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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Film 'The Grandmasters' Poster Exposed

Director Wong Kar Wai's upcoming film about wing chun master Ip Man "The Grandmasters" (一代宗師) has been put on hold for nearly 8 years and it was not until last year the team officially started filming. Although the film is not done filming nor the release date has been confirmed, but at least one of the film's posters is finished, as it has exposed in the American Film Market.

In this American version poster, lead Tony Leung Chiu Wai's version of Ip Man is fighting against his enemies in the rain and his stand makes him powerful already. Foreign media even describes Tony as the Chinese dark knight.

Martial arts choreographer of the film Yuen Wo Ping greatly praises Tony's current status for the film's action scenes. "I never worried about him," he says, "Talking about body figures, Tony looks better than Donnie Yen. It is unbelievable that there is strength in Tony's kicks. He does have the potential to film action films."

Another photo from the film is leaked and it is the female lead of the film Ziyi Zhang. Her role is yet to be introduced, but based on the photo, she is playing someone who should be skillful in using Ba Gua Zhang.

In addition, some netizens actually suggest to name the film "Yeahman" instead, seems like they want to bring Ip Man into the foreign superhero family (like Superman, Batman, Ironman, etc).

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Selina Wants More Morphine to Relieve From Pain

Selina Ren @ S.H.E celebrated her 29th birthday at the hospital today. Good sisters Hebe and Ella originally planned to celebrate with the injured "lao po" [wife], but because Selina seemed to be having a fever today, the reunion is forced to canceled.

Doctors expressed having a light fever is normal during the recovering process. These two weeks are the key observation period.

Besides a fever, it's known Selina is actually not in a stable condition. A staff from the hospital disclosed there is blood leaking due to her injuries. "She is wearing protection clothing, and blood leaks out often from the inside," the staff said, "She is definitely in great pain, even when she gets painkiller injections."

In a letter written by Selina's fiance Richard Chang, it is confirmed Selina is currently experience the worst pain ever. "When she could not bare pain, she would cry, shiver, get mad, and complain," Richard wrote, "Then she would comfort herself in tears, 'I will be unconscious soon.' " He also disclosed Selina would often demand additional dose of morphine to relieve from pain.

Good sisters Ella and Hebe plan to visit Selina on another day. Ella posted the birthday cake they bought for Selina on Weibo and said, "Hope you recover quickly, and bring us another crazy birthday party!...Wife, really never thought I would love you this much!"

Fans all expressed their blessings to Selina. Some made paper cranes, birthday cards, and even created videos for their injured idol. Although she might not see everything others have done for her, but Selina must have felt the love coming from everyone these days.

Source: UDN, 163 / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Chen Han Dian Replaces Selina to Host 'Guess'

Selina Ren is the new host for Taiwanese variety show "Guess Guess Guess" along with Harlem Yu. The pair has been hosting this long-running show since this summer and received good feedback from audience.

However, since Selina is injured from an explosion accident last week, she cannot return to the show temporarily. Her last two pre-taped episodes of the show were aired already and new episodes to start taping on November 4. It's known Chen Han Dian (on the right), the goofball in talk show "Kangxi Laile," is taking Selina's place until she comes back. Amber Ann Xinya and Sister Butterfly will also join as co-hosts.

In addition, the show now moves to the Friday's 8-10PM spot. Jay Chou's new variety show "Mr. J Channel" takes "Guess Guess Guess"s old spot and to premier next Saturday (November 16) at 10 o'clock.

Source: 163 / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Leila Tong Holds Wedding At Church

Leila Tong married boyfriend of three years Desmond Tang in early October and their wedding was held in a small church in Hong Kong. Only about 30 family members and friends attended to the event. As for why she did not invite people in the entertainment circle to her wedding, she explained she wants to keep it low-profile and to avoid reporters asking her questions about anniversaries every year.

Although she is not associated with any religion, but because she wants to fulfill her wish, she chose to complete wedding ceremony at church. She entered the building with her father. Always someone who gets touched easily, she could not hold her tears when the door was opened. She said, "I completed this ceremony with tears. I even delivered my thoughts and feelings in tears, too. Originally thought we are both used to acting, and do not need to use a mic to speak, but then I cried too much that I pretty much lost my voice."

