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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tavia Yeung Wants 'Mysteries of Love' to Have a Sequel

TVB series "Mysteries of Love" is always accused of copying "Galileo" and other Japanese dramas, even netizens got together and criticize, but its ratings has been  getting higher and higher. Yesterday actors from the series held a celebraton event yesterday. "MOL" aired its 2-hr finale last week and has 38 points of ratings, highest peaking 40 points. TVB even arranged to re-run "Galileo" at midnight on Sundays. Tavia joked: "Really? I don't know, let me take a look!"

Tavia is satisfied with the ratings, and hoping to film a sequel. Asked whether they're afraid re-running "Galileo" will let viewers discover more similar scenes, Raymond Lam said: "Actually last year when we were filming it, many actors already know these types of comparison would appear, so everyone spent lots of work on his/her character, after viewers watch it they would know the difference."

In addition, asked whether Raymond gave Virginia Lok a birthday gift, he said: "Actually I never gave a gift every year, it's always I'm present but not the gift. (Still sensitive about giving gifts?) No, need to think about what gift to give. Saying this in an old-fashioned way, doing well in my concert is the best birthday gift, because Ms. Lok and Ng Yu put many effort to my concert."

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

South Korean Star Park Yong Ha Found Dead in His Home‎

SEOUL - South Korean entertainer Park Yong Ha, one of the most sought after actors in South Korea and a popular singer in Japan, was found dead in his home in Seoul on Wednesday in an apparent suicide, local media reported.

Park’s body was found by his mother with an electrical cord around his neck but there was no suicide note, The Korea Herald quoted police as reporting.

Park, 32, had recently devoted himself to nursing his ailing father who was in the final stages of stomach cancer. He was reported to have been struggling with sleep problems as well.

Park made his acting debut in 1992 but rose to fame in 2002 in the television drama "Winter Sonata," winning a following in Japan and other nations in southeast Asia.

He also forged a career for himself as a singer in Japan where he put out 10 hit albums in the past five years and won four consecutive Japan Gold Disc Awards — a first for a Korean pop singer.

He was due to start filming in July for a Korean television drama called "Comrades, Almost a Love Story," which is a remake of a popular 1996 Hong Kong film.

Park’s death comes after a string of suicides by South Korean celebrities in recent years.

Figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2009 show that South Korea’s suicide rate experienced a sharp increase from the late 1990s and South Korea now has the highest rate among OECD countries of around 22 deaths per 100,000 people.

Source: Reuters

Wong Yau Nam Almost Pays Off His Father's Huge Debt

Source: Mingpao / Translated b: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Earlier it's rumored Wong Yau Nam is indulged in soccer betting of and borrowing money from artistes and staff behind the scene. As for this, he explained tearfully his hardship of paying off his father's huge debt over these years.

Wong attended to an event yesterday. He expressed since 2003 he started to help his father, who suffered a business failure, to pay off debt. At that time he once received debt collecting phone calls from finance companies during recording, but he couldn't have a change in mood: "I respect my father very much, taking this responsibility with my family, now we paid off most debt."

Wong also thanked Daniel Chan and Louis Fan Siu Wong letting him borrow money. Asked whether he borrowed money from Shine partner Tsui Tin Yau? Wong said: "Tin Yau doesn't have money, everyone knows it by heart." As for whether girlfriend helped? He expressed he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. After this incident exposed to the public, Wong told his father: "It's alright. You support me, I support you, let's work hard."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cecilia Cheung and Tony Leung to Collaborate in New Film

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Cecilia Cheung attended to a bed event yesterday in Shanghai. Seems to have lost some weight, Cecilia expressed she would partner up with Tony Leung Chiu Wai next February to film Derek Yee's new film. She expressed she never retired from showbiz, so there isn't anything such as making a comeback with Tony. As for reports said mother-in-law Deborah objected Lucas stepping into the showbiz, Cecilia denied it and redressed for Deborah.

Eleven years ago, Cecilia collaborated with Tony in "Tokyo Raiders." Next February she would collaborate with him again, filming Derek Yee's new romance film. Asked whether she wants to make her comeback with Tony? She replied: "I never retired. Just earlier I spent almost 7 years having children. At this moment I don't plan to have any again, so I come out to film." She expressed Tony is very cool and is a very nice person. She feels very lucky to collaborate with him again. Because haven't film for a long time, Cecilia expressed she is a little worried: "Haven't been to the place where we would film. Don't know whether I would feel strange." As for whether filming Stephen Chow's "King of Comedy 2," she doesn't know who would star in the film, whether she would be in it or not, so she doesn't want to answer this question.

Earlier it's said husband Nicholas Tse intends to live in Shanghai, Cecilia cleared up for him: "Never plan to, if there is a chance, we would buy a house in Shanghai, but won't give up our house in Hong Kong." It's said Deborah objected Lucas stepping into the showbiz, Cecilia said: "No such thing, I really have to speak for my mother-in-law, I'm the luckiest and happiest daughter-in-law, having a great mother-in-law like her. She always respect me and Nicholas, won't interfere any of our business. Sometimes I feel bad and heartache, how come outsiders have to say she is bad, definitely not. Hope media be more lenient, give her some space. She treats me very well, I don't have any unsatisfactory." When talking about Deborah, Cecilia's eyes went teary once. As for whether would allow her son to join showbiz, she expressed she won't force him to do things he doesn't like, as long as he's happy, now just want him to have fun.

