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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TWINS will get together again after 2 years

Haven't appeared together for a long time, TWINS appeared together the first time in the event of "英皇盛勢群星大合照". Asked does it mean the two will get back together again soon? Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) expressed their work is arranged to the middle of next year. They must finish their individual work first, then will get back together at the right time. Manager Mani Fok said the comeback of TWINS will have to wait until their 10th year anniversary the fastest, which means 2011. Ah Sa said, "Have to wait for the right time, our company doesn't want us to die, No no! Shouldn't say this kind of things."

As the event yesterday was held in Repulse Bay, Ah Sa's rumored boyfriend Ronald Cheng lives around the area as well. Asked whether she's specially familiar with Repulse Bay, she said with a laugh, "Super not familiar. Actually I grow up in the southern district, go to Repulse Bay often." (Where does Mr. Cheng live?) You talking about the beach? I'm nearsighted, I can't see." (Is the work today rather convenient, just pass a bay and here you are?) I always live in the north."

In addition, Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) yesterday denied the report of a slimming company invited her to be the spokesperson of breast augmentation. Asked whether will accept breast implants for a high paid? She frankly said, "No, there is no need. I will earn money by doing other work." (Some say the properties in your hands are a heavy burden to you?) I have sold a property, I don't know about the rest. I let my mother to handle completely." Mani Fok expressed Ah Gill has a stable income right now. Within her comeback this half year, she even received a 7-digit paid in one of the months.

[Singtao, K]

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang together again in "Rosy Business" sequel

"Rosy Business", starring Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang, is widely popular. TVB decided to film another story with the original cast, temporiarly naming it "巾幗梟雄之義海豪情". The story will set in the early Republic and will start filming in March of next year. The two went to film TVB's sales presentation yesterday. Sheren appeared with an early republic style costume. In contrast, Wayne's costume is no different than his Chai Gau look previously.

Sheren expressed although the story left out Kiki Sheung, Ron Ng, and Suki Tsui, but will add Raymond Wong and Fala Chen. Asked whether there will be romance between the two, Wayne said there must be, but the result is unknown. Sheren said that the reason why "RB" had high ratings is because the two didn't have a relationship. She said, "In fact, no kissing but having pure affections is the highest realm!" Wayne added and expressed the two communicates spiritually, and also should let the audience have a room for imagination.

Brought up the subject that Sheren's biggest enemies for this year's TV Queen award are Charmine Sheh and Tavia Yeung. Sheren said immediately, "There are many competitors, also Teresa Mo, you think she doesn't exist?"

Source: Wenweipo / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Stephy Tang still messes up lyrics when she is looking at them, Alex Fong blames

Stephy Tang and Alex Fong duet in a function "新城慈善K唱游@mtr malls2009" yesterday. Stephy still messed up the lyrics when she was singing by looking at the lyrics played on the television screen. Even Alex couldn't help and criticized her through the mic, "You still got it wrong even when looking at the lyrics?" Stephy laughed to hide her embarrassment, "This proved I didn't look at the lyrics." She explained afterward, "Normally, I won't forget lyrics. Because this time it's a group duet and we are all having fun, plus this song is not mine, it's Alex's, so that's why I don't know the lyrics well."

They also expressed like to practice singing at home. Alex Fong loves to practice in the cloakroom because baseboard can serve the use of soundproof sponge, using the clothes to absorb the sound. But one night at 12am someone still complained because he forgot to close the window. Stephy also expressed once complained by neighbors, but that night she wasn't practicing with Alex for sure.

As for Stephy to enter Hollywood, although Alex didn't hear Stephy mentioned it, he will still support her. He said, "One must have dreams in order to improve."

