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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Linda Chung and Stephanie Cheng receive gold records, are grateful to fans

Linda Chung and Stephanie Cheng attended to a New Year's party event in Chim Sha Tsui. Their albums both certified gold record sales and they thanked fans' support. Stephanie said there are so many pressure at work and she pushed herself all the time. She relaxed herself a little now when she realized she did improve. Stephanie said she will duet with Linda in a new song and she looks forward to it, "Since Sammi Cheng duets with Sally Yeh, it has been a long time for two female singers to collaborate together. Plus this song is very pleasant to listen to, we can't wait." Linda expressed it's quite stressful to turn into a singer from an actress. She's relieved that her album received a satisfied sales, "I never thought I can continue to be a singer. I think it's harder to become a singer than to become an actor. I know it's not easy for others to accept you. Many thanks to my company, who gave me this chance, thanks a lot for my fans' support."


Bosco Wong lets model to lure him

Bosco Wong signed a glasses endorsement with Hammer. He filmed a print-ad for them with a foreign model lately. They had to get close with each, face-to-face. But it didn't meet the requirement, so they got even closer: the model took an initiative in caressing his face and putting her mouth on his ear. It's unknown whether Myolie Wu will get jealous or not.

It's actually not the first time Bosco worked with the advertising company . He's the spokesman for their HK-style restaurant in Malaysia. Said he started to film TVB's new series, "情人眼裡高一D", Bosco said, "I asked them to sponsor Wong Cho Lam, too. I'm not near-sighted actually, but glasses are useful because they can cover black-circles."

[The Sun]

Stephy locks photos in safe deposit box

Stephy attended to a computer festival event as an I.T ambassador along with Siu Fay. Stephy said, "Friends laugh at me for being a "ah por" (grandma), because I saved so many plastic bottles and old newspapers at home, also have so many CDs that stored precious photos, and I will put them in my safe deposit box at home." (Are there any intimate photo?) "There are some photos with ex-boyfriends. There are also some crazy photos taken with friends." Stephy expressed she won't throw the CDs away randomly. Reporters suggested she can destroy them by cutting them. She said, "I'm afraid people can glue the pieces back together and recover the photos inside!"

In addition, she expressed she's simple and clear in relationships, "It was a trend to take pictures in photo sticker booths, didn't use too many digital things. It's easier for me to cut them, that's why I don't even remember the faces of my ex-boyfriends."

[The Sun]


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