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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kay Tse has no intention to apologize: "Don't know where does guilt come from"

Kay Tse went to Guangzhou to attend an award ceremony, thus she was absent from yesterday's "JSG Awards Ceremony." Asked the reason she was absent is because of TVB's blockout to HKRIA, she said, "They [people in Guangzhou] invited me sincerely." (Is it a pity to miss JSG's ceremony?) "I support all media, but I don't know whether it's a pity or not." Said Hins Cheung felt guilty that he accepted an interview with Cable TV in Cantonese and apologized immediately, Kay, who also accepted an interview with Cable TV in Cantonese, asked reporters back, "Don't know where does guilt come from, I didn't think of that way." As for the rumor she went to see a psychiatrist because of depression, she cleared up saying she was just a little dysphoric, but she's recovered now.

[The Sun]

Stephy Tang Complains Alex Fong Doesn't Understand a Woman's Heart

Stephy Tang and Eric Suen attended to an event yesterday. As for Kay Tse is said that she had depression due to stress, Stephy seemed to understand and said, "Artistes can get emotional easily due to stress. I was very unhappy once." (Did you pour out your feelings to Alex Fong?) "Yeah, but he was too optimistic, didn't even understand how I felt deep inside my heart, so he was no help."

Eric Suen accepted an interview with Cable TV using Cantonese the first time. As for Hins Cheung's apology to TVB, Eric said, "In fact Steven Chan and Virginia Lok understand that is a company's policy, artistes are victims."

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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