[Mingpao, K]

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Theresa Fu shows off English to look down on Stephy

Stephy's "I am very thanks them" became netizens' mockery. She lately said will improve English to enter Hollywood, even made Kary Ng, who was standing next to her, laughed out loud. Coincidentally, Stephy's sworn enemy Theresa Fu recently updated an all English article on her blog. She rarely uses English to write blogs and she wrote, "I believe happy days are here again... Just keep smiling... Life has its ups and downs... No matter what happened... Try to live it well..." She even uploaded cheerful photos to show off happiness. The grammar goes quite smoothly and has no grammatical mistakes. Seems obvious that she is showing off to everyone that her English is better than Stephy's.

In addition, after replying the rumor between her and Owodog in Mandarin with the use of Taiwanese trendy expressions, Theresa titled her blog with a Japanese title, showing off her language skills. Seems like Stephy really needs to improve and learn some other languages in order to fight back.

[Oriental Daily & The Sun, K]

Friday, October 23, 2009

Stephy Tang has bad English, brags to break into Hollywood

Since sworn enemy Theresa Fu and Miki Yeung left Gold Typhoon, Stephy, who finally leveled up and became the "yat jei" of the company, has been in a very good mood. After flirtatiously having a birthday party lately and self-exposed relationship, yesterday, along with good sister Kary Ng and junior Siu Fei, attended to TVB's "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary 2009" press conference. Also with the appearance of Eason Chan, G.E.M, Vincy Chan, Sherman Chung, and Elaine Kong, etc. But the spotlight was stolen by Freeze, who appeared with low-cuts. The three of them also successfully sneaked in and stood next to DoDo Carol Cheng, even Eason was forced to stand in the last role!

Although didn't stand at the best spot, but Stephy, standing on the second role, seemed to be very flirtatious yesterday. When accepting an interview along with Kary, it was a quite enjoyable conversation. Even when asked about lately, netizens pointed out her English grammar in her reply to thank sponsors, "I am very thanks them." is even worse than those of elementary students, she wasn't mad at all but said with a laugh, "This is not something recent. I won't be upset because of it. I'll treat this kind of news as stories."

Asked whether she accepts well-meaning criticism, Stephy relaxingly said, "I didin't see it, so I won't care. The reporter interviewed me suddenly that I didn't know how to respond. English is not my native language. I hope to improve. My goal is to break into Hollywood!" After she said this, even Kary chuckled and couldn't help laughing. Seemed like she felt Stephy has a praiseworthy spirit, Kary put her arm on Stephy's shoulders and said, "I admire you!" Stephy was very confident still and added, "Yeah! One must have goals. Even need to improve Mandarin when doing stage shows in Mainland, not to mention English is an international language!" Obviously she aims highly.

Besides confident in languages, Stephy is also confident in her body. Talked about gorgeous is the theme of "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary 2009", she said don't mind being sexy, "I don't mind being sexy, it matter whether it's pretty or not. Most importantly, it has to be elegant!" She will duet with rumored boyfriend, Alex Fong. In addition, Kary, who will duet with Eason Chan, said, "I really like to listen to the four heavenly kings when I was young. I like everyone of them and I know their songs very well!" As for this year's "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" lacks superstar-level singers, Manager of TVB's variety and music department, Chan Ka Yeung, said they once reached Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, George Lam, etc, too bad it's hard to schedule.

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stephy Tang denies stealing Myolie Wu's role

Stephy Tang attended an IT function as an ambassador yesterday, but she arrived very late that the conference had to change procedures to wait until she appears. Stephy explained later the delay is caused by the opening for the movie "72 Tenants" (72家租客).

It's rumored Myolie Wu self-recommended herself to film this movie. However, because Stephy has support from rumored boyfriend and he is also the director of this film, Patrick Kong, she got the role successfully. Stephy stressed it is TVB who ask her to act in the film.

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bobby Au-Yeung counter-complains: he aimed at me!

Oriental Daily received a complaint accusing Bobby Au-Yeung having an argument for a parking problem in Central's parking lot, straightly pointed out Bobby, as a public figure, had bad manners. On the other hand, Bobby said one refused to accommodate, seems like he was aimed for his artiste status.