Tavia Yeung Enjoys Sunshine, Shows Off Career Line

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma were invited to be the opening ceremony guests to a furniture store. Tavia rarely appeared in a low shirt, showing off her career line. When reporters joked Tavia rarely wears low shirts, she replied: "It's very healthy! Kenneth just went to India, very sunshine feeling, plus today is sunny, so that's why I wore this."

Talked about her series "Mysteries of Love" just ended and already has a chance to earn money with Kenneth, Tavia joked it's her first time collaborating with Kenneth to earn money, and hopes to have more opportunities in the future. Asked she didn't appear with Raymond Lam, whether it's because he's too expensive? She joked: "Yeah! He's very expensive! His concert tickets are expensive! But I would still support him, would go to enjoy it with my family."

As for Kenneth, he hopes to film a sequel to "MOL." He also said he looks good with Tavia, so hoping company can let them develop a relationship.

In addition, Vinci Wong has been the spokesperson of the furniture company for 4 years. Asked company invited other guests, whether he's worried he would be replaced? He expressed: "No, can't do everything with one person, it's better to share it with more people."

David Tao Criticizes Media of Destroying Artistes

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
New Golden Melody King David Tao was reported that he got drunk in Singapore the day of the Golden Melody Awards took place; he didn't know he won "Best Mandarin Male Singer." In order to clear up, yesterday he released a statement, making public of his personal schedule to accuse the report is inaccurate. Then he opened fire on his Tiwtter, saying he lost hope in Taiwanese media, and is already in this angry status for very long: "Your aim is to destroy and harm us all?"

David published two messages on Twitter, both in English and Chinese, it can see that he is very mad. He criticized nowadays reporters don't do research, don't know the truth or evidence and they would report: "Please don't say you don't have other ways, just for work, your boss gave you pressure. That's all bullshit and you know it."

David criticizes a lot in the music industry. He once criticized Golden Melody Awards, and criticized reporters selling their souls to Satan. Last year when he released album "Zero to Hero," it's said he secretly criticized A-Mei Chang and Leehom Wang pay to get to the top of the music chart. This year he and A-Mei won Best Mandarin Male and Female Singer. A-Mei drank a lot during celebration; David was said getting drunk in Singapore. Both got an award, but their feelings are different.

Alex Fong Supports Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung and Alex Fong started their 9-days long promotion in Mainland yesterday. This old rumored couple expressed naturally. Ah Gill was asked about her scenes in Mainland variety show "Happy Camp" got all cut off, causing unsatisfactory from fans, she replied the first time: "Whether how the result would be, I just tried hard to did my best." Ah Gill even joked reporters are more nervous. Alex also supported Ah Gill: "Can't see Ah Gill on TV, don't feel it's a pity, want to support her? Then wait until the movie is on and buy tickets to support!"

At the end of "Fantastic Water Babes," Ah Gill was touched by Alex's lifetime promise. In reality, whether she believe in a lifetime love? Grow up in a single family, she said: "I didn't believe in this type of love before, but director Jeffry Lau's love to his wife, made me believe there is."

The two are a bickering pair in the film. Alex expressed the hardest thing during filming was Ah Gill has to ship him to Cheung Chau secretly. Because he has to hide in a luggage, so before filming he has to lose 8lbs. This scene needs assistance of 5 staff and successfully put Alex into the luggage. Alex said: "Hands and legs are tied, I was in the luggage for several minutes. It's actually very scary. After filming it, my back and waist really hurt, there were bruises on my hands and legs, too. Fortunately the effects are funny, at least it wasn't a waste."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Ratings Report (06/21-06/27/2010)

Some Day 天天天晴  (Episode 6-10) - 25 pts

Ghost Writer 蒲松齡 (Episode 11-14) - 30 pts, peaking 34 pts

Mysteries of Love 談情說案 (Episode 20-24) - average 35 pts, 2-hr finale peaking 40 pts

Variety Show
Big Four Up Big4大四喜 喜上加喜 - 15 pts, peaking 19 pts

Miss Hong Kong in India - 9 pts

Fun With Liza and Gods 荃加福祿壽 -  24 pts

Super Trio Game Master 超級遊戲獎門人 -  28 pts

The Voice 2 超级巨聲 - 20 pts

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hacken Lee is Heartached by Loss of England, Wants to Beat Referee

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Last night in the World Cup England vs. Germany. Because the referee judged the England's goal is invalid, England lost its chance of drawing the game, at the end it ended with 4-1. As a loyal England fan, Hacken Lee said on Weibo yesterday: "If anyone pay to beat the referee, I'll join."