The actress got married in low-profile and it was rumored it is because she is pregnant. She expressed she won't reply to these rumors and will naturally accept changes in her life. She also hopes to have a great family besides a good career, she said, "If one day you guys see me with a big stomach, then there you go. No need to do pregnancy test everyday to prove to others."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheryl Yang & Harry Chang Have Fun at KTV

Actress Cheryl Yang and Da Mouth's Harry Chang sparked up after filming idol drama "My Queen" together and started their low-profile romantic relationship last year. Even though they were photographed spending the night together, but the two still keep denying their relationship, defending it is merely "friendship."

Yesterday in early morning, reporters spotted the couple at a KTV. Cheryl walked out from the KTV room with a bunch of friends first. Then the crowd took the elevator down to the ground level along with Harry. Originally still chatting happily, Cheryl and Harry immediately stood away and kept a distance between each other. They stayed alert and kept looking around for "suspicious people" (paparazzi perhaps?). Harry intended to leave with Cheryl together, but maybe because he noticed they were being photographed, he suddenly walked away and took the taxi instead. Cheryl appeared to be a little confused, and left with her friends in the end.

It's known that night was the birthday of a staff member from "My Queen." Cheryl's manager expressed the staff is very good friends with Cheryl. Harry's manager still stressed the two's relationship is always just good friends.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Hebe Gets Awards in Singapore, Didn't Forget Selina's Birthday

Hebe @ S.H.E recently attended to Singapore's Golden Melody Awards representing S.H.E. The group won five awards in total, including Most Popular Group, Best Group, etc. When she was on the stage to receive the award of Best Group, the audience expressed their support to another S.H.E member, the injured Selina, by shouting "Selina, Jia You!" together.

Because they miss and worry Selina a lot, Hebe and Ella have been having mixed feelings these days when they are out for work. "Today I am sitting here and getting these awards on my own, I feel very lonely," Hebe said, "Selina is facing a very different challenge in her life right now. But we are not afraid. We have confidence for the future." She couldn't hold her tears during the awards ceremony and shouted "Lao Po [wife], I love you!" on the stage.

After the awards ceremony, Hebe specially went to buy a green tea birthday cake for Selina, who is celebrating her 29th birthday today [October 31]. Hebe will be at the hospital along with Selina's family, fiance, and fellow S.H.E member Ella to celebrate Selina's birthday together.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Gravure Idol Leah Dizon Ends Her 2-year Marriage

The American-born beauty once charmed countless otaku guys with her innocent face and sexy body and had a very smooth showbiz career in Japan. However, her popularity declined after she announced her marriage with a Japanese stylist Bun and an unexpected pregnancy on her website.

The 24-year-old now decided to end her 2-year marriage. Japanese media reported she already moved out from her husband's apartment and started a new life with their 1-year-old daughter Mila.

In fact, no one had hopes in Leah's marriage. The divorce is certainly not a surprise to everyone.

It was rumored Leah plans to join the Adult Video industry to save her career. Even though her publicist has denied the rumor, but many netizens believe the model/singer would definitely strip her clothes for money.

The single mom has been trying to get back to the business. She performed at a stage drama "Hiroshima ni Banbaku no Otosu Hi" this summer and modeled at a fashion show last month.

Source: Japanese media / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Friday, October 29, 2010

Da S Admits Getting Engaged After Meeting Fiance 4 Times

She finally admits the engagement!

Two days ago the rumor of Barbie Hsu (Da S) engaging to Mainland rich guy Wang Xiao Fei broke out. The couple didn't want to keep it as a secret anymore and confirmed it on Weibo. Wang Xiao Fei was the first to confirm the news, stating they want a comfortable and happy life and hope everyone can give some room to them. In respond to her fiance's message, Da S expressed she knew Wang is her Mr. Right the first time they met [at Ady An's birthday party] and got engaged after meeting 4 times. The couple was spotted at Shanghai airport with their hands held tightly together. It's known they flew back to Wang's home in Beijing.

