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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

Check out who won big in this year's anniversary awards! Congratulations to all winners!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sharon Chan falls in love with Gallen Lo

Sharon Chan is fortunately to work with Gallen Lo in "Born Rich". Although she was fooled by him, but she's still happy, "I grew up watching Gallen's series. Everyone in my family love him. I'm excited already to film with him and never thought of being in a relationship with him. We even have kissing scenes! I don't film kissing scenes much and this time is quite bold. I'm satisfied." She also pointed out Gallen was quiet in the beginning but the two started to have conversations when they know each other more. Sharon said she even fell in love with Gallen for real and almost could not pull herself out.

She's also fortunately enough to work with seniors like Ray Lui, Jaime Chik, and Anita Yuen and she said she's pressured, "I seize this chance and hope to learn more." (Have you improved?) "I'll let the audience decide. I always work hard." (Want to get 'Most Improved Award'?) Of course! But I already know I'm not going to win so I'll spend more time dressing up nicely to attend to the ceremony."

[The Sun, K]

Liza Wong exposes armpit hair?

Liza Wong was assigned to draw the Anniversary red pocket in the TVB Anniversary Gala. When she was announcing the winner (Chau Chung), the camera-man made a close-up to the card in her hand and her armpit was magnified at the same time. This quick scene created a hot discussion between netizens because they saw armpit hair on their HDTV screen.

Asked Liza whether she didn't shave off all the hair, she couldn't help and yelled, "Those netizens are ignorant. I'm very neat all the time." She said the "armpit hair" netizens saw is just a mole and shadow.

[Mingpao & The Sun, K]

Ah Sa celebrates birthday with fans

Ah Sa, who will turn 27 this Sunday, invited fans from different countries to celebrate birthday together. She expressed she is very busy that she will have to work during holidays like her birthday, Christmas, and New Year. Because of that, she greedily made 3 wishes: good health, work will go smoothly, and happy all the time.

Fans from Hong Kong, Mainland, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, etc. came to this celebration. Because they know Ah Sa loves rock-style outfits and accessories, so they decided to hold this party with a “Rock” theme. Everyone has to appear in a Rock outfit.

Fans also gave Ah Sa a cake that looks like her puppy. This made Ah Sa doesn’t want to “kill” (slice) it.

[singtao, K]


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