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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stephy Studies Mandarin to Break into Mainland

SHISEIDO held a press conference yesterday, invited Stephy Tang, model Mandy Lieu, Zelia Chung as guests. Stephy was asked about her New Year resolution, she said, "I want to release a Mandarin album, break into the Mainland market! But I will begin with movies first, because my upcoming movies will be filmed in Mainland." (Is your Mandarin Chinese good?) "OK gar! But I need to review again if I'm working in Mainland." (Which is better: Mandarin or Enlish?) "I'm confident in Mandarin! Because I started to learn it in elementary school, but I don't have much chance to speak English."

She disclosed she will hire a foreign teacher to improve English, "I will pay for myself, because the things I learned belong to me." (Aren't you busy studying two languages at the same time?) "Yeah, it's a rich year." Stephy was criticized for having numerous typos in her book, but she's not afraid and said she will release a new book this year. She will read more to improve.

Talked about Francis Ng's incident, Stephy, who praised herself to have a high EQ, supports him, "In fact, famous people are easier to get into troubles, especially artistes! I was driving once and my car got hit, but the other person yelled at me. In the end, I had to pay to that person to end it. Artistes must have high EQ!"

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Denise Ho charms guys with long legs

Denise Ho wore a long dress to an award ceremony, showing womanliness rarely. Asked was she inspired by good friend, Joey Yung, Denise said, "Yeah, I got inspirations from her!" (Show off legs?) "The skinniest part of my body is my legs, so I'm exposing them today." Denise also joked, "Guys all looked at me kindly today."

[Oriental Daily]

Mother passed away on New Year's Eve, Elva Hsiao to inherit ten million+

Elva Hsiao's mother died of illness on New Year's Eve. When she was on the stage, Elva hoped fans to pray for her mother together, "Please pray with me, give her another miracle, let me show her my filial obedience again." Her mother watched Elva's performance on bed through Skype. The hospital notified Elva about her mother's critical condition when Elva was on the way home. Before she passed away, Elva touched her mother's hair, and told her to leave without worries. She promised to take care of grandma and brother. Elva didn't dare to cry in front of her mother. She and her brother kowtowed 108 times to thank her mother's love and care.

Elva's mother was the head of a technology company. It's said she owned as much as a billion NTD estate. Last year, she transferred 50 thousands shares to Elva and spent 85,000,000 NTD to buy a luxurious house for Elva.

Elva expressed through her manager, saying she still cannot accept the death of her mother; it's like a dream. Considered about her mother's feelings, Elva won't send an obituary to her father (the two is divorced more than 20 years ago. Elva's father left a message on Elva's blog to thank Elva's fans' prayer, and he said he's willing to gets down on his knees to thank everyone.

[Now News & Information Times]


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