A reader of Oriental Daily complained through the phone, saying he saw Bobby drove to park in the the parking lot in Central. Because there weren't enough parking spaces, so the car park attendant asked Bobby to drive off. However, Bobby requested to put away the cones to let him wait. Since parking will block the crossing, the attendant refused Bobby's request.

The reader also said seeing Bobby pointed his finger at the attendant and yelled at him, really bad manners. Two policemen arrived later, required the attendant to put away the cone. When Bobby returned, he looked at the attendant arrogantly, it's so different compare to his usual righteous image on TV. The reader said, "As a public figure, he shouldn't act like that, seems like he's going to kill someone! He looks positive on the screen usually, can't believe this is how he is in real life!"

Reporter called Bobby, he said, "Then did he talk about how he was wrong and had bad manners at first? I didn't use any foul language. In fact I just hoped to make a little exception at that time, let me wait outside the parking lot, then let me in when other cars leave, because it will take half an hour if I drive away and come back. He refused and also told me to leave. But a car exited within 3 seconds, and he let another car in. Ask yourself, wouldn't you be angry? I'm just really mad at this. I feel like he aimed at me just because I'm a public figure." (Was it you that asked the police to come?) No! In fact he thought I informed against him, so he did the same thing back to me." (Then did you look at him arrogantly when you were in?) I didn't even look at him!"

[Oriental Daily/translated by K@PA]

Stephy Tang despises Theresa Fu publicizing relationship on purpose

Stephy Tang and Alex Fong attended to a function two nights ago. As for her sworn enemy, Theresa Fu, is rumored to be with Lollipop's Owodog, Stephy said disdainfully, "Don't know who is Owodog! But I do know they became closer from filming." (Theresa's successful in both relationship and career?) "Congratulations then, if it's true." (Will wish her the best?) If she's happy, of course I will wish her the best." She expressed she won't openly announce relationship purposely: "It will be sad to deny marriage." Alex Fong said, "Only rumors. She has many secrets, it's best to know less." Stephy also denied being pursue after by a "four-eyed" man, "Don't want to ruin someone's family!" In addition, Theresa and Owodog renewed their blogs yesterday, sighing many things are twisted. Owodog's manager cleared up when Theresa was in Taiwan, Owodog was promoting in Beijing.

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tavia Yeung is criticized: "Give me time to become evil!"

"Beyond The Realm of Conscience" & "Born Rich" have average ratings of 34 points and 32 points at their first broadcasts two nights ago. They're the series that received the highest ratings in six years for their first episodes. However netizens felt "BTROC" is boring with no new ideas at all, also criticized harshly the series is a combination of "War & Beauty", "Rosy Business", and "Jewel in the Palace".

One of the netizens, '黑幕重重', sadly expressed, "Counterfeit, it embarrassed the whole Hong Kong, can't watch anymore! Very ugly, how can it sell?" Other netizens purposely compared "BTROC" to "JITP", pointed out Charmine Sheh is Seo Jang Geum, Tavia Yeung is Lee Yeon-saeng and Choi Geum-young , Kevin Cheng is Min Jung-ho, etc. As for the storyline, Charmine Sheh's Lau San Ho's father is demoted, mother is killed at a young age. They scolded the storyline is just like "JITP". Tavia Yeung, whose villain role is considered to be a hot shot for TV Queen, is already criticized harshly for its part in the first five minutes by netizens, saying her acting is not enough, voice is weakly soft, also her heavy make-up is quite scary, feeling she is rather victimized than supported.

Netizen 'k8964' left a message on the TVB website, expressing, "Her role as a villain is praised to be good, but it's highly rated, is it a little 'loving her becomes harming her' ?" Tavia Yeung said she looks at the ratings more respectably than awards, also hoping sincerely the audience to wait patiently, "I become evil gradually. Yesterday is only the beginning. Please give me more time to become evil."

