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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nicholas Tse clears up: Cecilia is not pregnant

Nicolas and Barbie know each other for more than 10 years, but it's the first time the two co-star in the same film.

Barbie Hsu (Da S) and Nicholas Tse appeared in the Shing Fu film studio in Sai Kung to film new film "熱辣辣", directed by Wing Shya. Nicolas expressed it's the first time he and Barbie co-star as a couple, but there won't be any intimate scenes. As for the rumor that Cecilia Cheung is in tocolysis, he laughed and said, "Of course not. The rumor has been around for such a long time. If it's true then she has been in tocolysis for more than a year. Don't be silly. She is currently in Hong Kong." (Pregnant?) No. (Are you trying?) Sometimes. I have to film and perform, there is no time."

In addition, Da S disclosed she will play a handsome girl in the film, not missing out the motorcycle scenes. She expressed it's very challenging to read the script using Cantonese, "For an example, 'Fau Toi' (浮台), I practiced so many times!" Asked whether to meet up with old friend Cecilia, Da S expressed sister Xiao S will come to Hong Kong soon. If time allows, the three might agree to have a get-together.

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gary Chaw and Justin Lo apologized with guilt, no change in friendship

Singers Justin Lo and Gary Chaw both responded regarding to their fight in Central yesterday. Justin Lo admitted caused trouble and apologized to the community and fans. Gary Chaw, who just completed his work and returned from Beijing, released a press conference in the evening, frankly saying he regrets it and is very unhappy. He admitted there's a need to adjust personal emotion. Closed friends have advised him to quit drinking. He promised to find a teacher or doctor for help. The police indicated they will investigate for this incident. Justin's record company, Gold Typhoon, expressed that it retained the right to pursue.

Gary Chaw and Justin Lo's street brawl was on the front page of local newspaper two days ago. Justin accepted an interview by Cha Siu Yan from Commercial Radio. He felt very surprised that this incident is reported in the Hong Kong local news section. He said frankly, "No matter how misunderstanding this incident is, we should never have fought. It's very 'disgusting', very wrong." He apologized to the public, representing behalf of Gary and himself. Justin disclosed he contacted Gary the next day after the brawl, forgot about the incident already.

Cha Siu Yan asked the cause of the incident and Justin said, "I was jamming a song with Gary in the bar. Gary thought I was being bullied, so he supported me in a role of brotherhood. It's actually a misunderstanding. That person is my brother, too. In any case, we are not children anymore, shouldn't have done such thing. (Why didn't Gary listen to your advise?) This will have to ask him. In short, as the godfather of BB (Gary's son), the relationship between us didn't change."

Justin admitted this incident is very embarrassing. He is very unlucky, didn't know reporters were present to take pictures. Asked if injured, Justin said, "No injuries, he is not that powerful." He admitted his personality and debut are similar to Gary's. The two can talk about anything, but fighting is the first time. He said, "Just some small hands-on, the report exaggerated it. It's like two children shuffling. (So it's like the two of you were just playing, you push me once, I push you back. Will you do it again?) I'll never do it again in the future. I was yelled already by this incident. Mommy has yet yell at me, but I believe she will soon. The company yelled at me the most, said I went too far. I also know I went too far.

Justin expressed, "We all drank at the time, not very drunk. This incident is just a misunderstanding. I feel very stupid of myself, put myself in such situation!" He also apologized to the public, "I, Justin Lo, apologized sincerely. I know my actions are wrong. No matter what happened, shouldn't fight on the street." He frankly expressed he got in trouble often. Also understands that he must being a good role model as a public figure. But reiterated that going out with girls isn't getting into trouble. He will reduce drink in the future. Justin defends good brother, Gary, constantly. His record company Gold Typhoon expressed through its spokesman that Justin, who got hit, is still a victim. The record company will retain a right for legal action.

Gary Chaw arrived Hong Kong at 4:30pm yesterday from Beijing. He seemed helpless to see the pursue of a large number of reporters. From time to time, he put his head down in silence. Then went directly to the press conference, which is held in the International Exhibition Center, Kowloon Bay, account of the incident.

