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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alex Fong Points Justin's Bald Look is Cute

It has been rumored Justin Lo will perform without his hat in the "Miss Macau 2009 Pageant" this Saturday, and Justin's "bald look" is finally exposed. Yesterday producer Wilson Chin stressed that he knows nothing about this, also disclosed that Justin will be in charge of performing the first round. He said, "I really don't know. Maybe he is hurt by his good friend."

As Justin's good friends, Alex Fong and Amigo Tsui support their good friend greatly. Alex disclosed that a colleague said Justin's new look very cute. He said, "In the future, he is okay wearing with or without the hat!" In addition, Amigo Tsui expressed with surprise when he knew about this news (Justin performing without his hat). Talked whether he will ask by calling Justin by curiosity, he said, "I'm really curious, really want to touch his head!" (Ever touche it before it's shaved?) Yeah, touched it before." Mentioned Justin did this (shaving his head) whether is for the fight with Gary Chaw or for the preparation of going to court, Alex and Amigo both expressed knowing nothing about it.

[Singtao/translated by K@PA]


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