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Monday, February 8, 2010

'Dear John' Knocked Out 'Avatar'

Time for a change for the US box office.

Seven weeks box office winner Avatar is now second place on the chart. Number one spot is replaced by romance flick, Dear John, a film adaption of romance novel by Nicolas Sparks, who is also the author of The Notebook and A Walk To Remember. Dear John topped with $32.4 million.

By KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Jun Ji Hyun To Portray Lesbian In Nude In Upcoming Movie

It was said Mainland actress Li Bin Bin replaced Ziyi Zhang in new movie Snow Flower and The Secret Fan, and Li's manager confirmed lately that Li is currently filming for Snow and she might spend Chinese New Year in work. Reporters in Korea reported Snow's other female lead, Jun Ji Hyun, will face her biggest challenge since she entered showbiz: she will film nude scenes and portray a lesbian. Asked whether Li will film lesbian scene with Jun, Li's manager expressed she cannot reveal anything at the moment; there will be a press conference after Chinese New Year. Snow's male lead, Hugh Jackman will start filming in Shanghai soon. This film is expected to finish filming in April.

Source: The Sun / Translated by: KAY 

Stephy Tang Was Once Hugged By A Fan When They Were Taking Pictures Together

Stephy Tang watched the clip where Edmond Leung was involved in an argument in Mainland. She praised him for being calm and if it was her, she will get scared and run away.

Stephy expressed when she went to work in Mainland before, there was a time when a man hugged her when they were taking pictures together. She didn't do anything to protect herself but gave in. Stephy continues, "When I meet fans with enthusiastic moves in concerts, I'll hand the mic to them to keep a distance."

Stephy went to promote for 72 Tenants. Some fans flocked to the stage. She had to tell them to stand back; fortunately everyone listened to her.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Michelle Yim Gives Her First On-Screen Kiss To Lam Kar Wah

Michelle Yim appeared to the worship ceremony for TVB's new series, "女人最痛". She will give her first on-screen kiss ever in this series. She said, "This first kiss will give to Dominic Lam Kar Wah. His lips are very soft. (Been in the showbiz for this long but on-screen kiss for the first time?) I filmed mostly ancient series in the past, no chance. (Do you have to tell boyfriend about this?) No, just a simple kiss scene. We'll spend Valentine's Day together and I'll cook."

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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