Full message on Weibo (translation by CpopAccess)

From Wang:
Everyone, don’t guess anymore, we are engaged. (The decision was made) very calmly and not sudden. (I) just happened to have met the right person at the appropriate time. We only want a happy and comfortable life, continuing with my work and career, while she can also quietly return to a family life. There is no right or wrong in a relationship, only whether it is suitable or not. Give some room and your best wishes to the two young people please?

From Da S:
(I’m) actually not that young…The point is, I’m very blessed, very certain, very happy! Moreover, our happiness will continue on! I knew it was him from the first time I met Xiao Fei, (we) got engaged after only meeting four times, (I) must say, (it’s a) match made in heaven. Thank you for everyone’s concern! We will take in all the well wishes~

It's known the couple secretly got engaged on October 18 at a church in Beijing. Wang just prepared a normal wedding ring for the proposal. Da S' good sisters weren't even there for her.

Before the couple confirmed their engagement, Da S' sister Xiao S carefully answered reporters' questions regarding to Da S. She expressed she only know how Wang looks like through the media and joked "looks like my husband, but different levels of handsomeness."

Then when the couple finally the engagement online, Xiao S was relieved and admitted meeting Wang before. She said: "I see Da S' happiness more important than mine. She is now full of happiness and a man can take care of him, no regrets in her life anymore!"

As for date of the wedding, Da S' father disclosed the couple plan to tie the knot in February, but no date has been confirmed. 

Source: NowNews, Weibo / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jolin Tsai Feels Embarrassed Exposing Too Much Skin

Jolin Tsai released another version of her album "Myself." She went to Shanghai recently to shoot MV of her 7th single from the album "Black-Hair Beautiful Girl." She appeared in three sets of outfits, one of them is a sexy punk look. The pop queen only wore a sexy pair of suspender pantyhose under a punk-style jacket.

Because there were many people watching her during the shooting, Jolin joked: "It's my first time feeling I exposed too much skin, really embarrassed! It made me started to get nervous!"

Jolin went to a near by office to use restroom and when she just entered the place, she heard staff from the building on the phone, telling their friends: "Jolin Tsai came to use our restroom!" As for this "live broadcast," she said: "I heard everything they said. It made me very stressful!"

As for Barbie Hsu is engaged, the single star blessed the bride-to-be: "Wa~Really have to congratulate this match made in heaven!"

Source: NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Edison Chen Doesn't Plan to Get Married

Edison Chen attended to a fashion event in Beijing lat night and was followed by fans when he showed up. He accepted an interview by Sina and was asked about the rumor that he and girlfriend Vinci are already married. He laughed and said: "We are not ready. There are still many things us to do now. Frankly, until today, I didn't think of getting married. Marriage is a label to me. We can be together everyday, and it's enough that we are very happy."

He was promoting for his new album and the first person he wants to thank is Jay Chou. He really likes the song "I Can Fly" that Jay wrote for him. He disclosed not only he and Jay collaborate for music, they will film "Initial D2" soon, which is plan to start filming next year. He will start touring in the beginning of next year.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kelly Chen: One More Kid & I'm Done!

Pop star Kelly Chen attended to a DHL event yesterday and performed two songs at the vent. She expressed her son Lau Sing started to learn walking lately, so places with sharp corners in the house are stick with protector tapes. Asked whether she has any good news on pregnancy to share, she said she is still waiting but won't rush. Asked whether she envies those who give birth to three kids all at once? She said: "It's tough! Three kids will explode the stomach. If I have three kids, then I really need to quit showbiz to take care of them. Two is fine. My husband takes care of one and I take care of the other. (Whether you would stop having kids after you have a daughter?) Yes, if I'm lucky. But I'm done with just two."

In addition, Kelly disclosed she is discussing about new films. She expressed she can't disclose who is she partnering with right now, but now she can only accept filming three days in the row; she has to say no to weeks filming. However, if she could film in Hong Kong, then she would consider even if it were to film for a year.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pierre Ngo Gets Hit on Eyebrow Bone By Colleague

Pierre Ngo's character in TVB's anniversary series is a skinny and weak police called  "pork rib boy" who is always hit by other people. Ironically, the same thing happened to him in real life last night.

