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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Show Luo Suddenly Kisses On Rainie Yang's Cheeks

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
In yesterday's second show of Show Luo's 3D Show World Live Tour concert, Show invited his girlfriend from idol drama "Hi My Sweetheart" Rainie Yang as performing guest. The two acted like a couple that they held hands during performing. Rainie also leaned on Show's shoulders and bit his finger. When the two pretended to kiss on lips, Show suddenly kissed her cheeks and that caused fans to scream. Rarely exposing her back, Rainie wore a revealing top that showed backstrap of her bra.

Rainie said: "Today's outfit is sexier than the ones I wore during my concert, but it's just kinda transparent, good that I wore a pretty bra and took precautions. The crew said the stage is high and viewers won't see a thing if I exposed something, but I was afraid Show would see it!" Show laughed at Rainie exposed, said she made male fans who were sitting on the top to take pictures constantly. Talked about Show kissing her cheeks, Rainie said: "Just to suit with the MV scene, I pretended to kiss but I didn't know he would kiss me. He kissed on my cheeks too when we were filming. Show is very gentleman, I said he's daring after kissing me." Rainie joked if Show really did kissed on her lips, she would kick him away. Rainie then sang "Rainie Love" (雨愛).

Show said many fans posed clips of his first show online and he told everyone don't do that anymore. "You guys can keep them as souvenirs, otherwise how can I release DVD version?" After that, Show sang Leslie Cheung's classic "追" in Cantonese, but it was hard to understand because he's not good at the dialect.

Some other things happened during yesterday's performance. When Show was singing "為你寫首歌," he was booed because he sang the wrong lyrics. After encore, when he was walking to backstage, he almost got tripped and fell. Fortunately he knew how to please fans, he called them "wife" often and joked that he misheard fans said "can you kiss me?" He joked: "I thought of holding a thankful kissing meet, but I'm afraid I would kiss too much that my mouth would turn rotten." In the end, Show ended the show after two encore.

Joe Ma Is Challenged By Ancient Scripts

Joe Ma, Louis Yuen, Him Law, etc. appeared in a dinner to watch finale of "Suspects in Love" together, but female lead Flora Chan didn't show up. Sharon Chan missed the dinner, too, because she has to film new series "怒火街頭" Joe Ma disclosed the dinner was arranged by the producer, didn't know whether everyone pooled money into it or not. Lately he's been busy filming ancient series "Relic of an Emissary" (洪武三十二). Because the scripts are hard to say, so he couldn't adapt to it. "Ancient scripts, didn't get use to it, so I NG a lot. But it's my first time working with Kate Tsui, Michael Tse, Skye Chan, etc., it's a very new experience."

Source: ON.CC / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

43-Year-Old Elvina Kong In Bikini, Young Men Thought She's A Lang-Mo

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY
Lately Elvina Kong has been showing up in sexy outfits. Earlier she was filming a commercial in bikini and a t-back mini skirt. Although the weather was sometimes warm, sometimes cold , but she still worked hard to show off her 33C, 24, 34 body. She disclosed she is now the spokesperson of a beauty company.

During filming, Elvina's hot body attracted 3 foreign young men and they mistaken her as a new lang-mo (yong models). They approached to her and chat, even invited her to party in Lan Kwai Fong. When she revealed her actual age is 43-years-old, these 3 men couldn't believe that she is actually 20 years older than them. Elvina didn't mind revealing her actual age: "Doesn't matter if I announce I'm 43, what kind of generation is it now?  Age is a number you account to the government. When I go to casinos abroad, they always thought I'm not old enough and refused to let me in!"

Asked about her secret of maintaining youth? She said: "Most importantly, be happy all the time, then you can keep your youth from inside to outside. So Man Fung said I'm in better condition than before I was 30, I thought so too!"

Elvina disclosed some funny things during filming: "The plot required several male models to whistle, the birds on the trees thought other birds are sending courtship messages, and they whistle along with the models! It was funny!"

Raymond Lam Hasn't Meet His Ideal Lover

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Raymond Lam attended to a jewelry store opening ceremony as guest and many of his fans and other residents came to watch. Raymond said: "It's my first time cutting ribbons for companies' HK store, in the past during the 'golden week' I'll attend to these events mostly in Mainland. I officially became its national spokesperson last year." Ever bought diamond jewelery for girlfriend? "Shouldn't give it out randomly, only bought it for my mom and sister. Haven't meet someone who is worthy enough to give this valuable gift." Raymond disclosed last year the company launched a collection for couples and someone successfully proposed with it. As for himself, he kept a set already. He said: "It'll continue to renovate, haven't meet a right person, let it be." Can't meet anyone even when you're in TV city? "No, mostly colleagues, haven't meet one yet."

Xiao Xiao Bin Goes To School, Spends 20,000NTD One Year

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY
Xiao Xiao Bin is going to school! It's pushed forward a year earlier than originally planned. This summer he is going to take junior kindergarten classes. His little brother Mini Bin will go to school as well, starting from lower kindergarten classes.

Yesterday Xiao Xiao Bin and father Xiao Bin Bin (Wen Shao Yu) attended to a kindergarten event. Wen said: "At first I want him to take senior kindergarten class when he's 6 years old, but he loves to write, likes to sign autographs, he also has to speak English when he hosts, it's good for him to start school early."

Xiao Xiao Bin's school expense costs nearly 20,000NTD. His manager said: "He gets along with his age group very easily, socialized very quickly. Everyone's worrisome is unnecessary."

Elva Hsiao Undergoes Double Eye Lid Surgery

Source: NowNews
Translated by: KAY
Elva Hsiao accepted interviews when she attended to an event in Beijing lately. She admitted that she underwent double eye lid surgery (縫雙眼皮). It enlarged her small eyes and it's actually her mother's wish before she passed away. After the surgery, Elva said good fortunate came, her album has a great sales, also her bad romance disappeared.

She spent only 15,000NTD for this surgery, which was done in March of last year (!).

Elva said before the surgery, she took a large amount of time to make her eyes bigger. It took at least two hours for her to apply make-up. It's said there was one time, Stanley Wang waited two hours for Elva to finish applying her make-up. After having double eyelids, besides saving lots of time, it also made Elva more confident.

NOTE: This is the cover of her first album (1999)


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