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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lady GaGa Holding A Baby Boy...Hers?

Reporters recently spotted Lady GaGa, dressed down with no crazy make-up, walking with a baby boy in her arms. A unknown male was accompanying the two and now the question is, who are they? Let's hope the poor kid is not something our GaGa will use to gain more publicity...or, is he her son?

Now judging GaGa's "real look", to be honest, it really is hard to even recognize this is the Lady GaGa we all know. Nothing extravagant and unfashionable to the fashionistas, but just hat, vest, white shirt, jeans, and boots. It's nice to see GaGa back to what normal people will wear, at least proving she is part of us.

Speaking of her make-up-less appearance, she cannot avoid the fact that her face without make-up looks like a 40+.Perhaps is the over-use of crazy make-up that caused her to age. Excessively dying and changing hair style (the hair hat for an example...cough) definitely harmed her hair, making it dry dry dry. That's the downside of being, different.
From Daily Mail, by KAY@kay-entertainment.blogspot.com

Joyce Tang Sacrifices Her Charm, Soaks In Milk Bath

Joyce Tang filmed a bath scene yesterday for TVB's new series "Beauty Knows No Pain" (女人最痛). The plot is about her soaking in a milk bath for a commercial and her chest is covered with two shells. Joyce said the crew wanted to use paint instead of milk, but she was afraid of getting sensitive and persisted to soak in milk. Eventually they used a box of milk with additional several cans of milk powder; she smelled milk odor in ten minutes. Also, because the milk wasn't hot enough, so it was very cold when she soaked in the bath. When she was filming, Joyce wore tube top under the shells to avoid exposing. The stuntwoman wore only shells when filming this scene. Joyce joked that the stuntwoman's body is better than hers that even two shells couldn't cover.

Joyce expressed filming "BKNP" is her sexiest performance. Sacrificing her charms, she wore super mini skirt to portray a beer girl, and wore a sexy shirt with a big hole on the chest area. Another bath scene has to express the effect that Power Chan saw her in nude. She screamed and jumped in the bathroom for 45 minutes that she almost faint. She added a mole on her chest purposely. She said it's supposed to grab everyone's focus on her chest. She joked that her mother does have a mole on her chest, but she didn't inherit it.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY 

Kevin Cheng Doesn't Believe In "Charmo"

Sunday, February 7, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY@PA

Kevin Cheng attended to a food event yesterday. Her old rumored girlfriend, Charmaine Sheh, is rumored with Moses Chan lately. The two didn't fear rumors, holding each other's arm when they showed up in a TV award ceremony in Singapore. Moses' rumored girlfriend, Bernice Liu, seemed jealous when she replied to the rumor. In contrast, Kevin just smiled and said, "No need to fear rumors! In fact, holding arms in an award ceremony is an etiquette, just suitable to the event." Asked does he believe in "Charmo" (Charmaine & Moses), he said, "No of course! If I ask, I'll get yelled!" He said maybe there is less rumor lately in the showbiz, so the media made them up, "As long as the cover photo is pretty, and can also promote their new series, "公主駕到", they can kill two bird in one stone!"


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