Yesterday Hacken attended to a food event in a mall. He expressed he felt mad about referee's decision, criticizing the referee violated the principle of a fair competition. He said: "Don't know whether there's elements of personal opinion, or whether the referee did it on purpose, but even tennis has play back, now technology is very advanced, don't know why World Cup doesn't have this type of technology." Whether he's disappointed at England? He said: "Hope they would be better four years later. Except Ronney, everyone else has to be replaced, because they're really old players, need to have younger players, it's like even I can run faster than them." Last time he went to Germany to watch World Cup, because this year it's host in South Africa, he's afraid of dangers, he said kids and wife are young, so he didn't go; if he watched it at the stadium, he would be more disappointed.

Reports said Hacken host Commercial Radio's World Cup program for 1,500,000HKD. His partner Lam Hoi Fung is jealous, so he teases Hacken during the show all the time? As for that Hacken denied and said he got along well with Lam, it's a pleasant to talk about football at Commercial Radio.

Fiona Sit and Jaycee Chan Qurarrel, Treat it Like Communication

Fiona Sit was interviewed by Eva Lai on "Eva's Visitor Room." Talked about her rumor with Jaycee Chan, she raised her voice and said it's fake.

Fiona disclosed during filming of "Break Up Club," the two often argued with each other. Because they know each other too well, it's a form of communication. She said: "Jaycee said quarreling is a type of art, because people who quarrel must have fast responses, need to fight back with each other."

"Break Up Club" talks about Fiona and Jaycee still love each other after they broke up, so they say "I love you" to each other. In real life, Fiona said: "I would do the same, you should live your everyday like your last day, I hate to regret, even tomorrow is the end of the world, although I'm not able to live forever with my beloved, at least I would let him know I love him."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Ming Dao is Afraid Not Prettier Than Cheryl Yang, Lost 2kg

Ming Dao returned to idol drama market in Taiwan, filming TTV/SETTV's new drama 《鐘無艷》 "Chong Wu Yan." Yesterday he and female lead Cheryl Yang met the first time on set. Because he doesn't want to be less pretty than Cheryl, he found a professional trainer to help him lose weight. He lost 2kg since filming.

Ming Dao and Cheryl once collaborated in "Angel Lover" in 2006. Ming Dao was already the top actor of SETTV and Cheryl was still trying hard to be the lead actress. After 3 years, the two continue their "acting fate." Cheryl is now a popular lead actress. Ming Dao praised her got prettier; Cheryl returned the favor, saying he is friendly and lively.

Idol drama is now in a trend that male leads have to take off their clothes. Ming Dao is losing weight for the drama, whether he plans to feed viewers' eyes with his body? He joked: "If there is, I would show it in a healthy attitude."

Talked about the type of girl he likes, he said he's not those who look solely at looks. When looking at a girl, he would look at her eyes first. He admires girls whose personality is calm and reasonable, type of girls "like Cheryl Yang."

Cheryl plays Chong Wu Yan, who has a red birthmark on her face. She hide her unconfidence of her appearance with a strong personality. Cheryl said, everyone's imperfection is unique, so he would accept herself completely. Talked about love, she thinks "inner heart is more important."

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Taiwanese Idol Drama Ratings (Sundays 06/27/2010)

Slowly, you see Summer's Desire's grabbing away viewers, little by little! If Yu Hao (Amanda's ex) started to fight for Xiao Xiao Bin in next episode of P.S. Man, ratings might be higher. If only Calling For Love is more exciting...
  1. P.S. Man 偷心大聖PS男 (TTV) - 4.01
  2. Summer's Desire 泡沫之夏 (FTV) - 1.62
  3. Calling For Love 呼叫大明星 (CTS) - 0.8
  4. Scent of Love 就是要香戀 (CTV) -0.61

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Huang Xiao Ming Hints Angelababy Doesn't Want to Make Public of Their Relationship

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy's relationship is gradually floating up to the surface. Baby was photographed visiting boyfriend during filming, but the two still refused to make public of their relationship.

Huang Xiao Ming accepted an interview by Cable TV and expressed he doesn't mind to open up his love life and marriage: "Doesn't matter, but I would respect the other half's decision." Meaning, it's Baby who doesn't want to make public of it?

Asked Baby nicknamed him "sponge cake" (hai mian dan gao/hoi mien dan gou) on Weibo, he said: "What sponge cake? I don't understand what you're talking about!" Although doesn't want to talk about love life too much, ut he said he is a romantic person: "I would call my girlfriend surprisingly at her door, ask her if I appear in front of her, what would she do, then I would ring the doorbell, giving her a surprise."

Talked about movie, Huang Xiao Ming said he is interested in opening up a comedy route, he won't set a bottom line during filming. Asked whether would accept Tony Leung's bold performance in "Lust, Caution," he said: "I don't set a bottom line, but have to see who is the director."

Teresa Mo Doesn't Allow Daughters to Date Before They're 18

TVB sitcom "Some Day" held a summer fitness event yesterday. All artistes accepted fitness challenge. Louis Lee See-kei and Teresa Mo were leaders leading other artistes to compete. Teresa used a huge balloon hammer to hit everyone, and competed hula hoops with Louis. Yesterday fans from Mainland specially came to support Teresa.

