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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Joey Yung Looks Forward To Become A "Middle Woman"

Joey Yung accepted a radio interview lately and talked about friendship and feelings of becoming a "middle woman" (中女, women age 30+).

Joey said she got to know many good friends during work. When she first stepped into the showbiz, she only knew to protect herself and didn't want to believe in others. Now she's more confident than before and would want to know more friends. She said her four good friends in the showbiz are Dennis Ho, Charlene Choi, Hins Cheung, and Eason Chan.

Turning 30 this year, Joey said she never worry about it. She thinks girls in their 20s won't understand women in their 30s, " 'Middle woman' is another level of life. Women have their unique, clever, and mature ways to handle things. I'm not afraid to step into my 30s, I can describe my feelings using 'looking forward'." She also said: "But now that I'm at this age, it should stay where it is!"

It's Joey's 10th year in the showbiz. Her favorite song is "My Pride" (我的驕傲); least favorite is "Pretend to Understand" (扮了解). She thinks singing changed her whole life, and is thankful that she's given a chance to sing. She hopes to use her music and voice to color everyone's life.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

TVXQ/DBSK to Stop Their Group Activies

Is it time to go solo?

With their group activites in Korea already halted due to a lawsuit  filed by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu  against SM Entertainment, it was announced today that TVXQ will be stopping their group activities in Japan.

Despite the lawsuit filed by the JaeChunSu trio in mid-2009, TVXQ still continued their group activities in Japan.

But it looks like their 30th single, Toki o Tomete which was released late last month could be their final piece together.

Visitors to their official Japanese website on April 3rd were greeted with a popup message from Avex Japan which stated that ‘Tohoshinki will stop/pause their activities as a group and to please support their solo activities‘.

With no definite timeframe or concrete details from Avex Japan, fans are undoubtedly crushed by this devasting announcement.

Keep the faith though, it could be just temporary,

Or, forever.

Bowie Lam Lost His Memory For 1 Hour

Bowie Lam is currently filming for upcoming series "Every Move You Make." When he was filming an action scenes, he accidentally hit his head; fortunately the injury wasn't bad. Yesterday around 4AM, he updated his status on Sina Miniblog (微博) saying a little incident happened, causing injuries to his head and lost his memory for 1 hour. He went to hospital to have a brain scan soon after; everything is good. He even said casually, "In the end I got smarter, continue to work as usual!"

The series' producer said he still needs to know more about Bowie's injury. He heard from the crew that Bowie had to fall back for a scene. Supposedly someone was there to hold him from the back, but maybe there's some misunderstanding in communication, when he fell, no one hold him and his head hit the ground. He felt a little dizzy and worried about blood clog. The crew sent him to the hospital for some check-up. Report didn't say anything was wrong and he can leave. He continued to work yesterday.

Sharon Chan, Macy Chan, and Bosco Wong commented on Bowie's page. Macy said: "Aiya! Take care! Fortunately it's ok! Increased 200% humor!" Sharon said: "You okay? Take care Bowie! You're already very smart!" Bosco said: "Not smarter, even more humorous, hope you're alright."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Exclusive Insights in Ronald Cheng and Ah Sa's Relationship

I.  Sa-Kei's Relationship
From getting married to now divorce, Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi (Ah Sa)'s relationship is quite unstable. Most suspicious thing is that several months ago, Ah Sa said Ronald wasn't as bad as others thought he is. When asked what Valentine's Day gift will he give to Ah Sa, Ronald even said "camera" (homophone in Cantonese meaning 'missing kei,' missing Cheng Chung Kei--Ronald's Chinese Name).

In fact, their relationship has been getting worse for a while already. According to a reliable source, about a year ago, one of their parents attended to a dinner party and was asked about Sa-Kei's relationship, that parent accidentally exposed: "They broke up la!" In the end, that parent knew he/she said something wrong and stopped commenting.

After getting married in 2006, Sa-Kei enjoyed several years of honeymoon period. Ronald would call Ah Sa and SMS her everyday. Whenever he received a call from Ah Sa, whether it was during filming or meeting, he would walk away and answered the phone. Some people witnessed that he would say romantic words to the caller every time he's on the phone.

Ronald also understands that it would get a little boring giving too much normal gifts to Ah Sa. Friends of Ah Sa disclosed when Ah Sa and her dad's book was released during 2008 book fair, Ronald sent someone secretly to buy her book (hundreds at one time), making her very happy.

II.  Drinking and Self-injuring
However, things started to change about two years ago. Because partner Gillian Chung was involved in Edison Chen's sex scandal, Twins was forced to disband for a while. Ah Sa got busy everyday and also got maturer. A source said: "Ronald didn't want to become CEO of Gold Typhoon. His dad wasn't the one who got mad the most, it was really Ah Sa. She felt he didn't know how to think about their future." Also, Ronald continued to be flirty and playful. There are several times Ah Sa found out he met girls in secret, making her propose to break up. In the past year, Ronald couldn't accept the reality of break-up and begged Ah Sa to reunite with him. Their relationship wasn't stable at all and according to Ronald's friends, Ronald went to drink often to relieve stress. He invited friends to drink three nights a week, and bruises and injuries are visible. Reporters indeed found redness and bruises on Ronald's hands and wrist the day of Sa-Kei's breaking press conference. In the beginning of this year, Ronald once again won back Ah Sa's heart and thought everything would be alright. But then Ah Sa and Ah Gill regrouped as Twins to hold concerts. Ronald often disclosed his close relationship with Ah Sa, making Ah Sa feel Ronald didn't know what is the priority and proposed to break up again. Soon their marriage is exposed completely, making Ah Sa sure of the break-up. Ronald was helpless and gave in.
(Ah Sa's family came out to support. Left: Ah Sa's grandpa and mother; Right: Ah Sa's grandma)

III. Well-Planned Marriage in 2006
After Sa-Kei confirmed they got married in 2006, many of their friends came out and exposed more details about the trip of marriage. On January 29, 2006 (Chinese New Year), Ah Sa and her mom already planned everything: get to ShenZheng airport, fly to Beijing, then transfer to Los Angeles. Ah Sa originally invited two friends to her wedding, but one of them couldn't make it; only "4-Eye See," who was once the leader of paparazzi, could attend. Ronald strongly objected this idea before because he worried she's a spy and will expose everything. But Ah Sa said "4-Eye See" can get rid of paparazzi and convinced Ronald to bring her along.
Magazine Eastweek exclusively followed Ah Sa and her people arriving ShenZheng, flying to Beijing, and transferring to LA. Ah Sa wore a hat at that time, tried to keep everything low. When they found out they're being followed, Ah Sa sent "4-Eye See" to talk to reporters and eventually walked into the gate of international flight last minute.

As for Ronald and his father, they flied to LA in HK international airport a day before Ah Sa. He disclosed he was visiting mother and sister in LA. According to sources, the next day Sa-Kei met up, they hold a wedding ceremony immediately in a small church called Church of Christ. Because they must make a request in order to hold the ceremony, it proved that they didn't improvised their marriage. People who attended to the ceremony only included Ah Sa's mother, "4-Eye See," Ronald's parents, and three close relatives from the Cheng family. After the wedding, they hosted a 2-tables dinner in a local restaurant.

Source: East Week / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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