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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

[Feature] Introducing Douhua Mei (Douhua Girl) 豆花妹

Young girls with big chest are called "童顏巨乳" (lit. meaning 'youngsters with big boobs) in Taiwan. The term got popular when a girl called Yao Yao (瑤瑤) appeared in late 2008. She was 18 and chest measurement is 32F. F-cup and 18-years-old, guys admit it, you want her right? More girls like her keep appearing in the Taiwan showbiz such as Shu Shu 舒舒 and Bai Bai 白白, pretty girls with 'amazing measurements.' Last summer, an ordinary girl was selling douhua/tofu custard in a market. Someone took a pic of her and posted them online. Netizens were amazed by her fresh and cute looks. Barely with make-up, she captured the hearts of many netizens. Her popularity arose and is now known as Douhua Mei (Douhua Girl).

Personally I'm tired of all those girls with heavy make-up. Douhua Mei's appearance definitely have a shift in the female artiste market, at least for a while. Her trademark is her "freshness," not sexiness. In fact her fans got mad when she wore a bikini for a magazine shoot and showed up revealing her 33C chest. Whether she would last long or not, it's worth trying right?

Stephy Gossips Patrick Kong's New Rumor

Stephy Tang and Patrick Kong were rumored couple after working numerous times together. Yesterday the two attended to an event along with Toby Leung and had no communication at all. Asked it's said Bosco Wong introduced Patrick to Koni Lui, Stephy said happily: "Really? Did they work together? Artistes usually have rumors when they worked together. This director gets rumors easily. How come Bosco didn't introduce some to me!"

Out of trouble, Stephy expressed she will ask Patrick about it but won't avoid working with him again: "We're talking about future projects. (Will avoid each other on the stage?) Never happened. We would chat behind the stage." Patrick denied the rumor: "It's pretty funny. I went out to eat after work. I don't suit with Stephy nor Koni. I don't have her phone number. (Mind your girlfriend taller than you?) Can't mind, I don't look at heights."

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Vinci Wong Doesn't Rule Out Returning To TVB

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY
After leaving TVB, Vinci Wong's daring image is now in the minds of many and his popularity rose greatly. Asked what if TVB invites him to return, he said: "I would. I don't hate TVB, I'm a super TV fan, otherwise why would I work in TVB for 13 years? (It's rumored you don't get along with Amigo Chui?) No, we went out together before. But these rumors caused a little embarrassment when we met. (Stephen Chan held a press conference lately?) He would smile in front of the camera, won't let others photograph his tiresome and tears." In addition, Vinci became a business man. Besides inviting Tse Yin to be the spokesperson for "3 Kings," he is also busy promoting a medicine product. He said: "In the past I won't help my dad's business. But people would change. I don't see a problem now. Besides there's more freedom and I can arrange time myself."


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