The 34-year-old attended to an end-of-filming party at a KTV with cast from "The Colorful World of Sister Fa," including leads Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam. It's known he was hit on the left eye area with a glass by TVB colleague, also actor in the series, Xian Hao Ying. Xian wanted to attack Pierre more but was stopped by behind-the-scene staff.

Pierre originally just want to handle the accident in private, so he reported it to  TVB executive Virgina Lok first, then went to a private hospital with good friend Toby Leung, who was also at the KTV. But the hospital suspected it's not a normal injury and refused to take care of it. Pierre then went to a public hospital and the police at the hospital also suspected the same thing, and needed Pierre to told them the whole incident. He has injuries on his left eyebrow bone and feels pain when looking at things.

It's known the incident originated from personal matters. Pierre often consult Da Sheng Pi Gua kung-fu from Xian, who is an experienced kung-fu master, specializing in Da Sheng Pi Gua kung-fu. Then Pierre officially became the apprentice of another Da Sheng Pi Gua master Chan Tai Kuen, which upset and dissatisfied Xian a lot.

After a night of rest, Pierre accepted a radio interview early morning today and disclosed the incident. He said: "When I walked out from the restroom, I was suddenly hit by a glass. I didn't know who, there were many people at that place, very messy. (Why do you suspect it's Xian?) Because I saw him holding his fist in front of me. He knows kung fu."

Pierre then went to TV city and reporters asked whether there are other injuries. He didn't reply to it and only expressed the police is handling the case. Xian, who is now alleged of hurting his colleague, denied hitting Pierre. "Did you guys make a mistake? No such thing!," he said. He declined to comment until now.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Da S to Announce Engagement Soon

Recently it's said Barbie Hsu (Da S) is engaged to the son of South Beauty Group CEO Wang Xiao Fei (汪小菲) after knowing each other for just twenty days. The actress expressed that she will announce the news soon. "Besides my hand is injured these twenty days, I'm happy with everything else. I will return to Taiwan in a few days, and will announce at the right time," she said in an interview.

The 34-year-old has been single for more than two years. Once dated Blue Lan and idol Nick Chou, this time she actually decided to get engaged in less than a month. It's known she met her 29-year-old fiance at Ady An's birthday party in Beijing on September 30. The two fell in love at one sight that night. Wang didn't use Weibo much, but after he met Da S, he started to write on microblog a lot and Da S is often the one to replied first.

In fact, Da S had hinted the rumored engagement already on Weibo. "Some people you know for years but may still feel like strangers. Some people you only met for a short period, but already feel like you know them for many years. This is fate."

It's known Da S and her family gathered in Shanghai for engagement dinner. Last night reporters were waiting for them outside the flagship store of South Beauty. When Da S and her mom appeared, they were surrounded by reporters and were asked "really getting married?" The two only smiled.

Wang is currently the executive director of South Beauty. He has dated Mainland actress Kitty Zhang Yu Qi since late 2009. Yesterday he explained his relationship with Zhang on Weibo. "Yu Qi and I broke up for a while now due to personality difference, but we are still good friends. She is a good girl. Although we can't be together as a couple, but I still hope everything goes fine with her career and love life," he wrote. Then Da S' sister Xiao S immediately re-posted Wang's entry, and wrote, "bless you and bless her!" It seems the engagement news is not new to Da S' family and good friends.

Source: NowNews, UDN, Sohu / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Mandy Cho Holds Wedding Dinner

Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho secretly registered marriage in New York last month and last night she held a wedding dinner party. Selena Li and Pricilla Chik were her bridesmaids. Wai Yin Association members Angie Chiu, Monica Chan, etc attended to congratulate the couple. Wearing a white strapless gown, Mandy and husband Jacky Cheung kissed 5, 6 times on the request of reporters.

