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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jacky Cheung Says He Had Already Known Ronald Cheng Was Married

Jacky Cheung's Cantonese album "Private Corner" sold 200 thousand copies in Asia so far. Yesterday the record company held a celebration event and premiered MV "Double Trouble." They also invited female lead from the MV, international model Dujuan and director Wing Shya & Tony Chan to the event. Jacky spent 500 thousand HKD to produce the MV. Initial budget was about 300 thousand, but he overspent for better effects. He joked he felt the pain of record companies and told everyone not to produce on your own.

In addition to Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi's divorce, Jacky said he knew Ronald for a long time since Ronald was a kid. Asked did Ronald notify him that he's married, Jacky didn't want to talk about it at first but admits later that Ronald did told him about it. He said: "He did told me. But didn't say where. He only told us that he's married. (Didn't know who was the bride?) I didn't ask him at all. I just congratulated him. (When did you know the identity of his wife?).......you guys know, so I wasn't the one who exposed everything. I knew nothing." Jacky felt if they can't get along, then they can't stay together. Asked whether he wants them to reunite? He expressed that's the wish of elders, but only the couple knows what's wrong. As long as they're happy, it's fine.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

Hong Kong Actress and Author Tina Ti Dies At 65

Associated Press
Photo from ON.CC and Mingpao
(Ti nude in "The Warlord")

Retired Hong Kong actress Tina Ti, a sex symbol in the 1960s and 1970s, has died. She was 65.

Family friend Chan Wing-hong told reporters Thursday that Ti passed away a day earlier. News reports said she was 65. Hong Kong's Apple Daily newspaper reported the late star was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2005.

Ti, whose credits include "A Big Mess," "One Day at a Time" and "Dark Rendezvous," caused a sensation in Hong Kong by appearing nude in the 1972 Li Han-hsiang movie, "The Warlord."

(*P.S* she wasn't willing to film it at first but gave in because the director promised her the camera would be far away and a chiffon net would be in front of the bed. However, it turned out that the director secretly hid a camera and captured everything.)

She is survived by a son, Michael Ma (he was a 'she' before).

Ethan Ruan Doesn't Rule Out Getting Married Secretly

Taiwanese stars Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, and Director Doze Niu went to Hong Kong to promote movie "Monga" and they accepted an interview from TVB yesterday. Ethan was spotted wearing a ring on his index finger. Asked HK artistes' marriages were being exposed by paparazzi, asked would he consider getting married secretly? He said laughing: "It can happen to me, it's something between the two of us, as long as two people are happy." Director Niu explained for Ethan and said he gave Ethan that ring: "I told him not to talk about relationships, it's miserable, no one wants to share it, but artistes need to make sacrifices."

Niu is happy that "Monga" is a big hit in Taiwan. He received a phone call from Andy Lau lately congratulating on the great success of "Monga." He was just a minor actor when he was filming a movie with Andy and was took cared by the heavenly king. Niu hopes to have a chance to work with Andy and Tony Leung in the future.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

Leslie Cheung Is Named The Most Beautiful Men From Hong Kong Cinema

Source: CNN
CNN picked 19 beautiful men from Hong Kong cinema and number 1 spot belongs to super star Leslie Cheung, who sadly committed suicide by jumping off of the Mandarin Oriental 7 years ago on April Fool's Day. He was a very notable star who were successful in the music and movie industries. He is definitely someone to be missed.

Complete List:
  1. Leslie Cheung
  2. Tony Leung Chiu-wai
  3. Tony Leung Ka-fai
  4. Daniel Wu
  5. Chow Yun-fat
  6. Lui Kei
  7. Nicolas Tse
  8. Patrick Tse
  9. Aaron Kwok
  10. Kenny Bee
  11. Danny Chan
  12. Ti Lung
  13. Daniel Chan
  14. Ekin Cheng
  15. Andy Lau
  16. Leon Lai
  17. Louis Koo
  18. Bruce Lee
  19. Donnie Yen

Angela Chang Slips and Falls On The Stage

Angela Chang appeared in a concert event as Shanghai Expo Ambassador. Because it was raining lightly that night, the stage got slippery and when she singing the theme song of the expo, she slipped and fell off the stairs.

Angela was wearing a 3 1/2 inch hell during the event. She was supposed to walked down from the top of the stage to sing with a group of children. She accidentally fell off like sliding off a slide. She herself was just as shocked as the audience, but she sat on the stage and continued to perform. The audience replied with their enthusiastic applause.

"I will never forget this pair of heels that made me fell," she joked after the concert.

Source: NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 


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