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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Genie Zhuo Boosts Her Bust For Concert

Genie Zhuo held her first concert in Hong Kong lately and she appeared in a pink low cut tube-top. She walked off the stage often and had interactions with fans. Performing guest Hinson Chow didn't dare to look down at Genie, only looked at the pink star on her shoulder. He praised Genie is cute and very talented in singing and acting. Asked whether he will go on a date with Genie, he said he knows Genie wants to visit the wax museum and would like to bring her there.

When Genie knew Hinson wants to bring her to the wax museum, she said happily: "Really? I'm just afraid that there won't be enough time. But I'm happy to hear that, because there are many big stars, I would take pictures like a little fan." Said her dress is too sexy that Hinson didn't dare to look, she said: "I didn't dare to look at myself as well. It's my first time performing in sexy moves. I was very worried. This time is to give a surprise to everyone. I wore 3 and 4 layers of protection, but maybe because it's too tight, I had trouble breathing, didn't dare to move too much."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY

Vanness Wu Supports Girlfriend Online

After numerous media reported news about Vanness Wu's girlfriend Arissa Cheo was once an actress and broke up with a guy to be with Vanness, she finally spoke up and cleared up on Twitter. She said the guy in the club was just her cousin and she never introduced him as "boyfriend." She also admitted she was in the showbiz but didn't stay long. Vanness also supported his girlfriend on Twitter, calling her "babie": "it's me and you against the world babie~Come jesus come~send Warring Angels! We fight this war together~RAWR!!!"

Vanness Wu Twitter
Arissa Cheo Twitter


Wong Cho Lam Portrays Women Often, Afraid It'll Be Hard To Find A Wife

TVB's variety show "Fun With Liza and Gods" invited Myolie Wu as performing guest. Wong Cho Lam dressed up as a woman again, portraying Taiwanese artiste Yao Yao (32F big bust girl who was a hit last summer). Liza Wong couldn't help to slap on Cho Lam's fake boobs. Myolie joked that she envies Cho Lam a lot because he has a pair of silky lean legs. Cho Lam said he portrayed woman a lot lately for the show. Even he doesn't want to look at the mirror and he worried that he can't find a wife in the future. He said: "I'm afraid I will scare off see-lai viewers, so they won't let their daughters marry me. I have to let them know I have a normal side of me, too. Some ladies praise that I have a skinny waist and legs. Actually I don't want them to be like that, I want to be more manly!" Cho Lam also joked that he would have to find a wife that has better body qualities than him.

In order to portray Anita Mui, Myolie rewatched Anita's old films numerous times online. Asked will she mind if the show make fun of her and Bosco Wong, she said: "Won't mind. If they portray you that means you're representative. If they portray me in 'To Grow With Love,' I can lend them some accessories." Asked what if the "Gods" portray Bosco and propose to her suddenly on the show, she replied: "Har?! Please don't!"

Source: Takungpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

American Actress Dixie Carter Passes Away, Aged 70

 (Getty's Image)
Entertainment Tonight breaks news that actress Dixie Carter, best known for her role as Julia Sugarbaker on the hit sitcom "Designing Women," has died. She was 70 years old.

"This has been a terrible blow to our family," her husband Hal Holbrook tells ET. "We would appreciate everyone understanding that this is a private family tragedy. Thank you."

In addition to Holbrook, her husband of nearly 26 years, the actress is survived by her two daughters Mary Dixie and Ginna.



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