Mandy said the wedding is very simple and she wasn't too nervous. Because husband must go back to his company, so she was in charge of the wedding planning. She expressed the gown is designed by an Italian designer and is worth about 5 digit; they spent about 6-7 digit on the wedding dinner. Because everything is meant to simple, they didn't create games for the groom. As for where to honeymoon, Mandy said: "Husband wants to keep it as a secret. But I'm smart enough to guess Australia!" Asked whether they're in a rush of having babies, she said: "Let it be, he didn't rush me."

Source: Mingpao, ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Anniversary Series 'Gun Metal Grey' to Premier in November

Another anticipating TVB anniversary series "Gun Metal Grey" is to premier next week. The cast includes two of TVB's former "five tiger generals" Michael Miu and Felix Wong. The two have not collaborated for 24 years since "The Yang's Saga" This year is also their 30th year in the showbiz, so this series is quite memorable for the two.

"Gun Metal Grey" is different than regular police series. It tells how a justified police becomes a dangerous character who commits crime and challenges the law. Felix plays a legend icon in the police field Stone Sir. He was sentenced to jail 15 years ago and regained his position as a police later on. He would torture criminals in private and sees himself as the justified judge. Michael plays Felix's good friend who tries to stop Felix from becoming too extreme. He vows to stop Felix and maintain the current law enforcement system. Cases in the series take examples from Hong Kong's top ten criminal cases, and add in new elements and character relationships. The series re-created these cases and made the plot more intense.

Besides crime solving cases, the series also adds in a love triangle between Felix, Michael, and Jessica Hsuan. Playing a tough and strong magazine editor, Jessica admires Felix and sparks up with Michael. Jessica expresses she feels happy that she is able to work with Felix and Michael, leaving a perfect memory in her showbiz career.

Other actors included Nancy Wu, Vincent Wong, Grace Wong, and Oscar Leung, etc. The series to premier on November 1.

Source: DLWB / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Selina Starts Physiotherapy Today

After her first stage debridement surgery on Monday, Selina Ren started some basic physiotherapy today, including practice moving facial muscles and mouth, open and close hands, and raise thigh etc. Although she experienced great pain by doing all those, but Selina still persisted.

The injured singer told her parents that she isn't sleeping well and her mom thought it's because of her injuries. But in fact it's because she wasn't comfortable staying alone in the room. Every night she will ask nurses to open the door for her so she can hear some noise. "My timid daughter, mommy really wants to stay with you," Selina's mom writes on Weibo. It's known when Selina rests in other places, she will need her assistant to sleep in the same room with her.

Selina can sit straight on her bed and yesterday she watched TV in her room. Her family advised her not to watch the news, afraid it would affect her mood. But when good sisters Ella and Hebe came to visit her, she requested to watch the news. She felt very happy when she heard Ella and Hebe's praise words and encouragement.

In addition, there are rumors of S.H.E disbanding and Selina goes to shoot drama for 30 million. Selina's record company denied both, saying it's fake and 30 million is incorrect.

Source: UDN, Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jessica Hsuan Relys on Stunt-double For Fire Scenes

Cast of upcoming TVB series "The King of 10 Thousand Phoenixes" (direct translation) attended to a dinner party last night, celebrating they've done shooting. One of the leads Jessica Hsuan expressed she is not done with the shooting yet---she still needs to shoot one more scene. She said: "It's a fire scene. We would be very careful when we hear things about fire [Selina Ren's accident]. I'll have a stunt-double for my parts."

Another lead Myolie Wu expressed she only gets several days to rest, then she will go to Qingdao in early November to shoot new drama with rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong. As for Bosco said he won't bring winter clothes for her, she said: "Then I'll bring them on my own! (Feel warmer when Bosco's with you?) No! But need to bring many facial masks. I can share some with him."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Amigo Chui Trouble With Alleged Drunk-driving

Earlier, Amigo Chui allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend Elizabete Kwong causing a huge wave, and resulted in a repeal of the criminal charge, signing a HK$5000 1 year probation with no criminal record. After this wave came to an end, another one starts. Yesterday, Amigo was arrested for drunk-driving. According to a reader who exposed the news, Amigo was driving near Tseung Kwan O when he was tested for blood alcohol level (BAL) and the results exceeded the maximum. He was immediately arrested for drunk-driving and will need to report back to the police station next month.