As for "BTROC" arouse such feedbacks, producer Mui Siu-ching said will accept criticism, but she denied copying, " 'JITP' is talking about meals, ours is about the four departments in the imperial household bureau. It will mainly talk about the making of jewelries and sewing. We already tried hard to avoid the topic of meals. People already said I'm copying ideas when I filmed 'Forensic Heroes', it's unavoidable. Anyways, it will be improved continuously.'' She also supported greatly Tavia is doing a good job, "This is not the most evil scene, she will start to become evil later. I myself really appreciate the performance of actors."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Charlene Choi A cup against bikini girls


Movie "Beauty On Duty" ("美麗密令") held a press conference in Panyu, Guangzhou, yesterday. Female leads Sandra Ng and Charlene Choi were clothed a little conservatively, the limelight was stolen from the bikini girls Lin Jia Ling, Jeanette Leung, Samantha Ko, and Maggie Lee unfortunately. When getting photographed, the flat chested Ah Sa was placed in the middle, making her embarrassed. Her elbow accidentally hit the chest of Samantha Ko's. Asked how she feels, Ah Sa defended herself, saying, "I have them also, I have A Cup!"

Ah Sa disclosed will be wearing bikini and will have body contacts with the four girls in the movie, such as putting her face tightly on their chests. Asked how does she feels, Ah Sa said, "Soft and warm. I won't feel embarrassed." Asked whether feeling being compared acting with all the sexy girls, Ah Sa immediately used Sandra Ng as a shield. She said, "I'm not scared if Sandra is here!"

Ah Sa couldn't help to be shocked when she saw the girls wearing bikinis. She also tips off director Wong Jing isn't around usually, but will appear when filming scenes with them wearing bikinis. Ah Sa said, "Once they wear their bikinis, Wong Jing will look very closely........at the movie." Wong Jing said with a laugh, "This is the usual me, no problem, Wong Jing still wants to be a gentleman?"

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kate Tsui shows off body in new movie

In the movie, "Blades" (錦衣衛), Kate Tsui won't just let Wu Zun and Donnie Yen to show off their waist (in an assistant costume) and chest muscle. She shows off body wearing her low cut costume. One of her looks in the movie is similar to a veiled Arabian woman. Wearing low-cut clothing and taking off her coat standing straight, she seemed confident in her body.

(a pic of Wu Zun's "pirate look")

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

Alex Fong makes a fool of himself speaking English

As one of the hosts for the "Miss Macau Pageant", Alex Fong made a fool of himself in the swimwear Q&A session. Initially wanted to make fun of Amigo Chui, saying he is a "salty worm" (咸蟲). Unfortunately, the pronunciation is inaccurate, "worm" was pronounced as "warm", no wonder he had to repeat five times. Second runner-up Sarah Leyshan and the other two hosts, Skye Chan and Amigo Tsui were all loss, only giggled on the stage. Many netizens yesterday questioned since Alex Fong is a graduate from the University of Hong Kong, how can his English be bad.

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]

Linda Chung thinks highly of Tavia Yeung to win "TV Queen"

Linda Chung expressed because the dramas she is in didn't get to release this year so no chance to compete any TVB Anniversary awards. But she already filmed four unreleased dramas, hoping will have a chance to be nominated again next year. She expressed will attend to "TVB Singers Celebrate The Anniversary" and is arrange to duet with rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam.

Linda frankly said she thinks highly of Tavia to be the "TV Queen", because Tavia's villain role is a big break-through. Asked whether she also wants to act in a villain role, she said, "Actually I really want to, because I think playing a good person is hard to improve. In addition, I'm always bullied by others when I act as a good person, also have cry all the time. Been bullied by others a lot, also want to try to bully others."

She expressed just released a sticker photo album; it can be exchanged for her new Cantonese album in November. Asked is there any of her sexy looks in it? she said, "Not very sexy, but have a very youth, energetic, and valentine feeling. I want to break through every year, but don't want to be sexy."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

G.E.M recognizes bald Justin Lo by voice

G.E.M, who will be releasing her new album next week, will hold a concert soon. Yesterday she attended to a function for Metro Radio and expressed that she invited Justin as guest singer, also greatly praised his bald look to be very cute, "I didn't recognize him in the beginning until he sings." Asked whether G.E.M will invite rumored boyfriend William Chan as guest singer, she praised at this good advice, "I really want to. He is very good at dancing. I know how to dance, too, but I'm still a beginner. I worry if I dance with him, others will compare."