Lee See-kei Only Filming, No Entertainment

In order to have more time to be with her two daughters, Teresa declined social parties. Her two daughters are 10 and 15 years old, but are still very closed with Teresa, always asking her when would she back home. Teresa said eldest daughter stays at home a lot and hasn't date anyone yet. She believes after her daughter turned 18 then she can have social events with opposite sex, but can't be obsessed with it.

See-kei jeh expressed her life is about reading scripts, filming, and sleeping when she started to film "Some Day," no entertainment a t all. She took less care of her two dogs at home. When she's at home, her dogs would follow her around.

Aimee Chan Adopted Cat At Filming

Aimee Chan's extreme 'after 80s' character hasn't appear yet. She plays a cat volunteer in the series. Lately after filming scenes with a cat baby, she decided to adopt it. She already have two cats at home and they were street cats. Now another one joined the family. Because the cat baby has digestive problems, she is already very busy feed it medicines.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amit (A-Mei Chang) is the Biggest Winner in This Year's Golden Melody Awards, Grabbing 6 Awards in Total

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
"God! It's very hard to win this award!" "AMIT is better!" As A-MIT, A-Mei Chang Hui Mei knocked out her competitors and became the biggest winner in this year's Golden Melody Awards, taking 6 out of 10 awards she was nominated. She is also the artiste to receive most awards in the Golden Melody Awards history. This is her first time not going for the usual love song route, and became the music producer and composer of this album, trying to edit old melodies of Taiwanese aborigines. Her uniqueness received acknowledgment from this year's judges.

Crowned as queen again, couldn't stop crying

Wearing a black suit exposing her boobs, Amit really did bring her many luck. After receiving "Best Song of the Year" and "Best Mandarin Female Singer" from good friends Chiang Hui and Na Yin, at the end she also received the award she wanted to most---"Best Mandarin Album." Last night she's the artiste who went onto the stage the most, specially when she won female singer award, she was crying, said emotionally: "This feels very important, winning this award, really makes me think it's right to hold on, it's right to change, it's right to love to sing." She also thanked all staff who worked on this album and family, including Ching Feng, who wrote the lyrics, and producer and manager Chen Chen Chuang: "Thank you all who are willing to listen to me saying unrestrained and imaginative things, supporting me to finish them."

Sitting under the stage for 8 years, finally

A-Mei this year really is lost in love but won in career. Although she denied and stressed she has them both, but she still won't admit she has a new boyfriend in Beijing. From the first year of her debut her record company forgot to apply "Best Newcomer" for her, and losing the competition after nominated "Best Female Singer" three years in the row, until at the 13th Golden Melody Awards she finally won her desired award. This year crowned as queen again, it's in everyone's expectation: "Clapping for 8 years under the stage, this year can finally come up to get it." She said in the celebration, she would make everyone drunk, either hugging the toilet or hugging the trash can.

In the industry for 14 years, David Tao once won "Best Newcomer," "Best Album," "Song of the Year," and 2 "Best Album Producer" awards etc, but he still missed male singer award. After nominated 7 times, he finally won this award this year. CEO of Golden Typhoon in Taiwan district took this award for David, expressing David is currently in a meeting abroad. When David knew he won, he expressed really have to thank everyone and thank Golden Typhoon keeps supporting him to make music, thank all musicians who contributed and worked hard for Chinese music, also have to thank all Chinese musicians.

The 21st Golden Melody Awards Main Winners List (click)

Suki Tsui Promises Husband to Go For A Rabbit Baby, Holds Hundred Day Celebration For Daughter

Source: Mingpao, ON.CC (pictures) / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Suki Tsui and husband Kenny Wong spent 6-digit to hold a 100 day celebration for their daughter Vianna. The event was decorated as a fantasy garden. There was a huge photo album placed at the entry and there are many naked photos of Vianna. Kenny said his daughter weights 14lbs now and is 62cm long; he thinks she looks like him. There was a pair of rabbit toys, asked whether Kenny wants to have another baby in the year of rabbit? He said happily: "Yeah! Next year is the year of rabbit, wants to go for a son, believe sister would care for her little brother." Kenny also exposed Suki is jealous of Vianna, because when he returns home, he would kiss their daughter first then Suki. So now he would kiss Suki first then Vianna, but Suki still complains when he kisses her, he would look at their daughter.

Kenny admitted he restrained his temper. Like earlier his car was hit by a car from the back, he didn't look into it more when he saw his car is alright, and is thankful daughter wasn't in the car at that time. Asked earlier he was involved in an assault case and assisted in police's investigation? he said he just assisted the investigation and isn't charged, and didn't receive a notice whether he would have to go to see the police again or not.

He also disclosed he prepared two skirts for daughter, one is given by godmother Jessie Shum, the other is a limited edition he bought from Japan. Elders gave gold and jade jewelries. Talked about funny things of his daughter, he said sometimes she moves her hands a lot, one time when he was talking to her, she actually punched him on the eye. Joked daughter inherited his personality? He said she has a pair of lobster arms.

