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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elanne Kong becomes a hungry ghost, eats fried chicken crazily

Elanne Kong was on a diet for her first concert and now she's allowed to take a break after the show. She went for high calorie foods immediately, "I ate hamburgers three days straight. I also ordered fried chicken and wings!" However, in order to keep her skinny waist, she stopped eating crazily after she gained 2lbs.

In addition, she was the guest for a history show yesterday. She exposed her history's grades were pretty good, but she didn't do well in sciences, "I was fine with those that just need memorization, but I was very bad in math, never pass since first grade!"

[The Sun]

G.E.M. asks Tat Dik publicly is he pursuing her

Tat Dik and G.E.M. attendd to a Metro event together yesterday. The two didn't avoid rumors, G.E.M even asked Tat publicly whether he is pursuing her or not. Tat got embarrassed and didn't reply.

G.E.M. has too many peach blossoms

Tat said G.E.M. called him to cleared up misunderstanding, saying she didn't say he is a rotten peach blossom. Tat wasn't embarrassed being with his rumored girlfriend and there is no need to avoid each other because they both know nothing happened. Asked whether they have chances to get together, Tat said it's very hard because he is afraid of girls with many pursuers. G.E.M has too many peach blossoms. He has to be hardworking in his career and it's hard to balance both career and love.

Doesn't rule out the possibility of getting together

G.E.M. took pictures with Tat without any embarrassment. She even asked him, "Are you pursuing me?" G.E.M. said one must take initiative to please her if one wants to pursue her. She wants guys to be thoughtful. She said her first friend when she entered showbiz is Tat. They aren't in a relationship right now but it's hard to predict the future. Anyone (except girls) is possible. She thinks guys who know how to dance are cool. She admires Tat, too, when he is dancing.


Gary Chaw stops getting drunk only, not drinking

Gary Chaw appeared for TVB's "The Voice" and was supported many fans. He accepted interviews accompanied by two of his assistants, "I already contacted my family." (Didn't contact Justin Lo?) "No, I changed my phone, don't have his phone number." (Did you change your phone to avoid friends you don't want to see?) "In fact I'm their bad friends. Many friends sent words of encouragement. Some told me to stop drinking, but they don't understand me, I'll stop getting drunk. If stop drinking, that means alcohol is a drug. I'll learn how to stop before going too far. I didn't take a sip of alcohol this entire month." (Are you alcoholic?) "No! Don't want to talk more. I rather be a new Gary Chaw to everyone. Family and colleagues will look after and support me."

[The Sun]

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kay Tse has no intention to apologize: "Don't know where does guilt come from"

Kay Tse went to Guangzhou to attend an award ceremony, thus she was absent from yesterday's "JSG Awards Ceremony." Asked the reason she was absent is because of TVB's blockout to HKRIA, she said, "They [people in Guangzhou] invited me sincerely." (Is it a pity to miss JSG's ceremony?) "I support all media, but I don't know whether it's a pity or not." Said Hins Cheung felt guilty that he accepted an interview with Cable TV in Cantonese and apologized immediately, Kay, who also accepted an interview with Cable TV in Cantonese, asked reporters back, "Don't know where does guilt come from, I didn't think of that way." As for the rumor she went to see a psychiatrist because of depression, she cleared up saying she was just a little dysphoric, but she's recovered now.

[The Sun]

Stephy Tang Complains Alex Fong Doesn't Understand a Woman's Heart

Stephy Tang and Eric Suen attended to an event yesterday. As for Kay Tse is said that she had depression due to stress, Stephy seemed to understand and said, "Artistes can get emotional easily due to stress. I was very unhappy once." (Did you pour out your feelings to Alex Fong?) "Yeah, but he was too optimistic, didn't even understand how I felt deep inside my heart, so he was no help."

Eric Suen accepted an interview with Cable TV using Cantonese the first time. As for Hins Cheung's apology to TVB, Eric said, "In fact Steven Chan and Virginia Lok understand that is a company's policy, artistes are victims."

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vangie Tang vows to be HK Lady GaGa

Since Vangie Tang's contract ended, plus there is a problem with her voice, she rested for 3 months. She decided it's time to get back to the music industry with a new image. She attended to a family event yesterday and wore a dress, exposing her back as a preparation for her sexy image, "I hope to become the HK Lady GaGa. I'm okay with being sexy, no problem to be different, that's how artistes become hot topics . I don't think my singing is the best, not bad either, but there's no break through, no one will notice."

Asked Lady GaGa is a hermaphrodite, Vangie defended for her idol, "I don't think so, maybe it's to create publicity." She feels Lady GaGa is brave, and if she really is a hermaphrodite, she will openly admit it, just like she admits she is homosexual.

