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Friday, November 13, 2009

Edison Chen returns to the music industry; new song in DJ Tommy's album

Besides filming a Hollywood movie, Edison Chen to release a new single called "問世上有幾多愛" (How much love does the world has?) in DJ Tommy's new album "VINYL-CD-MP3". This is Edison's first music piece since the nude photo scandal and he will promote in Taiwan on the 21st of this month.

Sources said this song is penned by Edison and he is apologizing to his parents through it:

"...Sorry to mom and dad. I really did try to listen to you. I know I've told many lies...stole money from you to party every night when I was young..."

DJ Tommy expressed in an interview that this song is finished already before the scandal, "The content has nothing to do with that incident. We wanted to cooperate with a female singer in the chorus at first, but then we thought it's too old-fashioned. So instead, it's sang by children."

At the same time, it's rumored Edison will have a comeback concert, however, his assistant denied and expressed DJ Tommy's new album is contained within an USB toy, which is designed by Edison. Edison is going to Taiwan to support DJ Tommy only.

[Mingpao, K]

Bernice Liu reveals her "Ugly Bernice" look

Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang, Wayne Lai, and Bernice Liu and other actors were filming for new movie "72 Tenants" in an old cha chaan teng. The scene is about a group of tenants held a meeting to oppose rent increase. Bernice, who falls behind rent, was splashed with red paint and her ugly look is revealed.

Bernice disclosed she has to spend hours to put up this look every time. Besides putting on fake teeth, she needs to tape her eyelids. She also has to blacken her nose and wear heavy clothes to play a fat girl. Asked whether she think her look is very ugly, she laughed, "It's quite pretty! I'm proud when they couldn't even recognize me." (Are you afraid it will affect your pretty lady image?) "I'm always natural to many people."

[on.cc, K]


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