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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sharon Chan Denies Having Only 29A (bust size): At Least 30+

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily (selectively)
Translated by: KAY@PA

Sharon Chan was filming a commercial wearing bikini. Busy filming new series lately, her bust size seems reduced. Asked whether she has 29A, she denied quickly, saying: "Should have 30+." She expressed that she is very satisfied with her body.

There are five looks in the commercial, including two sexy swimsuit look. Although she had wear bikini, but because the weather got warmer and two heaters were on during filming, Sharon filmed without worries. This is her second year as the beauty salon spokesperson and her contract is renewed for another two years. She will film another health product commercial soon. She joked she can show off her body again, and is very happy to earn money during CNY.

Stephen Chan Denies Leaving TVB

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY@PA
Stephen Chan attended to a CNY event in a radio station. ON.CC disclosed lately that Amigo Chui and Natalie Tong appeared in the same hair salon, exposing their reuniting rumors. Stephen cleared up for Amigo: "They were just having new haircuts in the same hair salon. But he is not dating right now. (Did he deny to you?) I didn't ask him, he said he isn't [dating]." As for when will Amigo return to work, Stephen said it depends on Amigo himself.

In addition, it's rumored that he will leave TVB in May. He denied this yesterday: "No such thing. I am not planning to leave TVB, I'm happy working there." Asked did other companies "waving hands" to him (giving better offers), he went silent for several seconds and didn't answer, but said before he left: "No one is waving to me."

Hilary Duff Is Going Down...LITERALLY

From a teen star to now a young wife, Hilary Duff is always someone clean you'll let your kids to follow. But...
Duff: Baby....thank you for ur 1 Million ring during recession
BF: Don't worry, I'll be alright, just have to play more ice hockey
Duff: (drink another sip of wine) I've decided......
 (Duff goes down)
BF: WAIT!! WHAT A? Baby I'm not ready....(laugh)
BF: (unsure) Wait Hil we didn't pull down the shades yet.....
(continues to go deep)
BF: Okay I give in lets do it!


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