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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TVB will support Fala Chen & Bosco Wong heavily next year

All TVB artistes attended to its "TVB Sales Presentation 2010". Fala Chen won over all the 'fa dans'; will star in 4 series next year. Asked whether she wants to win awards? "I want to win awards this year, too, even more next year. I really want to have something representive ."

Bosco Wong will be male leads in also 4 series, beating all the "siu shengs'. He said, "Thank you TVB for the opportunity. I've waited for a long time. I didn't film much last year, so I want to spend more time in filming dramas this year."

Liu Xuan, who is a former Olympic athlete, will star in TVB's "女拳", which is a kung-fu series.

"Rosy Business 2" is the most notable series out of all. Sheren Tang will play a drug lord. Wayne Lai will play a soldier and Fala will play his sister. She will have clothes-off scenes in the series.


Sexy female artistes stole top 'fa dan's limelight

Samantha Ko

Vivien Yeo

Koni Lui

Katy Kung

Elaine Yiu

'fa dans' & 'siu shengs'

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