The press conference was held at 7pm last night, about fifty media came for interview. The gaunt looking Gary wore all black, arrived the scene accompanied by 6 staff members and security guards. He spoke in Mandarin the whole time. When a reporter asked has he thought of taking off Justin's hat to relieve anger, Gary went silent for a moment then responded in Cantonese with a laugh, "I don't know how to answer you."

Gary took several deep breaths when he was speaking, fiddled his hair often, lips closed. His look seemed very guilty, once pointed to his head and heart, expressing the want to change these two places. He apologized sincerely for the beating incident, and answered reporters' questions. The whole process took about 10 minutes. He then once again apologized, sincerely bowed down in a 90 degree angle with both of his hands closed.

Gary said, "First of all I need to apologize to many people, Justin, Justin's family, Justin's record company and his fans. I've done everything wrong, it's a very big incident. I don't know what to say to express my regret and unhappiness. Because I made many people are worried about me, I apologize to my family and record company, to everyone from Hong Kong, Mainland, and Taiwan, who have watched this clip. All these wrong things...things I've done in the past, no matter what they were, I tell myself to be a good person everyday. But it seems clearly that my actions these several years are not what a human should have done. I have no excuse nor reason, I'm willing to accept both the responsibility and any punishment as a result of this incident. There is no excuse for what I did. This is a mistake I made. Justin didn't have an action of fighting back, seems clearly this is not a fight. It's my fault. The mistake that I'm afraid of committing finally happened. So I'll adjust myself (pointing to his head). I, Gary Chaw, here to say this to those who are hurt, to the society, I'm very sorry!" Then bowed down in a 90 degree angle.

When reporters asked does he has emotional problems, whether is caused by the family, Gary said, "I think I need to take in responsibility if I done wrong things. My growth is not an excuse. There are many people who don't have parents when they were little. So I know...My father didn't call me today, didn't text me. My wife also didn't contact me. I know they will be sad. I'm the one who committed fault, not my family." He also said, "If the police need need to take any action, I'll cooperate. They didn't contact me at this moment. I'll cooperate for anything."

Gary expressed that this incident didn't effect his friendship with Justin, "Yesterday I flied to Beijing. I already contacted him in the evening. It didn't effect our relationship. I also apologized to him. I caused many trouble to him. I should...(sighs) [Gold Typhoon indicated a possibility in legal action?] This is between the two of us, I understand the record company has to protect its artiste, so I'll apologize to the record company, I'm very sorry. I'm also willing to take in any responsibility, because this is my fault."

When asked whether advised by friends to quit drinking, Gary said, "Many good friends actually talked about the things happened after I drank. Sometimes even people who aren't related to me also tell me. I admit I drank in this incident. Friends also advised me to quit drinking. The seniors, like Mr. Lo, who helped in my concert, also advised me, telling me to be responsible in doing things, don't scatter emotions randomly. So I need to adjust EQ, though I understand but yet do so. I promised to you all, I'll try my best to change, whether with the assistant of a teacher, or a doctor."

Asked whether he kicked Justin's lower body, he said, "When I become crazy, must have happened. Later I will take all the fault. I don't people to misunderstand this as a fight." As to why he went after Justin, he said, "It's a misunderstanding between us. It's someone who caused this, a misunderstand between me and Justin, a misunderstanding between me and my good friend. In any case, it's my fault anyways, my fault. Concert and the arrangement of my work, as long as the record company wanted me to do so, I will still do it. But all I wanted to do right now, is call home after the end of the press conference. I haven't explain this to my family." Gary accepted an interview by Amigo Chui in "My Name is 邦" last night, expressing there were people in the bar laughing and playing at Justin, which is why caused this incident to happen. He said Justin was fooled in the bar, so he pulled Justin out and questioned him immediately, "Is it fun? People inside are playing with you, laughing at you, you can tolerate this?" He then lost control and the brawl erupted. 