After trying hard for 3 months, Suki successfully lost weight and returned to 99lbs. She wore a sexy low-cut dress, exposing her long career line. She said it wasn't hard during pregnancy and delivery. The family is happy to see the birth of her daughter. Husband said to have 4 children, wants to keep having cute babies at home, she said she would stop before she's 30. Said Kenny wants to have a rabbit baby? She plans to go for another kid at the end of next year. Kenny wants a son? She said there must be one out of four. Whether would ask for secret recipe of having sons? She said if her second child is a son then she won't ask.

Said Kenny is calmer after having a daughter? Suki supports Kenny and said he never have temper to family. She feels after he became a dad he is happier. Kenny exposed she is jealous of their daughter, she joked needs to balance, both have to be loved.

Justin Lo Admits Having A Girlfriend, But Doesn't Dare to Make Promises

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (picture) / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Justin Lo held an album signing yesterday and celebrated his 34th birthday (July 1) early with fans. He said after 30 he won't have any special celebration. His birthday wish isn't anything special. Asked whether wants to get married? Justin said it's a good idea, hoping can make his first step this year. It's important to cherish people you're with and things you have now. He admitted he has a girlfriend, but doesn't dare to make too many promises, afraid if he cannot fulfill them he would become a bad guy, it's practical to take action.

He also disclosed he would return to the US to visit family and friends, but girlfriend won't come along. He won't bring girlfriend to see relatives easily.

The 21st Golden Melody Awards Main Winners List

Best Mandarin Male Singer
David Tao - Zero to Hero / 陶喆 - 《六九樂章》

Best Mandarin Female Singer
A-Mei - A-MIT / 張惠妹 (阿密特)- 《A-MIT阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯》

Best Band
1976 - Manic Pixie Dream Girl / 1976 - 《不合時宜》

Best Singing Group
Da Xi Men - X / 大囍門 《大囍門X專輯》

Best Newcomer
LaLa Hsu - LaLa Hsu Chia Ying / 徐佳瑩 - 《LaLa首張創作專輯》

Best Song of The Year
Come If You Dare - A-Mei / 《好膽你就來》 - 張惠妹(阿密特)

Best Mandarin Album Award
A-MIT - A-Mei / 《A-MIT阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯》 - 張惠妹 (阿密特)

Best Single Producer 
Mavis Fan - Innocent / 范曉萱 - 《赤子 innocent》

Best Album Producer
Adia- A-MIT / 阿弟仔 - 《A-MIT阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯》

Best Composer
Chen Hsiao Hsia / 陳小霞 - 在樹上唱歌 《在樹上唱歌》

Best Lyricist 
Albert Leung - Open Door See Mountain / 林夕 - 開門見山 《A-MIT 阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯

Best Arrangement 
Martin Teng - A-MIT / 《A-MIT阿密特 張惠妹意識專輯》

Best Music Video 
Daylight - Daylight of Spring by Soda Green / 日光 - 《春.日光》 蘇打綠

*A-Mei is the biggest winner in this year's Golden Melody Awards, winning 6 awards in total! I really like her A-MIT album the first time listening to it. Congratulations!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Stephen Chan Sees Mona Fong As His Closest Person In The World

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
This year on March 11, TVB GM Stephen Chan and other four people are arrested by ICAC due to suspicious of bribery, shocking the showbiz. From the start of the incident to now has been hundred days, Stephen finally broke his silence and accepted an interview from Oriental Daily, describing his feelings throughout the period when he was arrested, plus his relationship with Mona Fong.

Before the incident, Stephen was in a important position in TVB. Besides having says in many things, he is also entrusted and loved by TVB's chairman Mona Fong. But after the incident happened, everything went away from him. It's even rumored it's actually TVB who reported to ICAC, even Mona knew it. For him, he actually didn't feel he's in the bottom of life, he said: "This incident is not in the bottom of life, until this minute and in the future, to me death of my parents is at the bottom, my parents have the greatest impact to my growth."

He continued: "I treat this ICAC incident normally, just like I told everyone in the press conference, you always meet some changes in life, making you feel confused, but don't panic, don't get nervous. I'm very thankful, parents' teaching gave me a positive attitude in life. If this incident happened before my parents passed away, I would worry my parents the most. Although I miss them very much, but I'm thankful this incident happened after they are gone.
Nothing to Care Is Actually a Blessing

Since his parents left, to Stephen, whether it's at work or at private life, the closet person is Mona Fong. After he was arrested, Stephen was once requested to fill an emergency contact person. He thought for a while, and put Mona's name down.

He said: "My parents aren't here. If I have to put a friend down, who should I put? Will they like that you put their names down? I really couldn't think of any. At that moment, the only person I thought of is Ms. Fong. In private, she is an elder I respect a lot. At work, she is a good boss. I think she wouldn't mind if I put her name down. (Treat her as your relative? Like mom?) I don't dare to think like that. I pay respect to her in my heart, I would treat her like a family member, elder, and friend forever. She experienced many things, has a rich life experiences, she has a understanding on me, she even knows how many friends I have."