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alex Fong Points Justin's Bald Look is Cute

It has been rumored Justin Lo will perform without his hat in the "Miss Macau 2009 Pageant" this Saturday, and Justin's "bald look" is finally exposed. Yesterday producer Wilson Chin stressed that he knows nothing about this, also disclosed that Justin will be in charge of performing the first round. He said, "I really don't know. Maybe he is hurt by his good friend."

As Justin's good friends, Alex Fong and Amigo Tsui support their good friend greatly. Alex disclosed that a colleague said Justin's new look very cute. He said, "In the future, he is okay wearing with or without the hat!" In addition, Amigo Tsui expressed with surprise when he knew about this news (Justin performing without his hat). Talked whether he will ask by calling Justin by curiosity, he said, "I'm really curious, really want to touch his head!" (Ever touche it before it's shaved?) Yeah, touched it before." Mentioned Justin did this (shaving his head) whether is for the fight with Gary Chaw or for the preparation of going to court, Alex and Amigo both expressed knowing nothing about it.

[Singtao/translated by K@PA]

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stephy Tang celebrates birthday; no Theresa

Stephy Tang's friends outside the entertainment industry held a party for her, celebrating her 26th birthday. Alex Fong, Kary Ng, and Siu Fay from the same company also attended. Stephy and Alex Fong also appeared in lover's clothes unintentionally. At the request of reporters, Alex also hugged the birthday girl to be photographed.

Wish to have less trouble

Asked what's the birthday wish? Stephy hopes to have a good health and have no trouble in the up-coming year. Said whether can have less trouble now since Theresa already left? she answered, "Not at all, maybe I caused troubles easily, unpredictable." (whether keeping an eye on the case between her company and Theresa?) From my understanding, both of them already let the lawyers to handle, so its' unsuitable to speak too much, but as part of the company, I hope things will resolve as soon as possible, don't want anyone to be unhappy." Said lately she seemed to imply Theresa is greedy on her blog, she cleared up immediately that she is reading a book in simplified Chinese called "舍得", just wants to share the chapter within, there's really no other implications. As for whether she invited Theresa to the party two nights ago? She said her friends held it for her this time, nevertheless, she always invited Theresa in the past, but she knows Theresa doesn't like to go to noisy places. Being said that as the "yat jei" of the company, the birthday party this time can test out her relations with others. She laughed, saying, "It's kind of stressful, because I didn't invite on my own. But I also invited Paco, don't know if he's coming or not, but Chan Fai Hung is not in HK."

Alex Fong congratulated with hugs

Alex Fong denied appearing as the role of a host. Because this time everyone pooled money to have this party, so he just came earlier to eat. Asked what birthday gift did he gave to Stephy? He said, "The hug just now is the gift. Wish her successful in the future and everything will go smoothly." (Whether come to support Stephy?) came to celebrate her birthday. Doesn't mean I don't support her if I don't come. Also doesn't mean I only support her if I come." Asked how many birthdays have he celebrated with Stephy? Stephy next to him then rushed to say 3 years. Alex also said didn't intend to wear black along with Stephy, her clothes are always black and white. Talked about the case between Gold Label and Theresa, Alex counter-asked, "Really have to sue her? But it's the company's business, not mine."

Kary said doesn't have time to buy a gift, but agreed with Stephy's wish, need to reduce trouble. She said, "I know Stephy the longest, sometimes I can feel she's not happy. But less contact with Theresa." As for Theresa is at law with the company, Kary doesn't know why it happened to be like that, hoping to resolve soon. Kary's contract will end at the end of the year, already talking about renewing the contract, she believes the company's change in personnel won't affect her much.