Yesterday reporters called Amigo about the incident, he admitted that he was drunk driving because that night, he was having dinner with a group of behind-the-scenes crew. Everyone had not seen each other for long, so they had a few drinks during dinner. He frankly said that after dinner, he sat around for a period of time before leaving in his car. Amigo claimed that at the time, he did not feel drunk at all, so he felt that he can handle driving back home himself in his mini cooper.

Amigo recalls the situation: "We were in Tsim Sha Tsui eating dinner, then I drove home. When I was passing the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel, there was a police road block and I was stopped by them to check. After taking the BAL, the numbers exceeded the maximum, it over 30mg. (At the time were you speeding?) I wasn't speeding, I didn't drink that much, just drank beer and did not feel drunk. But I do feel that this time I am at fault, must not drive at all after drinking, this can't be argued. I learned my lesson this time, I promise that this will never happen again."

Asked if he had driven while under the influence before? He said: "No, usually I would leave my car behind and not drive if I drank, never been like this before. I won't do it again." Asked if he's worried that his image will be damaged again? He honestly said: "I already been behaving myself in life , this time I really was careless, and I regret that. I really promise that this will never happen again. (Tell TVB about it?) Yes, TVB told me to just say it all out. I know this time it is my fault, it is most important to know you are at fault, don't do it again."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ella & Hebe Finally Meets the Injured Selina, SHE Reunites At the Hospital

After Selina is injured, her good sisters from S.H.E Ella and Hebe have been worried about their "lao po" (wife, Selina's nickname) and always wanted to visit her. Finally, yesterday afternoon the two went to the hospital to visit Selina after they finished their work in Mainland.

Ella and Hebe went into the isolation room and talked with Selina. They were very emotional and worried when they finally got to meet their injured S.H.E member. Selina even had to comfort them back. Ella said the injured Selina really is different from the Selina in the past. "She is tougher than we thought she would be. She is a miracle," she said. "She knows many people are concern about her, but she hopes everyone don't worry too much."

Hebe praised Selina is a brave shero (female hero, one of their singles). "Our hearts ache to see her injured. But she really is brave and strong. I adore her more now!," she said. She disclosed Selina is in a stable condition and has been in great pain. "She has to keep taking painkiller injections. But the more she inject them, she still needs to rely on herself."

Selina has a better appetite now and specially ordered pork meat rice yesterday. Doctors suggest she should eat foods with high protein and her parents specially made beef soup for their daughter. When she saw her parents, Selina even told jokes to cheer them up. She told her dad that she will listen to doctors and cooperate with them.

The singer suffers a serious 3rd degree burn on her arms and legs and might have to undergo a skin graft surgery if her injuries didn't recover well. However, more than 50% of her skin is burned and she can only take skin off from unhurt areas such as chest and stomach. It's known her medical team plans to use scalp skin for the surgery, which means Selina has to shave off all her hair.

In addition, Selina's mom confirmed that her daughter already shoot wedding photos before the accident, so at least she doesn't have to worry about that now.

Source: UDN, NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kiki Sheung, 48, Wants to Experience Pain in Childbirth

Yesterday was Kiki Sheung's first time attending to public event after her wedding. She seems to have kept her thinner figure. She expressed because Sandra Ng told her to stay fit and change image; can't always act as a fat housewife in series. Kiki felt there isn't any change after she is married, just not used to call her partner 'husband.' "An online wedding gown awards ceremony invited us to attend as guests. I actually told them I need to ask my boyfriend first," she said. Asked whether she plans to have babies? "No need to. When my children grew up, we will be around 70." But asked whether she and her husband shares the same thought, she said: "Let it be. I don't use contraception now. It's okay if God gives me one, let me experience the pain when giving birth."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Ratings Report (10/18-10/24/2010)


Some Day  天天天晴 (Episode 88-91) - 24 pts

No Regrets 巾帼枭雄之義海豪情 - 31 pts, peaking 34 pts

Every Move You Make 讀心神探 (Episode 11-15) - 31 pts, peaking 34 pts

Variety Show

TVB Anniversary Lightning Ceremony - 22 pts

Jade Solid Gold 勁歌金曲 -15 pts

Super Trio Game Master 超級遊戲獎門人 - 30 pts, peaking 31 pts


Who's the Hero 胜者为王 (Episode 26-30) - 4 pts

'Happy Mother-in-law Pretty Wife-in-law' Wraps Up Yesterday

Mainland family comedy "Happy Mother-in-law Pretty Wife-in-law" ended last night in Shenzhen. This TV series combines 3 generations actors from Mainland and Hong Kong and received very good feedback from the audience. It's known many viewers believe it's a very funny series that's good to kill stress; a type of series that won't get tired of watching.

