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Monday, November 23, 2009

Magazine releases "intimate photo"; Kay Tse is humiliated and upset

Kay Tse, Vinci Yeung, Jason Chan, and HotCha appeared as the award receipients of last year to the press conference of "Hong Kong Music Awards 2009" (Metro, CRHK, JSG, and RTHK). Kay, who has been in trouble for almost a year, is troubled again. A magazine released an intimate photo featuring a couple, who look like Eason Chan and Kay, on the bed. Kay was very upset and said she is definitely being attacked, "I've been attacked by many this year and this is humiliating. The news upsets me and I think someone is purposely attacking me. A reporter tried to show me the picture, but I refused, because I know that's not me...my personal life is very healthy."

[wenweipo, K]


Charlene Choi & William Chan's Rock N' Roll Birthday Party

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and William Chan, who turned 27 and 24 on the 21st and 22nd of November, held a birthday together in Central with a 'Rock' theme. Colleagues from EEG and friends from the showbiz business attended including, Gillian Chung (Ah Gill), Kenny Kwan, Joey Yung, Yumiko Cheng, HotCha, etc. Most of them dressed up with Rock elements like it required. Some are quite impressive like Ah Gill's Lady Gaga, Kenny Kwan's visual rocker, and William's pirate/rocker look. This starry party attracted many residents to watch on the roads.

Bernice Liu says Moses Chan is too thin, not that huggable

Bernice Liu attended to fashion event yesterday and demonstrated wearing two winter wear, which have Swarovski crystal on. She expressed want to become a mother, but it's not the right time at the moment. Talked about Moses Chan who lost 30lbs lately, Bernice said, "He lost too much weight and might get sick easily." She also said thin men are not that huggable; won't have the warm feeling. Later she cleared up that Moses never hug her before, and she was just commenting from the perspective of average women.

[on.cc, K]

Stephy is called "Ah So", Alex Fong: doesn't matter

Stephy Tang and Alex Fong attended to a press conference for I Love You Boyz (ILUB)' concert and was teased by ILUB. Alex was asked who does he like the most in Cookies, but he couldn't answer. Then when Stephy appeared, she was called "Ah So" (brother's wife, Alex's wife in this case). The two were also on a request to pose for photographs by exchanging glasses like a couple will do at their wedding night. After the event, Alex said in an interview that ILUB always call Stephy "Ah So" and he doesn't think it matters. But Stephy then said, "I think it matters!"

Stephy was criticized for having so many typos in her work. TVB's new variety show, "正識第一", is planning to invite her as a guest and play games that involve in finding typos in a paragraph. Stephy said she just got notified and doesn't mind appearing on the show. She also agreed there's a need for her to improve her Chinese.

[Mingpao, K]


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