[Takungpao/translated by K@PA]

Justin Lo appears without M-shaped head

Justin Lo covered his M-shaped head hardly with his hat ever since his debut. Although involved in a street brawl with Gary Chaw earlier, the way how his magical hat didn't fall became a well-known story. But it's understood that Justin already intended to shave his head before the incident, will appear with a hat-off look. Gold Typhoon praised to his new look, it will be the new image for the new album, and the company will support him to become the Gold Typhoon "yat gor".

Pursued for several days, reporters finally saw Justin with his shaved head last night around 8pm, appeared to the studio in San Po Kong, own by Mark Lui. Appeared and accompanied by a male assistant, Justin expressed to be generous when saw the reporters, didn't resist at all for showing the real appearance. Putting down his worry of the M-shaped head, his mood seemed to be relaxed, not mad at photographed. Asked whether Justin get used to his shaved head, he touched his head, laughed, saying, "It feels a little chilly." Thereafter he expressed he can only leave the studio after recording until midnight. Afterward he left with his assistant. Don't know whether his head is sensitive after shaving, Justin's head has several small red sores.

It's informed that Justin shaved off his head shortly after the drunken incident, absolutely not for the possibility of taking off his hat for court nor being the guest for tomorrow's "Miss Macau", it's for an all new start. He already shaved his head when attended to a function earlier, but wasn't noticed because he was still wearing a hat. Satisfied with his shaven head look, it won't eliminate the possibility that his new album will use it as a new image, implying an all new start, start from the beginning again. Gold Typhoon will support him greatly to become the "yat gor" of the company, will also hold a concert for him in the HK Coliseum next year.

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Charlene Choi the queen of rock

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) put away the happy look in her second EP "Another Me", showing off the other side of her with a stylish and rock look. The album adopted the use of black and white photo. The shooting process went smoothly. Ah Sa said, "It feels very new, very different than before, maybe that's why it excites everyone while working."

Ah Sa will open for the two-week photography exhibition tomorrow night. Everyone can write down his/her feelings on the comment page after watching the exhibition, can also pre-order her special collector's edition EP. The profit after deducting the necessary expenses will all donate to the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation.

[Mingpao/translated by K@PA]

Suki Tsui finally admits pregnancy

Suki Tsui and fiance attended an opening ceremony for a wedding shop today, and finally admitted pregnancy.

When Suki and her fiance were accepting interviews, reporters all asked whether she will admit carrying a baby. At first Suki and her fiance tried to let each other to handle the question, didn't know how to answer. But in the end the two finally admitted happily of 3 months pregnant.

Asked her constant denial in the past is due to whether afraid of the child being stingy or afraid being inconsistent with contract, Suki expressed she is actually afraid of both. As for the two want to have a boy or a girl, the two said with one voice, "Boy or girl, doesn't matter. But want to have a sister first, so the boy who born next won't be as rude." She also expressed she doesn't know the child she is carrying now is a boy or a girl at the moment.

After attending to a function on the 17th, Suki will have a long break until September of next year. The due date for the baby is on April. Her fiance even joked, "Aries boys will be very unfaithful in love."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kate Tsui won't be 'out of tune Tsui'

Kate Tsui promoted for her new EP "Kiss Me Kate", she appeared outside the main entrance of Langham Place in Mong Kok yesterday, sang and danced new song "Hit Me" on a moving stage. It attracted dozens of fans to rally and residents to watch, male fans occupied more than half within the crowd. She then moved to CD stores to hold a CD signing.

First time singing on the streets of Mong Kok, Kate Tsui described feeling a little nervous, especially singing while dancing with seductive moves. But she praised fans are very well-behaved, won't worry anyone will come near by and take advantage of her. As for being out of tune singing live last time, Kate Tsui admitted knowing the fault, she explained, "Because I've been expedite in filming new drama lately, I got sick, sore throat and hoarse voice. I already ate several packs of cough drops, also purposely took time to practice singing, hoping to pass through singing live today." Whether worry to be called "out of tune Tsui" (徐走音)? "Let me off please! Only out of tune once, I'll try to sing better in the future."