The appearance of veteran funny actors Kingdom Yuen and Ng Man Tat captured audience' attention immediately with their unique humor. Lives of their three sons and in-laws in the series, including Myolie Wu, Hawick Lau, Dai Jiao Qian, Yang Rong, etc made viewers laugh. It's known the producer pick the cast carefully because he meant film it for ordinary families and film something that is close to the lives of these families.

In addition, it's also known the series to broadcast in Beijing during Spring Festival. This happy family series is very suitable to be air during happy holidays.

Source: Sina / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Monday, October 25, 2010

Selina Finishes 1st Stage Debridement, Yu Haoming Passes Critical Period

Selina Ren returned Taiwan last night after suffering in an explosive accident. She finished a 5-hour long debridement surgery today successfully. Her co-star Yu Hao Ming, who is also injured from the accident, is confirmed of having a deep 2nd degree burn but has passed the critical period.

Selina's surgery lasted 5 hours from 9AM. Damaged tissues were removed during the surgery. She woke up an hour after the surgery and appeared calm. But she got teary when she saw her parents. "There are tears in her eyes. She was a little emotional and is in great pain, she can bear it," Selina's dad disclosed.

Her fiance Richard Chang once visited the hospital in the evening, but refused to be interviewed.

The singer to have a 2 to 3 weeks recovery period and will decide whether she needs skin grafting or plastic surgery. During this period, people other than her family are declined for a visit to prevent infections, which means good sisters from S.H.E Ella and Hebe won't pay a visit at this moment.

As for Yu Hao Ming, who also got injured from the accident, has passed the critical period. His manager and dad held a press conference immediately to inform everyone. They expressed Yu can consume small portions of food now and his face is not at risk of being disfigured. Doctors confirmed Yu's injury as deep 2nd degree burn and his back is seriously injured. They are currently in a discussion of the length of treatment for Yu.

Source: UDN, ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Xiao S & Kevin Tsai As Na'vi For Golden Horse Awards

Xiao S and Kevin Tsai Kangyong are hosting the 47th Golden Horse Awards. In order present the most creative and funniest opening for the awards ceremony, the "Kangxi Laile" hosts decided to transform as Na'vi from Hollywood film "Avatar."

The two didn't have a good time during the 4-hour transformation. Layers and layers of heavy plaster were being put on their faces [see right] and their nostril holes were the only spot that remained clear. To Xiao S, who always breathes through her mouth, it was quite a torture. "It's as if I'm buried," she said.

Seeing the final result after the transformation, Xiao S and Kevin praised each other of their new look. Xiao S praised Kevin as the most knowledgeable feeling Na'vi, and Kevin praised back "it's still hard to hide your good figure even as a Na'vi" to Xiao S.

This year's Golden Horse Awards ceremony to be held in November 20 and live broadcasting is by TTV.

Source: NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Million Views For 'No Regrets' Online

TVB anniversary series "No Regrets" was premiered last week and average rating of the week is only 31 points, peaking 34 points. It didn't break or tie the first week average rating of its competitor "Can't Buy Me," which received 33 points. However, online views of the series on MyTV at tvb.com make it up. It's the number 1 most viewed series online, receiving an average 70-80 thousands views per episode. Until last night, episode 5 even received more than 1.15 million views.

This anticipating series still received some complaints, saying the plot is too negative and sensational. Broadcast Authority also received 1 complaint, pointing out scenes of eating dog meat is too disturbing.