[Oriental Daily]

Stephy: No Disadvantage in A Lower Pay

"Cookie crumbs" Angela Kui (from Cookies, 9 people era) performed for a stage drama lately. Good friend Stephy Tang appeared to support. Angela sprained her legs accidentally during the performance, and she said, "I've been massaging my legs when I went to backstage."

As for Eric Tsang openly expressed there's a cut in pay to TVB artistes who film movie, "72 Tenants," Stephy admitted there's a cut in pay, but she is satisfied with it. She agreed shouldn't look at money all the time, "I earned something: I got to film with Jacky Cheung!"

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Theresa Fu transforms herself to break into Taiwan

Theresa Fu went to Taiwan lately and accepted an interview with men's magazine, FHM. She didn't appear in her usual Japanese look, but wore a low-cut spaghetti strap dress to show sexiness. Theresa expressed her clothes are arranged by the magazine; it's okay to be sexy, as long it's necessary for her job and it's reasonable, but it's impossible for her to be in nude.

Theresa will launch a new photo album this year, "I'll build a new 'me'. I'm bored with my Japanese look for the past 2 years, it's time for a change." She expressed if she discovered there are photo albums of other girls on her boyfriend's bookshelf, she will takethem off quietly and replace them with hers.

[Takungpao & UDN]

Stephy Advises Theresa to Use a Dictionary

Stephy Tang attended to a charity show lately. As for Theresa Fu is criticized for using Hong Kong style English to write blogs, she said, "I don't know. My English isn't that good. If it's wrong, then change it. I'm also learning English right now." (Ask Theresa to learn together?) "That's good, too, or she can look at the dictionary before she post [blog entry] online."

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stephy Tang At Alex Fong's Taoist Master Incident

Stephy Tang attended to a movie event yesterday (72 Tenants). As for Alex Fong is rumored of bring a female artiste to see the Taoist master who is recently accused of raping teen model, Stephy didn't believe it, "Shouldn't be, Alex doesn't seem like someone who is superstitious, but I don't know whether he has setbacks in relationships. He seems normal at the moment, pretty happy, but I'll take concern." Stephy feels fortune-telling is just for reference, everyone should has his/her judgment. She exposed she went to ask her fortune before, and someone told her to change her fortune by burning the scriptures she copies everyday, but it didn't change her fortune, instead she felt she became strange, so she stopped doing it.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stephy Doesn't Want Gold Typhoon to Be in Trouble

Stephy Tang is always in trouble. Since sworn enemy Theresa Fu left Gold Typhoon, her opponent changed from Theresa to rumored boyfriend, Alex Fong. Lately, a magazine pointed out Stephy's relationship with Alex faded out already when Alex was after "lang mo", Rainbow Woo, last year. Knowing her rumor with Alex became useless, Stephy requested to go on separate ways. Alex then complained about Stephy to Ronald Cheng, who is the prince of Gold Typhoon. He also boycott girlfriend along with others like Edmond Leung and Kary Ng, making Stephy a new target.

Stephy attended to a charity press conference yesterday and this rumor was brought up. Stephy said she didn't feel anything, "I don't want to explain too much. Rumors like these have been going on for years! I think someone just want Golden Typhoon to stay in trouble! It was a mess earlier, said I didn't get along with Theresa, now it's Alex. I've been working with him perfectly, now they said we are enemies!" Stephy agreed with what Mark Lui said in Chik Chak's award ceremony: many things happened with Gold Typhoon, but the company is in good condition. She stressed, "Absolutely no such thing, hope everyone don't aim at my company!"

As for the split, Stephy explained, "We worked together so many times, so I want to separate. I think we [she and Alex] got bored already even if you guys didn't!" Talked about the night of the charity show, Stephy said she will make 10 types of dessert at once to raise money. She said her best desserts are serradura, cake, and fruit jelly, etc.; she learned them from cookbooks. Asked have friends tried her cooking before, she said, "Many, friends, colleagues, Alex, and directors. Did Alex praise or criticize? He won't criticize. I put in so many effort, I'll yell at him if he really criticizes."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TVB continues to fight with HKRIA, prohibits MVs to be played in other channels

Next Saturday (January 16th) is TVB's "JSG Top Ten Award Ceremony." Because the royalty issue cannot be solved in a short amount of time, singers under HKRIA like Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Kay Tse, Hins Cheung, and Fiona Sit decided to stay absent. TVB won't compromise and they now prohibts MVs of singers under HKRIA to be played in other TV channels.