When the incident happened, it's hard to avoid feeling upset without any family members with him, but Stephen still faced it: "Actually I know about this. Last time when I went to film a special series in North Pole, there was a spot where it didn't receive any signal, like separating from the rest of the world. At that moment I actually felt it's a blessing, because I don't have anything to care about, no parents to care about. At this stage, I don't feel sad, just in reality have to consider finding someone, first would consider whether that person would mind or not, this consideration is more than everything else."
Negative VS Positive

"In fact until now I don't think this incident is a strike to me, just part of life experiences. Don't think falling from sky to the ground. I always have a belief and remind myself, sometimes there are two types of friends whom you met at work, one is friends you associated with work, the other is confidant. Sometimes if you are in the position, your friends are still there. When you're not in the position anymore, they won't find you again. I always remind myself, otherwise you feel very upset. When you're not retiring, remind yourself you are retiring. When you're dead yet, remind yourself you're going to die. This is not pessimistic, I look at it very positively, when you're not in the position anymore you won't feel too bad. So did I become a nobody from being loved by everyone? Not really, in contrast I still feel loved. When I went to get my phone card at ICAC, I read so many messages. While walking on the streets, many residents expressed their support, they all touched me a lot."

The most memorable moment he had is once meeting an elder woman in a mall. She walked out from the elevator and he's about to walk in. The woman held his hands. Just like Romeo and Juliet, the elder woman gave him many support, making him feel very thankful, thinking the love he received at that moment is more than before. Because an incident happened, letting everyone to express his/her love.

Stephen is always sensible. After the incident, he once couldn't hold his tears, but he stressed those tears are thankful tears: "Feeling care and support from friends, of course there are some people whom I was very closed with but treat me as they don't know me, but this percentage is low, making me very thankful."

Elanne Kong Is Busy Filming Series, Puts New Song Online

Source: Takungpao
Elanne Kong accepted interview from commercial radio yesterday to promote her new song "BaBaYa." She expressed lately she's been filming series. But it was canceled earlier because of rain, letting her have an extra day off to promote new song and have time to rest at home; she slept 10+ hours in total.

Elanne expressed besides busy filming series, she would film new movie in July, and also filming a series for CCTV. She would first go to Thailand to film movie "Perfect Fairytale" (完美童話). She is working with Lau Chin Wan this time. Although political situation in Thailand isn't stable, but she isn't worried. She said Square is currently in Thailand, but they still go out to the streets and have fun, so there shouldn't be a big problem.

Because she has to film series, Elanne put her song "BaBaYa" on YouTube to promote. It actually generated warm response; now about 7000 people viewed it already. Her look in her song is different than her usual feminine looks and she specially went to S.Korea to learn dancing. Asked why she doesn't go for the sexy route? She joked everyday she opens the newspaper, already see many people dressing sexily, so she doesn't need to be like them.

Elanne's YouTube Channel

Carrie Lam's Artsy Sexy Photo Album

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Titled Hong Kong version of Chiling Lin, Miss Hong Kong Carrie Lam are popular among every brands since she joined the modeling industry. Every summer is the period when every big and little models compete with each other. This year Carrie joined the competition, releasing her first photo album. Yesterday, some of her photos exposed. In the photos, she wore a super low-cut red dress, matching with her stylish haircut. Although showing her 3-inches deep career line, but she gives off a very elegant feeling. In another set of photos, Carrie changed into a purple lace bra with a gray deep-v short skirt, sexy but not low graded.

With reasons of "immoral" and "vulgar," this year HK Trade Development Council already rejected 12 applications from lang mos holding photo album promotions in the book fair, even Theresa Fu's photo album signing cannot be exempted. But it's not affecting Carrie. Her manager Kitty stressed they never thought of arranging a book signing in book fair for Carrie, because they don't want others to think she's one of those lang mos. Kitty said: "Carrie's photo album goes for the elegant and stylish route. Photographers, image couselor, and hair stylists are all going for the artsy route. Although the publisher did apply, but we never plan to hold a book signing in the book fair. That's the world of lang mo, we don't want others to confused her with other people, making outsiders think Carrie is one of them."

As for lang mo are banned from the book fair, Kitty believes it's a good thing. She thinks focus of book fair should be on the books, not idols. As for promotion events for Carrie's photo album, Kitty disclosed they didn't confirm yet, and didn't decide whether to hold a signing event. She stressed: "There would be an event letting everyone know Carrie releases a photo album, hoping everyone know the birth of this photo album, not how much she exposed her skin." It's known Carrie would have sexier photos in the album, but not showing her sexiness with a bra or wearing less, Kitty said: "In the photo album, Carrie uses expression from her eyes and emotions to bring out sexiness, not with clothes, there aren't even bikini photos. Carrie is a model, wants to bring out artsy feeling through her photo album, she isn't worried being compared with lang mos."

Mandy Cho Would Retire From Showbiz Once She's Pregnant

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Mandy Cho would marry business boyfriend Jacky at the end of this year. She disclosed her wedding dress would be in elegant style. Wedding dinner would be hold in a hotel in Hong Kong Island, planning to hold 10-ish tables. She refused to reply whether would invite ex-rumored boyfriend Stephen Nuynh to her wedding. Talked about having children, wearing a 3-carat wedding ring, Mandy said: "Let it be, anyways right now I'm not pregnant, but planning to do so after marriage." Mandy's management contract with TVB ended already and is talking about other ways to collaborate, she said: "If I have BB, I would definitely not take on-screen jobs again."