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Taiwanese Idol Drama Ratings (Sundays 10/24/2010)

Endless Love jumps up to 3rd, but only win 4 Gifts with a little 0.02 ratings...sigh, Taiwanese idol drama industry really is getting worse? No big breakthroughs through these months. Zhong Wu Yen still in its 2s...is it ever going to end soon? (I haven't been watching for the past 2 months...Not to mention 4 Gifts, didn't even finish Episode 1...)
  1. Zhong Wu Yen 鐘無艷 (TTV) - 2.35
  2. Personal Taste 個人取向 (FTV) - 1.25
  3.  Endless Love 愛∞無限(CTS) - 0.88
  4. 4 Gifts 女王不下班 (CTV) - 0.86 

    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Selina Ren Has Returned Taiwan For Treatment

    S.H.E's Selina Ren got into an explosive accident recently in Shanghai during shooting of new drama and suffered a 3rd degree burn. She has returned Taiwan last night by a SOS special plane and transferred to Changgeng Hospital safely.

    In order to prevent reporters from interrupting the transfer process, Selina's record company HIM notified reporters a press conference at 6:30PM in Shanghai, but at the same time Selina was already on the way to the airport. The same day around 11:30PM, Selina's dad held a press conference, expressing his thank to everyone's concern. He said with tears: "If possible, I'm willing to use my body to take in all the pain for Xuan Xuan [Selina's Chinese name is Ren Jia Xuan]."

    Selina was on a stretcher and her body was covered up with a green blanket when she was brought down from the plane. It's known her hair is shaved off and she has to wear protective clothing. About 10 staff from her company were with her and they held up umbrellas to block reporters' cameras.

    HIM's General Manager Linda He expressed Selina's dad and fiance met Selina the first time after the accident on the plane. Selina cried happily when she saw her family. Linda hopes Selina can get the best treatment to recover soon, and hopes the media can give them some space.

    In addition, pictures and info of before-accident are circulating on the internet. Fans of male lead Yu Hao Ming, who actually suffered a greater damage from the accident, visited the shooting set that day and took pictures of the leads [above]. It's known Selina was nervous and scared about shooting the explosive scene and asked about its safety many times. Yu was also feeling nervous about the scene and hoped everything will be okay. Unfortunately, an accident still occurred out of expectation. Yu immediately ran to Selina to protect her, but Selina was still burned, and kept shouting "very hot! it's so painful!." Some staff kept pouring water on her and because there wasn't enough time to call the ambulance, Selina was sent to the hospital by bicycle.

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    Joe Cheng Named 'Asian Super Star' in Seoul

    Joe Cheng attended to G20 Asian Music Festival last night in Seoul. Representing Taiwan, he performed along with Korean pop star Rain, BoA, and Japanese representative AKB48. The Taiwanese actor even received the award "Asian Super Star" at the event. Local media praise and call him names like "Taiwan's Rain" and "Carved Handsome Guy" The organization arranged 8 dancers to accompany him dancing. Korean girl group KARA also publicly praised Joe very handsome. To return the favor, Joe introduced himself in Korean and expressed Rain and BoA are his idols and he enjoys their performances.

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    Cyndi Wang Avoids Disturbing Visitors At Flower Expo

    GTV idol drama <美樂。加油> originally planned to shoot scenes at the Celebrity's House of Flower Expo. Leads Mike He and Cyndi Wang even attended to the press conference and took pictures with the "Flower Fairies." However, they were told that Celebrity's House was too crowded and afraid visitors would complain. Mike and Cyndi then switched location and shoot their part on North Chongshan Road.

    The two actually arrived at Flower Expo at 9AM. Maybe there was a communication problem between the Expo and crew, the two appeared 20 minutes to the press conference, making the media a little inpatient. Cyndi's manager said: "We only knew that we would shoot scenes at Flower Expo, and didn't know reporters are here until we got here. We don't really know about the situation."

    Speaker of the Expo explained yesterday many people came to the Expo because of the good weather. So they suggested the crew to shoot outdoor scenes. GTV expressed the Expo staff afraid the shooting could affect visitors and helped them shoot outdoor. "Next time if they could notify us early, then it would be better," they expressed.

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