It's known TVB allows MVs that are independently filmed by the singer, but because of financial crisis last year, they need to earn money in other ways. If he/she needs to promote his/her song in TVB, he/she must let TVB to film the MV, but his/her record company has to pay the fees.

Since TVB has no other major competitors, record companies have no choice but to accept. The four major record companies (Universal, Warner, Sony Music, and EMI) initially planned to let other electronic media channels to play their MVs, but TVB heard and reminded record companies that in the contract, it clearly stated MVs can only be played in TVB; their MVs cannot be played in other TV channels, otherwise TVB will take necessary actions. This caused singers under those four record companies to hold on to MV filming temporarily.

Singers like Hins Cheung, MR, Hacken Lee, and Jason Chan lost their opportunities to promote their concerts and new albums in TVB and in other TV stations. TVB's JSG song chart is dominated by singers from EEG and East Asia, making them big winners in this conflict.


"Autumn's Concerto" breaks "My Queen"s highest rating, Vanness Wu's big challenge

"Autumn's Concerto"s ratings have been going up. It made a breakthrough again: highest ratings (above 4-year-old) is 7.76, broke "My Queen"s highest rating, 7.35. The highest rating (section ratings), 8.86, occurred at the part when Vanness drove Ady An to the place where they departed 6-years ago, and questioned her the reason why she left. Some viewers even expressed that they didn't know Vanness can act until they watched "Autumn's Concerto".

Vanness, who is currently in the US, watches clips of "Autumn's Concerto" on YouTube every Sunday. Praises from netizens and the messages his good friends left on Facebook make Vanness very happy. As for the part where he knew about his relationship with Ady by looking at the pictures taken 6-years ago, Vanness said, "I had to express my anger and sadness, thinking everyone in this world lied to me. It was a big challenge!" Vanness couldn't pull himself out even after shooting that scene.

Source: TTV / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stephy Studies Mandarin to Break into Mainland

SHISEIDO held a press conference yesterday, invited Stephy Tang, model Mandy Lieu, Zelia Chung as guests. Stephy was asked about her New Year resolution, she said, "I want to release a Mandarin album, break into the Mainland market! But I will begin with movies first, because my upcoming movies will be filmed in Mainland." (Is your Mandarin Chinese good?) "OK gar! But I need to review again if I'm working in Mainland." (Which is better: Mandarin or Enlish?) "I'm confident in Mandarin! Because I started to learn it in elementary school, but I don't have much chance to speak English."

She disclosed she will hire a foreign teacher to improve English, "I will pay for myself, because the things I learned belong to me." (Aren't you busy studying two languages at the same time?) "Yeah, it's a rich year." Stephy was criticized for having numerous typos in her book, but she's not afraid and said she will release a new book this year. She will read more to improve.

Talked about Francis Ng's incident, Stephy, who praised herself to have a high EQ, supports him, "In fact, famous people are easier to get into troubles, especially artistes! I was driving once and my car got hit, but the other person yelled at me. In the end, I had to pay to that person to end it. Artistes must have high EQ!"

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Denise Ho charms guys with long legs

Denise Ho wore a long dress to an award ceremony, showing womanliness rarely. Asked was she inspired by good friend, Joey Yung, Denise said, "Yeah, I got inspirations from her!" (Show off legs?) "The skinniest part of my body is my legs, so I'm exposing them today." Denise also joked, "Guys all looked at me kindly today."

[Oriental Daily]

Mother passed away on New Year's Eve, Elva Hsiao to inherit ten million+

Elva Hsiao's mother died of illness on New Year's Eve. When she was on the stage, Elva hoped fans to pray for her mother together, "Please pray with me, give her another miracle, let me show her my filial obedience again." Her mother watched Elva's performance on bed through Skype. The hospital notified Elva about her mother's critical condition when Elva was on the way home. Before she passed away, Elva touched her mother's hair, and told her to leave without worries. She promised to take care of grandma and brother. Elva didn't dare to cry in front of her mother. She and her brother kowtowed 108 times to thank her mother's love and care.

Elva's mother was the head of a technology company. It's said she owned as much as a billion NTD estate. Last year, she transferred 50 thousands shares to Elva and spent 85,000,000 NTD to buy a luxurious house for Elva.

Elva expressed through her manager, saying she still cannot accept the death of her mother; it's like a dream. Considered about her mother's feelings, Elva won't send an obituary to her father (the two is divorced more than 20 years ago. Elva's father left a message on Elva's blog to thank Elva's fans' prayer, and he said he's willing to gets down on his knees to thank everyone.

[Now News & Information Times]


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