As for photos of this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants smoking and hugging guys are published on magazines, as their senior, Mandy said: "Think they just went a little crazy during party, maybe those photos are taken in the past. Everyone has his/her rebellious period, it's more important to cherish future and opportunity." Asked whether it would affect image of Miss Hong Kong? She said: "Actually the moment they hand in their applications, they should start to consider the problem of image."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

TW Version of Angelababy and Cecilia Cheung Announce War to HK Lang Mo

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
While the lang mos in Hong Kong are fighting to get popularity and attention, outsiders from Taiwan are ready to join the battle. Taiwanese lang mo Sparrow Girls announced they are joining the photo album war in this year's book fair.

Said to have angelic and innocent faces, Taiwanese lang mo group Sparrow Girls is composed of Ann Wu Si Wei (吳思緯), Nikki Tzeng Wei Chi (曾韋琦), and Mina Ma Chuan Shin (馬傳芯), which all have high exposure in advertising industry. Their average age is only 22 years old. They're releasing a dreamy photo album called "Summer's Temptation," using the slogan "the most flawless youth photo album" to tell indoorsy guys to look at their change from girls to women. In fact that means every page they would show off their sexy bodies.

It's only a month away from this year's book fair. New and old lang mos aren't dare to let loose, afraid would become losers in the battle. Chrissie Chau first released a 3D DVD. Her juniors "New 8 Models" market themselves with many girls who have different styles. As for Rainbow, she led a group composed of 5 sweeties called "Donut," taking off their bikini tops and show off their back.

Sparrow Girls aren't afraid of their competitors in HK. Lately they're very popular in Taiwan advertising industry. Ann is described as Taiwanese version of Japanese fashion model Lena. She won the title "Wretch Top Ten Pretty Girls" for two years in the row. Mina is described as Taiwan version of Cecilia Cheung. Nikki is praised by advertising agencies that she is the combination of Asian stars because she looks like Vivian Hsu. Japanese agency even think Nikki is the Taiwan version of Angelababy.

Manager of Sparrow Girls disclosed they would arrived Hong Kong on July 20 and meet fans in Hong Kong the first time. They are planning to stay for 3 days to promote their photo album.

(*Kay's P.S.* TBH...after seeing MANY sexy photos of those girls, kinda getting a little bored...lol o___O guys should be happy this summer XD)

Sammi Cheng Doesn't Want to Change Her Current Relationship With Andy Hui

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Sammi Cheng accepted a radio interview lately. As for her reuniting rumor with Andy Hui has been circulating for a while. She expressed it didn't affect their friendship and won't ask his love status. Sammi said: "We won't talk about it, would respect each other. I won't go to find out, won't talk about it, don't even want to know, this is not my business. Just a popular rumor lately, definitely never happened, this would affect my other chances.

Asked her relationship with Andy now, Sammi said it's very good good friends, she said: "Undeniably, a relationship built more than 10 years ago cannot just be forgotten. From debut to now, already know him when I had nothing in the beginning. Have deeper feelings than other friends, but at this stage, don't want to change anything."

Sammi said after she got sick her view in love also changed: "Very willful in the past, magnified myself a lot, very selfish, two people getting along need to compromise with each other. If I'm in love again, I'm willing to give in more, know how to handle my temper. Asked if Andy was single, whether there's a chance of reconciling? Sammi said: "This hypothetical question is hard to answer, because right now he isn't single, I think it's better for me to answer when he is single. (Have to wait many years?) I didn't say to wait 30 years, I look around, looking to see whether there is any good person."

Photos of Liu Ye Fighting With Westerner Exposed

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
After the Liu Ye and a Westerner's taxi fight incident exposed to the public, outsiders only heard descriptions from Liu Ye, Liu Ye's manager, and witness Wong Bin. But yesterday a set of photos of the taxi fight appeared on the internet. This incident once again became the hot topic to discuss.

Although Liu Ye cleared up misunderstanding occurred due to language barrier and the fight was short. However, judging from the photos, Liu Ye and the Westerner must've __ for a certain amount of time. But because there are only photos, it can't be confirmed whether the Westerner really did use "f***k you" to provoke Liu Ye, but it's reckoned that the Westerner started the fight.
Based on the photos, it's a tie between the two. The end of this dramatic fight really is like Liu Ye said on his blog---ended peacefully. Seeing how they hugged each other at the end, it's hard to imagine the two fought each other before hand. Reporters contacted Liu Ye for the photos but it went to the mailbox. He appeared to an event in Mainland the first time after the taxi fight incident exposed, but didn't reply to it.

Kate Tsui and Sonija Kwok Prove They're Good Sisters

Sonija Kwok and Kate Tsui both had rumors with Chan Kwok Keung. Their new series "When Lanes Merge" to be aired next Monday and it's currently in promotion period. Suddenly rumors of them not getting along appeared. It's known during filming Kate doesn't like Sonija, often bully Sonija on purpose. Having a benevolent personality, Sonjia accepted whatever that came and didn't fight back, but other people felt bad for her. Whether the rumor is true or not, during promotion the two appeared to be good friends, holding one's waist and put hand on one's shoulder, trying to be good sisters!

