stars like Aaron Kwok, Cecilia Cheung, Shawn Yu, Daniel Wu, etc. He photographed many controversial sexy photos of them. This time Leslie posted a photo of him and Cecilia Cheung on his website. In the photo, Cecilia was topless and only her adhesive bra was shown. Her hair style and make-up resembled the one in Leslie's official photo album, seems like this is a behind the scene photo.

Leslie is releasing a new photo album soon featuring Angelababy, Edison Chen, and Shawn Yu, etc. Netizens criticized Leslie for using Ceclia before she give birth to second child on Mother's Day. No comment from Leslie at the moment.


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