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Friday, December 25, 2009

"Taste of Angels" break into the music industry on their own

"Taste of Angels" Blueberry (Kibby Lau), Mandarin Orange (Yuri Chan), Banana (Vanko Wong), and Melon (Kimmy Kwan) attended to a Christmas event yesterday. They performed "Nobody" and played games with the audience. Mandarin Orange said, "We practiced this song for a month, and we learned very quickly. We will create a brand new MV on our own. Everyone is aware of 'Beautiful Cooking', so we want more people to know about us. In addition, we also want to try singing and dancing." They disclosed they don't have a name for the group yet. The MV will be low-budgeted and will be uploaded to the internet to share with fans.


Prudence Liew is out from "The Voice"

TVB's royalty fee conflict with HKRIA isn't resolved and more and more singers are victimized. Earlier, singers under HKRIA missed TVB's "Jade Solid Gold Seasonal Rounds" and "TVB8 Golden Song Chart Awards Ceremony." Then, Fiona Sit and Jason Chan were suddenly out from a performance for Po Leung Kuk. Lately, Prudence Liew, who belongs to Universal, is notified that she doesn't have to come to film "The Voice" anymore (two episodes on January 3, and finale on January 23). Louis Cheung will host on his own on January 3 and Gary Chaw will co-host with him on the finale.

It's known that TVB leveled up its action: besides variety shows involve in singing, don't invite singers to film series until additional notification.

Said Prudence is just hosting, not singing at all, the producer of the show said, "This is a decision made by the company. Staffs from her record company will come into TVB with her. Under this circumstance, we shouldn't work together as much as possible."



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