35-year-old Sonija and 31-year-old Kate are 1999 and 2004 Miss Hong Kong champion, also champion with four awards. Sonija had rumors with Chan in 2006. It was rumored she received a car and house, and was appointed to be female lead in movie "Operation Undercover." But the rumor faded away after a while. As for Kate, she moved into an expensive house earlier this year and was rumored with Chan. She denied it immediately and said she rent the house with her own money, and didn't know who is Chan.

But since the two once had rumors with Chan, when they're collaborating in the same series it's hard to avoid rumors. It's known Kate would bully Sonija during filming, saying things about her and trouble her on purpose when they have scenes together. But Sonija took everything in and didn't dare to fight back. Seeing Kate's action, others dislike what she does and are outraged for injustice.

Yesterday the two attended to the promotion of "When Lanes Merge" and appeared to be good friends, often looking at each other and laughed happily. After taking group photo, Kate held Sonija's waist and Sonija put her arms on Kate's shoulder, proving good sisterhood. Kate even joked Sonija doesn't have a boyfriend yet, very dry! Reporters asked confirmation of them not getting along, Sonjia expressed through her manager: "No such thing, nothing to reply." Kate didn't reply, and her manager said everyone got along well during filming.

Actors from the series got together in a promotion event outside a taxi company and a taxi was arranged for Kate and Sonija. When Kate was getting into the taxi, her head accidentally hit rare view mirror and she joked receeiving a head reward" [in Cantonese, it means winning first prize in general] is good luck. In the series, she, Sonija and Raymond Wong would have a love triangle relationship. But in reality she and Sonija's love life are very dry? She said yes, get dry together, hoping series would receive good ratings and that means someone would appear in her love love, because good ratings means good popularity, "peach bossom" would appear. She is confident in this series, whether worry World Cup would affect ratings? She said she isn't worried. As long as the plot is compacted, hope viewers support and don't change channel.

Sonija said her love life is blank, can't demand forcefully. She isn't worried and let it be. She didn't have rumors while filming the series and was very happy working with other actors. Kent Cheng taught her a lot. The plot talks about the harm of drunk driving, very meaning, she hopes to have ratings above 30 points.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Alex Fong and Stephy Tang Appear As A Pair

Since Alex Fong and Stephy Tang are rumored getting married in October and have been living together, the two appeared together the first time, showing up as a pair to Weibo service event yesterday. Asked whether they receive a very high reward? Alex joked: "We're not a pair of husband and wife, I don't know how much Stephy got. In fact I don't mind working together. Soon we would go to Mainland to perform three shows, price won't be specially high."

Stephy expressed in the past she would chat with Alex through Weibo a lot, but now she doesn't dare to say too much, afraid others would say they're flirting with each other. But she describes Weibo is a very good meidum, can directly clear up some report.

As for lang mos are said to be low grade and are banned to attend to book fair to promote, Alex said; "Nowadays there are many controversies in the society. Hope people in this incident can step back a little and reach an agreement. Maybe earlier magazines published many sexy photos of lang mos, if they published less it might be better." Stephy said: "Should respect each other, families and children go to book fair together, maybe need to be more proper, it's better to compromise."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Facing Bernice Liu, Moses Chan Draws a Line Between Him and Charmaine Sheh

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Moses Chan and Bernice Liu this rumored couple attended to a function as a couple yesterday. Bernice appared holding Moses' arm. During the event, Bernice was responsible of drawing prizes and she drew Moses, proving they are fated, even Bernice herself couldn't believe it and announce. They were teased of fated to be together, Moses said: "Ok then, we haven't collaborate for two years." Attend as a couple again, whether they increase price? Moses expressed it's a happy and satisfying price.

Asked Moses, whether he worry new rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh would be jealous seeing Bernice held his arms, he said: "It's not my business, don't ask me." Ah Sheh this woman isn't none of his business? He said: "It's never my business, thank you everyone." Asked Bernice whether she's happy that Moses cleared up his relationship with Charmaine, Bernice and Moses looked at each other and smiled, didn't reply. Moses said: "I don't read the news often, and won't care those rumors." Bernice added: "You won't read them, I don't know how to read them."

Asked Bernice again whether she's happy Moses cleared up his relationship with Charmaine? Moses answered: "I've been clearing it up, just no one cares about what I say." Bernice said: "He said all women aren't his business." Is Moses' saying boost her trust? Bernice looked at Moses and said: "Really?"

Moses disclosed he watched Bernice's new series "Mysteries of Love" and praised she freed herself and her acting is maturer and improved than before. Bernice also expressed she admires Moses, her senior. Whether it's her outfit and things related to work, she would ask Moses' opinion. Asked did she ask Moses about her kissing scenes with Kenneth Ma in "MOL," she said: "That...no." Moses laughed and said: "I don't know how to teach kissing."


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