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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Xiao S Defends Blackie, Argues With TV Personality Clara Chou

Credits to Taipei Times & KAY'S ENTERTAINMENT

Blackie (黑人) Chen Jien-chow (陳建州) was accused by Next Magazine of pocketing money from his Love Life charity drive. The report claimed that the charity was hawking T-shirts for NT$580, of which only NT$100 per shirt went to terminally ill children with cancer and the rest to Blackie.

Blackie broke down in front of media on Wednesday and explained tearfully that the extra money was used to cover costs for the event; he never pocket any money.

A discussion program on TVBS 2100週末開講 discussed Blackie's incident yesterday and they made a call out to Blackie, letting him speak up his views. Blackie stressed that selling t-shirts is not the main point, the point is he's selling a positive idea. Although he's in crisis now, but he will continue to do the rest.

TV personality and also once a TSU candidate Clara Chou Yu-Kou (周玉蔻) believed Blackie was just trying to switch the focus, and said "Don't you think you should apologize? Nothing was wrong?" "You're not wrong at all, it's all other's faults?" She described this type of charity as "hypocritical" The world "hyprocrite" angered Xiao S, who is Blackie's good friend, and she made a call in to the show.

"Hello, I'm Xiao S, hello everyone. I'm just watching television, and just watched Miss Chou'spart. After hearing it, I'm very emotional, it's very unbelievable."

She continues, "I've been donating money to charities with Da S these years. Every penny I donate, I never thought about avoiding taxes. Of course it's okay, but when we're doing good deeds, we just want to help others. She [Clara Chou] said Blackie's idea is very hypocritical, and I think what she just said is truly evil."

The two started to argue nonstop that their words were overlapped by each others' words. Chou told Xiao S to take back the word "evil": "When you said someone is evil behind your telephone, I feel sorry for your two daughters...Xiao S, please take back your false description, because you're an artiste, a mother."

Xiao S apologized calmly, "Chou Jie, I'm willing to apologize, I'm willing to take back the word 'evil,' why aren't you willing to take back 'hypocrite'?"

The two eventually stopped their argument with the interruption from the host. Chou's opinion also displeased many netizens and they made an anti-Clara Chou page on Facebook. More than 35,000 people joined in just several days. Chou made an appearance to explain and persisted her opinion, thinking the events online is just to switch focus; Blackie should terminate his event and apologize.

Louis Cheung Is Unbanned By TVB

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY
It's known Louis Cheung was popular among TVB's producers. He never say no to any job, and his actions established a good image. After being "refrigerated" (banned) for 43 days, Louis was finally unbanned by TVB. He attended to the filming of variety show "民峰學院" as guest. Yesterday around 2PM Louis suddenly appeared in the dressing room. Reporters asked him how did he break the ice, he expressed that it's just what outsiders have been talking about. In fact he's busy lately recording new album and handling other business. Few days ago he was notified to be the guest of this show. Asked did he ask TVB why he's unbanned this quickly, he joked: "No, maybe because I'm obedient. I'll do whatever jobs TVB arranged for me. (Did TVB arrange other shows for you?) Maybe attend to Jade Solid Gold. (How does it feel to be reborn?) No No No! Where does reborn come from when there's no death? People have been saying things but I never thought too much, I just want to do the best to my current jobs."

Who is the person Louis wants to thank the most? He said: "Of course TVB! Actually I'm trained over these years being in the showbiz. I learned how to face everything with an unbiased heart. (Did you make contact with Stephen Chan?) I SMS him sometimes."

Michelle Yip Wins 'Best Supporting Actress,' Exposes Sad Stories

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY
Michelle Yip won "Best Supporting Actress" in the 29th HK Film Awards with film "Accident." Before she went up to the stage, her tears were falling already. he hugged director of "Accident" next to her before she walked to the stage. When she was giving her speech, she recalled her sad stories: "A director friend of mine once told me, Michelle, no one will ask you to be the female lead in their movies! I was very dispirited. But in HK Film Awards, whether you're the main lead, supporting actors, or extras, even a piece button or screw is very important!" Besides thanking the team of "Accident" and producer Johnnie To, who persisted Michelle's role in the film, she also thanked her old company TVB. Everyone was clapping when they heard that, even Miriam Yeung, who was the presenter of the award, was smiling.

At the end Michelle thanked the lead of this film, Louis Koo. She said: "I also have to thank my good friend Louis Koo. His excellent performance made this film grabbed more attention. Although he's not here tonight, but I see you."

Michelle was calmer when she returned to backstage. She expressed she didn't plan any celebration event, but said her winning was very surprising: "When I started my movie career, many outsiders doubted my acting. I really have to thank Johnnie To and Louis. Too bad the two aren't here tonight, but I'll remember them forever. Winning this award is a big encouragement to me. Doesn't matter what the role is, I'm happy as long as I have a chance to act."

30-Year-Old Michelle stepped into the showbiz when she won the title of Miss International Chinese back in 1999. She starred in many TVB series as the female lead such as "Eternal Happiness." She left TVB to pursue her movie career and was nominated "Best New Performer" in 2005.

Joey Yung Supports Twins Even When She's Sick

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Yesterday second show of Twins' "Everyone Bounces up Concert 2010" was supported by Joey Yung, Boy'z (Kenny Kwan & Steven Cheung), Yumiko Cheng, Vinci, etc. Peter Chan and Sandra Ng also brought their daughter to the show. Performing guests were Andy Hui and So and the four sang "Kite and Wind" (風箏與風). Andy joked: "We wanted to sing 'Girl School Boy Student," but we older men don't suit singing it." Andy and William also brought Joey to the stage, but because throat is hurt, she only danced.

Boy'z also went on to the stage and sang "死性不改." Kenny joked: "Our song got popular because Twins sang it again." Boy'z was teased by Twins they're 'old boy'z,' Kenny teased back: "We're all born after 80s."

Winners of 29th Hong Kong Film Awards 2010

Best Film: 
Bodyguards and Assassins 《十月圍城》

Best Director:
Teddy Chan - Bodyguards and Assassins

Best Actor:
Simon Yam - Echoes of the Rainbow

Best Actress:
Kara Hui - At the End of Daybreak

Best Supporting Actor:
Nicolas Tse - Bodyguards and Assassins

Best Supporting Actress:
Michelle Yip - Accident

Best New Actor:
Aarif Lee - Echoes of the Rainbow

Best Cinematography:
Arthur Wong - Bodyguards and Assassins

Best Film Editing
Kong Chi Leung and Chan Chi Wai - Overheard

Best Art Direction
Mak Kwok Keung - Bodyguards and Assassins

Best Costume Make Up Design
Ng Lei Lo - Bodyguards and Assassins

Best Action Choreography
Tong Wai and Li Dat Chiu - Bodyguards and Assassins

Best Sound Design
Red Cliff II

Best Visual Effects
The Storm Warriors II

Best Original Film Score
Chan Kwong Wing and Kam Pui Dat - Bodyguards and Assassins

Best Original Film Song
Echoes of the Rainbow (Aarif Lee) - Echoes of the Rainbow

Best New Director
Cheung King Wai - KJ: Music and Life

Best Asian Film
Departures (Japan)

Life Achievement Award
Lau Kar Leung

Professional Spirit Award
Chow Lam

Best Dressed
Nicolas Tse
Denise Ho


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