Gary's wife Wu Su-Ling, who is currently in Taipei, expressed she has yet talk to Gary on the phone, frankly expressed she doesn't know what happened, so she can't judge what's right or wrong. But she acknowledged that Gary is easily excited with the influence of alcohol, exposing his serious shortcoming and also he is easily deceived. She also stressed that causing trouble and fighting after drinking is wrong, but wasn't willing to blame at her husband, chose to respect and believe, she said, "He should also know he did things wrong. I believe he will definitely think over." She disclosed Gary recently spent lots of time thinking over, kept thinking about his problems.

As the incident is exposed, the police spokesman expressed that the police will investigate the the early morning fighting between singers Justin Lo and Gary Chaw voluntarily. Deputy Regional Commander Lo Chek Hung expressed, police will later approach to the two, and will go to find relevant witnesses to take statements. Not even rule out the possibility to ask for photos and related information from the newspaper organization, who filmed the fighting clip. Lo added that under normal circumstances, anyone who fights in a public place is illegal. If the police has sufficient evidence, there maybe a prosecution.

[Singtao/translated by K@PA]

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fiona Sit exposed private area to thousands of people

(叱咤叱叱咤幻想正發作音樂會) was held 2 nights ago in (假九展), supported by thousands of people. Performing artistes included Fiona Sit, William Chan, and G.E.M. Fiona, last to appeared, was liberated from her usual girl-next-door image. She appeared wearing tank top and long pants, showing off slim waist. Then constantly twisting the waist while singing new song "微笑殺人事". She also unintentionally touched her chest at the same time. Because the moves were very bold and appealing, the audience was all shocked.

At the second half of the concert, Fiona continued to be bold, changed into a mini denim skirt, showing off long legs. Because her moves were too exaggerated, Fiona's private area was exposed unfortunately, revealing her black t-back and private area to the public. Even the hollowing area on the inner thighs were clearly visible. Her poor girl-next-door image has been destroyed. Fortunately, Fiona spared no effort in cleaning, or else it might become even more indecent.

As Fiona still unknown of her accidental exposure after the show, reporter phoned the publicist of her record company, hoping will pass a word to Fiona. Later she replied through record company, defending her "yuk lui" image, "Aiya! That's not an underwear, I just shortened the safety leggings. I can't believe this rises to misunderstanding again. Just be careful next time." However, Fiona's reply is hardly convincing.

Fiona accepted an interview after the show that night, and explained her self-touch behavior, "Just touch my body with my hands, the skin is mine. Touching myself is fine, I'm not really touching that area anyway (chest)." Fiona also stressed that she didn't set off the song with sexy clothing because she doesn't want people to focus on her chest as a selling point. She said, "I think that's 'ying' (cool). It won't be the same thing if I wear a second pair of hot pants out. Don't want to be too over."

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]

Moses Chan Eats Tofu, Lost 30lbs

Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Kenny Wong, and Maggie Siu attended the costume fitting of new series "When Heaven Burns" (天與地) yesterday. Wearing a leather jacket and fake beard, Moses Chan appeared in a rarely seen low cut look. He said, "The character this time has to be topless for Thai boxing, and jam with the band. So I've been working out hardly for muscle and successfully lost 30lbs. But there are still 5 to 8lbs away until I reach my goal. Our company even hired a Thai boxing champion to teach me how to box." He also disclosed the storyline is about man eating man, a very special drama topic.

Charmine even cuts her hair short for her character of this new series. Although feeling unwilling, but she is satisfied with her short hair look. As for Moses' low cut look, she said, "The criterion is quite low at his level. But I think he would be better if he is tanner. I know he worked so hard to lose weight. I saw that he only eats tofu when I was on a trip with him."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kenix Kwok is 4 Months Pregnant!

39 year-old Kenix Kwok officially announced she is 4 months pregnant, waiting joyfully with 41 year-old Frankie Lam for the arrival of the baby, who is due February, 2010.

"Thank you everyone for your blessings and concern!" (Did you think of a name for the baby yet?) "No. We don't know the gender yet. I didn't know I am pregnant until after the trip to Malaysia and Singapore with Frankie. The due date is February of next year." (Giving birth in Hong Kong?) "We didn't think that much yet. Let me enjoy this happiness first." Although Kenix is a mother-to-be, but she will still consider any appropriate job opportunities.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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