[Mingpao/translated by K@PA]

Monday, October 5, 2009

Susanna Kwan Acquiesces that She Accepts Pursuit From Females

The cast from "Moonlight Resonance" appeared in a celebration for their high rating drama yesterday. Susanna Kwan was rumored living together with a rich female friend. When asked if she accept a female aspire after her, she didn't deny or admit, she only replied, "Doesn't matter if it's a male or female, as long as he/she treats me well."

Susanna Kwan was rumored lately being very close with a niece of her female friend, Willy Chow. It was rumored that they lived together in a house over 10 million. At the beginning, Susanna Kwan replied, "Rumors popped out when you're popular. They don't have anything to write if there's always high ratings." When asked if more people are chasing after her because she's popular, she said, "I don't have time. I always have friends that I'm feel comfortable and likable with. We will go out and eat out." When asked if there are females and males, she said, "Yeah." When asked if there are any who are going after her, "Some appeared to be fine, but I don't know if they are aspire after me."

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Joey Yung tells fans to support Ah Gill

In the memory of her 10th year anniversary since she entered the industry, Joey Yung held two concerts at the Hong Kong Cultural Center these two days "Joey Yung Perfect 10 Live 2009". At the last show, boss Albert Yeung and wife appeared with Twins, Yumiko Cheng, Vincy Chan, William Chan, Kenny Kwan, and Sherman Chung, etc to support, except missing Leo Ku and Nicholas Tse.

After Joey sang her last song, the audience refused to leave, and shouted Encore. Joey agreed and sang "No. 16 Lover". In middle of the performance, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) walked up to the stage quietly, and hugged Joey from the back. Joey thought they were crazy fans who wanted to take advantage of her, causing her to startle.

The three expressed they are the "Dragon, tiger, leopard" in the company, haven't duet for a long time, so they are very excited. Joey even told her fans, "You guys need to support Ah Gill!" The audience responded enthusiastically, making Ah Gill emotional that her eyes were wet.

[Mingpao/translated by K@PA]

Fala Chen's 'clothes off' didn't help ratings

Because of the holidays of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, ratings of both TVB and ATV are affected, especially average ratings in weekends, both dropped. "Beautiful Cooking 2" and "The Voice" received average rating of 26 points and 25 points. "BC" dropped 4 points, and "TV" dropped 3 points.

The scene where Fala Chen took off her clothes and showed her bra, which was aired last Wednesday in "The Stew of Life", is referred as bold and it became the topical subject. But its average rating only stayed at 28 points, neither increased nor decreased. The Broadcast Authority hasn't receive any complaints. Both TVB and ATV broadcast special programmes of the National Day. TVB received a peaking of 30 points and ATV's live streaming of fireworks received 6 points.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kate Tsui performs, out of tune, rhythm, and breath

Kate Tsui performed first for the "Metro 18 Superstars Charity Concert" (新城18巨星匯聚慈善音樂會) last night. But the performance lost standards apparently.

Kate Tsui sang and danced two fast songs in the concert, "HIT ME" and "讀心術" ("Mind Reading"). But within the 7 minutes performance, she sang out of tune many times, and messed up lyrics. It's especially serious when she sang the second song, "讀心術" ("Mind Reading"). However, she expressed she is 100% satisfied with the performance.

She sighed madly afterwards, "An strenuous effort! It was my first time singing the opening, very nervous. I have to dance constantly while singing, with additional steps added, no way to breathe freely. I also have nose allergy, even sprayed medicine before the show."

When pointed out her performance lost standards, she immediately said, "I don't know. I will watch the performance video and examine myself immediately" She admits it's obvious that she lacks breath when singing. Others has always think she is more suitable in singing fast songs. Dancing while singing fast songs can also reduces the level of stress. If must sing two songs consecutively, it would be better to have one fast and one slow.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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