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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lollipop is said to disband for dating, gets yelled in foul language

Taiwanese boy band Lollipop always attend to events all 6 together, but yesterday only Owodog, Xiao Yu/Fabien, Ah Wei/A-Wei, and William attended to a Christmas event in Hong Kong. The four had support from about 500 fans. 150 from this 500 can take pictures with them. During the event, 3 young girls arrived with a banner saying "忘恩負義" (ungrateful). Fans in the front row didn't want the four on the stage and the media to see the banner, so they blocked it with their boards. Security guards came and warned these 3 girls. But when the guards left, they leveled up their action and expressed their unsatisfactory by raising middle fingers. Fans fought back and they yelled at each other in bad words.

The four members on the stage didn't know anything and they even asked reporters about what happened. Those 3 girls said they're fans of Wang Zi/Prince and Xiao Jie/LilJay. They are not satisfied that Owdog and Xiao Yu/Fabien left ex-manager, Andy, because they focused on dating. Owdog has new "lang mo" girlfriend, Grace, and Xiao Yu has Xiao Man from Hey Girl. They want to date that's why they signed Golden Typhoon instead.

Said they're ungrateful, the four members stressed it's not true, and explained Wang Zi/Prince & Xiao Jie/LilJay missed this event due to work.

[The Sun]

Stephy doesn't invite Alex to watch ILUB's show

Stephy attended to a Boxing Day event yesterday. Asked how she celebrated Christmas, she said, "No one to accompany me. I went to have Christmas dinner with my mom, and then went to a party." (What about Alex Fong?) "He didn't invite me, maybe he has a date."

Stephy disclosed she received practical Christmas presents like handbags, scarfs, and jewelries, "In the past, people brought presents based on price and brought many useless things that are harmful to the environment." (But you said you want to receive diamond.) "Of course no, no way someone will give it to me because I said so." She said she didn't attend to the award ceremony yesterday because she doesn't have any nomination; she will go to watch I Love U Boyz' show instead. Asked whether she invited Alex, she said, "No la, he watched the first show, but didn't invite me."

[The Sun]

Kiki Sheung to get married in three "10s"

Kiki Sheung attended to an event with boyfriend Patrick, who she dated for 4 years. Asked whether to get married next year, Kiki said her sworn brother picked the date, October 10, 2010 (10/10/2010), for its meaning, "perfect". She will try hard to lose weight before this day arrives, "I don't want to lose too much. I will exercise, after all, I don't want to look like a dolphin!"

[The Sun]

Stephy picks the best for "Music Cafe"

Stephy just launched her "Heart Sweet" dessert cookbook, then she released her new album "Music Cafe" immediately. She picked a Continental style cafe to fit the theme of "Music Cafe". There are many ancient products inside the cafe, like an ancient piano and phonograph. As for her new album (new songs+best selections), Stephy expressed she picked all the "best" ones by herself, "They are my favorites. They include some of my own works. It's hard to pick 27 out of all. I hope to share my favorites with my fans and hope they will understand me more."



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